Setting Appropriate Limits for Today’s Children

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For young parents, the idea of setting limits for their pre-schooler is often challenging. Doctors and child psychologists say that a child understands the world better when rules and discipline are reinforced by people he trusts and loves – in this case, the parents.

Parents must lay out rules of engagement, of behaviour, of do’s and don’ts of daily life that allows the child to navigate the environment with a sense of safety and new-found child-like wisdom. Each time a limit is imposed, it is necessary for parents to explain the reasons to their child. This helps develop sound reasoning in a child, and also makes a child understand the consequences of breaking rules.

setting limits for a pre-school kid

Ignoring a rule or limit is common among children, usually followed by a tantrum, which parents feel overwhelmed when asked to handle effectively! However, this is the time parents need to step up, and try to follow through – teaching a child that every action has a consequence that may be dangerous or harmful is essential and ultimately productive for your child’s all-round development.

It is crucial for parents to remember that self- confidence and consistency while handling their children are the crucial factors that make for a healthy child-parent relationship. Your child must look up to you, in times of love, affection, instructions, limits and rules. Once those boundaries are clear and children realise that their parents are supportive, child-rearing becomes a joy!