Pre-school Programme

The programme provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where learning flourishes.

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Child Care Programme

An advanced day care programme to ensure that the child receives high-quality care along with age-appropriate, responsive and stimulating learning experiences.

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Location: Our Centres

Mumbai | Bengaluru | Pune | Hyderabad

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Our Key Features

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Our Reggio
inspired Curriculum

At Vivero, we have been strongly inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Our vision of the child as a competent leader has led to a strong child directed curriculum. Children are encouraged to learn about themselves and the world around them through investigation and discovery.

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Safety Security and

Vivero provides children with much more than a safe and secure environment. Here each child feels comfortable to explore, discover, challenge and understand their physical worlds without fear. To us a child’s health & safety are of prime importance.

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Experienced Teachers

At Vivero, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for children, a passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experience.u

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21st Century Learner

It is imperative that global citizens of tomorrow come equipped with evolved mindsets, knowledge and skills to flourish in the constantly evolving world. Our new initiatives facilitate holistic learning experiences for the 21st century learner.

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Learning in the

Atelier is an intentionally designed environment that provides a variety of provocations by means of design, display, materials and images. They are designed to give children time, information, inspiration and materials so that they can effectively express.

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While our work is rewarding it is always a delight when organizations recognize and appreciate our work.

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Our Testimonials

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    “Asher is a very happy and calm child but like every other person, he has his own inhibitions and fears. When it was announced that the pre nursery children were going to perform on stage in an auditorium,I had my doubts. I had seen him getting extremely fearful and uneasy in closed, dark, and loud spaces. But every day he would come home with a star, owing to a stellar rehearsal, and his educator Ms. Sejal would assure that he would be fine if sent early. I couldn't help admiring her confidence in my child. While onstage during the event, he went on to do the whole piece feeling safe that he was standing next to his teacher. He may not have performed what he practiced, but for us, it was his biggest day! He overcame few of his biggest fears that day and is now capable of being in spaces, which are not very comfortable for him. Thank you once again.”
    – Neha Kanaujia, Asher’s mother
    “Vivero has been a beautiful journey for Varnika. She has grown, learnt and enjoyed every moment. I thank you Vivero for building a strong foundation for my little one. She has evolved into a beautiful human being who is compassionate and thoughtful towards her family, friends and society. A special thanks to her Educators and Leadership team for always being extremely patient and resolving everything for us. Vivero will always hold a special place in our heart. ”
    – Upasana Mathur, Varnika’s mother
    “We were finding it extremely tough to select a good pre-school in Bangalore. We would ask around, go on interviews, and seek the advice of other parents. After visiting many schools we found one where our queries were heard and addressed patiently. After a detailed discussion with the School Head of Vivero International, we knew that we had finally come to the right place. Since her first day of school at Vivero, Charvi has been spending her days in an enjoyable and nurturing environment. All her educators seem to be interested in getting to know her and school has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and stimulating curriculum. I would definitely be choosing Vivero as my younger daughter's pre-school too :-) ”
    – Pooja Tyagi, Charvi’s mother
    “Choosing a daycare for your child is probably one of the most difficult tasks. However, the reassurance provided by the Vivero staff was a source of strength during the initial adjustment period when my child began day care. Their well rounded curriculum helps shape the personality of the little toddlers. Every time someone compliments me on the well mannered and cultured behavior of my child, I send a mental thank you note to Vivero which plays a crucial role in the upbringing of my child. As a side note, the food at Vivero is a hit not only with the kids but among the parents too.”
    – Amruta Hungund, Senior Technical Editor, TIBCO Software Inc.
    “We enrolled our daughter Ashimain Vivero child care when she was just 15 months old and since then we are very grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives at the center. Ashima loves to go to Vivero and enjoys the learning activities, spending time with her friends, teachers and returns home singing new songs every evening. Like all other parents it was not easy for us to leave her at the child care center but it was made so much easier by the wonderful teachers and staff. Our mind is at peace to know Ashima is in a safe, fun place everyday. Teachers at Vivero are very professional and extremely friendly to all the children and they always tell me what my daughter has done and accomplished. Keep up the great work team Vivero !!”
