iLearn@Vivero – Online Preschool Learning

Dear Parents,

Welcome to iLearn@Vivero! Your personal platform that bridges your child’s learning experience at home with the world of Vivero International’s comprehensive early learning goals and core principles of pedagogy. Our online offering is created to set the wheels in motion for young learners as they begin a brand new school year, this Summer.

The classroom experience will come alive on the virtual platform as it is built up-on the familiar, safe & secure detailing of the Vivero pillars of learning.

With iLearn@Vivero, we are now ready to commence the new academic session, starting, 1st June, 2020. Admissions are now open for the Academic Year ​2020-2021 for Vivero International. The program is further designed to seamlessly integrate all learning goals from an online set-up into a regular programme when the schools reopen.

All you need to do for enrollment is, fill up our online enquiry form & let us know a convenient time-slot to get in touch with you. Our Parent Relationship Managers will be happy to answer all your queries.

Early learning & development for your child, from the safe confines of your home, is now just a call away.

Warm Regards,
Vivero International