Webinar- Parenting in Covid Times

Get all your questions answered about Parenting in Covid Times by our expert panellists!

Predominantly suitable for parents of children who are 12 Months to 6 Years

Topics of discussion:

  • How Parents can support their children and themselves during these times
  • Practical tips to maintain the emotional well-being of children
  • Understanding and addressing challenging behaviour
  • Why learning should never stop for children
  • Navigating screen time during the pandemic


Fathima Asghar
Mindfulness Teacher, Author and Parent Coach

With almost 18 years of experience in the education sector working extensively with children, teachers and parents, Fathima’s expertise lies majorly in areas of life skills training, personal development and child behaviour management. As a parent consultant, she holds an international Parent Coach Training Mastery certification from ACPI, USA and a professional certificate from Monash University, Australia in coaching educational leaders.
Fathima strives for positive transformation in human relationships through her coaching programs based on the science of parenting and the art of bonding, connection and responsiveness. She works with families to create a happy fulfilling environment at home and the classroom. She has conducted multiple training programs within and outside India providing structures and strategies to assist schools, parents and families through issues, transitions, communication and discipline. Fathima currently heads EvolveED, a Bangalore based training organisation that primarily works in the space of childcare and focuses on healing, restoring and transforming human relationships. She is a valuable member of Early Childhood Association of India(ECA).

Bindu Bhatia
Author, Consultant, Coach, MD & Founder: NeuCode Talent Academy

Bindu has been working in the space of coaching, counselling and therapy for 20 years. She leverages her unique blended methodology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence to coach students and parents in the realms of mental resilience and relationships. Following her passion of enhancing emotional intelligence and resilience in the society, Bindu has so far coached, trained and impacted 50,000+ people across the globe including corporate professionals, students & parents. She is a much-admired author. Her books ‘NeuCode for Winning Relationships’ and ‘NeuCode for Mindful Parenting’ are well acclaimed. Bindu works extensively for working parents and conducts programs with top corporates on how to integrate work and home responsibilities.

Nazura Ajaney
Member of the Leadership Team, Vivero International Pre-schools and Child Care

Nazura is an experienced Educator, Parental Coach and an Art Therapist. She has worked closely with psychologists, parents, special educators and academicians for over 20 years to bridge the gaps in communication with children. Having conducted innumerable programs on Parenting and Educator Training, she strongly believes higher emotional intelligence can build stronger relationships that can help achieve the learning goals. Nazura has done commendable work on Learning Difficulty for educators, skill enhancement for teachers and one on one coaching for parents. She is a passionate believer in ‘The Image of The Child’ which she uses effectively to determine responses to the relationship that we share with young children as educators or parents.
She is currently an eminent member of the Leadership Team at Vivero International.