Event - RMZ

Culmination Day

19th October was our Culmination Day and parents were invited to school to view the work done by their children.
They were led by the children and taken through the learning domains. Our children were thrilled to showcase their learning and even more excited were the parents to listen to them. The highlight of the day was the energetic performance of our children’s dance and skit.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents ‘Day was celebrated with many eager grandparents coming to school along with their grandchildren and taking part in exciting activities that were lined up for them. Children made cards, badges and medals for their grandparents and expressed their love for them in many ways.

Adventure Awaits

The awesome adventure began with little infants and toddlers entering the world of Egypt.

The children were enticed into the mazes ,puzzles , treasure hunt and more, so were the parents who were able to relive their childhood .It was an amazing experience for the children as well as parents.

Bambi Movie Night Event 2019

“I love Bambi” said Nyesha, student of K1.
Yes! Everybody just loved our movie night “Bambi”. It was so relaxing and comfortable with friends and family around.
Munching the freshly popped corn in the cool fresh breeze was just cherry on the top.
“Movie night once more!”- Every child’s demand. Simply fun!

Christmas Carnival 2018

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa was here!!!! What an amazing evening we had at VIVERO, RMZ Ecoworld on 16th of December. Mums, Dads and the lovely children enjoyed all the treats along with the great fun at bouncy castle and the train ride. What else could you ask for when you get presents from Santa. Nobody wanted this evening to end. Super fun time for all.