1. Is iLearn@Vivero suitable for such young children?

iLearn has been specifically designed keeping the needs of young children, specifically in the age group of 2 to 6 years. There is extensive research to substantiate that early experiences affect brain architecture. Hence, our team of qualified experts have curated the program keeping in mind, age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate social, emotional and cognitive needs of young children.

  1. Will iLearn@Vivero cover what is normally taught in class?

Through iLearn we have adapted our curriculum keeping in mind the challenges of the virtual platform. However, learning outcomes and objectives remain the same, only the medium has changed.

  1. I am worried about my child having too much screen time.

Research has shown that screen media can be a learning tool if three critical factors are considered, content, context and the child. When children are exposed to content that is interactive, engaging and age-appropriate, authentic learning takes place. Talking and interacting with children during screen time is known to have a positive impact on language development. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have designed the iLearn program with just appropriate screen time to give opportunities to help our children learn and develop the skills necessary to forge healthy relationships in the real world.

  1. Is zoom a safe platform to use?

Zoom is a user friendly safe platform to use for iLearn. Zoom has enhanced security now with its version 5.0 update that has the AES 256-bit GCM encryption which provides an extra layer of protection for your data and resistance to tampering.

  1. What is the child teacher ratio online?

Depending on the age and program you have opted for, our child teacher ratio is between minimum 8 and maximum 12 children to a teacher.

  1. Is CCA part of the iLearn program?

Yes CCA is a part of the iLearn program. Once you register for the iLearn program you automatically gain access to the CCA program.

  1. Can I get recordings of the iLearn sessions in case my child misses out?

iLearn@Vivero is based on live interaction with our teachers. Learning happens in a dynamic interactive environment which cannot be replicated through a recording. We do not share our iLearn recordings with parents. ​However, our facilitators revisit and reinforce the concepts regularly keeping in mind the readiness level and learning styles of different children thus ensuring our children do not miss out on the learning.

  1. Can I get recordings of the CCA sessions incase my child misses out?

Yes, we are looking at providing certain specific CCA recordings to our parents.

  1. Will the iLearn on line sessions increase in duration?

An hour every day is an ideal duration for young children of this age, in a virtual classroom. In addition we also provide half an hour CCA every evening.

  1. What happens if my child does not settle into the virtual classes?

At Vivero we respect each child as a unique individual and understand that some children may take time to adapt to the virtual learning environment. Our facilitators are trained to work with children with different interests and abilities and help  transition to the virtual learning medium. We will continue to partner with our parents to ensure a smooth transition for our childrenfrom home to a virtual school.

  1. If my child does not settle will I get a refund?

You may refer to the terms and conditions when enrolling your child. Refunds, withdrawals and carry forwards are explained in the T&C document. Please feel free to connect with our Parent Relationship Manager.

  1. Can I have trial classes for iLearn before deciding?

Yes, we do allow you to have a trial class before registering for iLearn. However, we trust you understand that 1 demo or trial class may not indicate the success of your child’s virtual journey. It takes time and perseverance on the part of teachers and parents to help transition the child to this form of learning.