    – Reema Pal, – Module Lead, Avaya
    “ Vivero manages to serve both the children and the parents’ needs very, very effectively. The entire staff demonstrates levels of passion and professionalism which we rarely see in the education world. They are all very kind, courteous, graceful, respectful, and very well-educated themselves. They work tirelessly to set ideal examples for the children of how people should behave and cooperate together. It’s a place my daughter has made great friends and memories and learnt invaluable lessons that will stay with her forever. Vivero is and always will be a blessing to our family! Every day Aadya comes home from school saying they've had a great day!!! ”
    – Dipti Shelar, – IT Asset Management, Amdocs
    “ I recently shifted from Delhi to Bangalore and enrolled my son in Vivero for school and daycare. The school has been a big support and my son is also doing well. He's already reading numbers and letters and knows a lot of poems. He's also started conversing fluently in English. I get surprised at how quickly he's growing up. ”
    – Ruchi Gupta, – DM Gensler
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    “I like to come to VIVERO School because I like to play with my friends in the garden. I like my teacher because she makes us do lots of fun study. I like to do lots of colouring. I will miss the VIVERO School.”
    – Nivritti Bhartia, Vivero International Pre-school, Sarjapur
    “I like the books I read at school because when I read the books sometimes there are big-big words and when I try to read I can read them.”
    - Vishwam Dube, Vivero International Preschool, Powai
    “I like my school because all the teachers are nice to me and they give me stars when i do something nice.I love my K1 and K2 Classroom. My teachers let me draw with so many colours and paint. My school has so many lights and it looks very beautiful.”
    - Riyan Shetty, Vivero International Pre-school, Koramangala
    “I like playing with my school friends”
    - Biyank Reddy, Vivero International Pre-school, Indiranagar
    “In Vivero International, there is a big aquarium with so many fish. And a tank with two turtles, I love animals and fish. I like my school because my teachers let me play with the fish and turtles. I will Miss my school because I am going to Greenwood High. And I will also miss the fish.”
    - Rang Narula, Vivero International Pre-school, Koramangala
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    “Working at Vivero has given me an opportunity to grow! As a Childcare Coordinator I was given freedom to plan activities and engagements based on children’s interest, setting up the classroom and a lot more. The working Environment is so warm and lovely that it never made me feel that I’m coming to work because it made me feel like home. Interaction with parents, children and colleagues has made me a lot more confident.
    Vivero allows each child to grow at his /her own pace with so much of love, care and attention .I am proud to be a part of the Vivero family!!! ”
    – Aarti Mahendra Yadav, Childcare Coordinator, Vivero International Pre-school, Kalyani Nagar
    “The Two Month life and more.. 61 days at Vivero has given birth to the child in me. Helped me learn discipline with myself and taught me the biggest lesson “Patience and Tolerance are the keys to Success”. The aura of this school created by the children, the teachers and the supporting staff is truly something every individual should experience once in a lifetime. Right from the day I made my first appearance as a music teacher in the class rooms, the children welcomed a new face with utmost love and warmth and made sure that they see me in their class again and again to spread the joy of music as a celebration of life.
    To sum it up life at Vivero is truly a blessed one where the school believes in nuturing the life of children but in turn also helped me to nuture my life not only as a teacher but also an individual. Thank you Team Vivero and Cheers to many more days, months and years !!!! ”
    – Fareeda Baria, Music Teacher, Vivero International Pre-school, Powai
    “The children are the best part of being a teacher”. Teaching Spanish at Vivero is the best job and I enjoy taking the challenge each and every day teaching children a foreign language. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see children teaching their parents what they have learnt in school. The enthusiasm in the children’s eyes to learn Spanish so eagerly is my biggest reward and thank Vivero to give me this opportunity to spread this happiness. Gracias! ”
    - Jaee Sonalkar, Spanish Teacher, Vivero International Pre-school, Powai
    “Teaching at Vivero has been a great experience so far. It has encouraged me to learn and study more about children’s rights and their behavioral abilities. I look forward to learn more from my students and my colleagues as I believe sharing knowledge and learning is never ending. I would like to conclude with one of the famous quotes from Early Childhood Education – “I observe you, and while I observe you, I “capture” you, I interpret you. But at the same time I also modify my own knowledge. So observation is not only an individual action but also a reciprocal relationship. It is an action, a relationship, a process that makes us aware of what is happening around us.” - Loris Malaguzzi and Carlina Rinaldi ”
    - Hardika Jaipuria, Core Teacher, Vivero International Pre-school, Koramangala
    “My experience at Vivero has been very fruitful and exciting. Vivero is a great place for enthusiastic and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment. At Vivero, everyone is treated with love and respect and I am thankful for the support provided by my seniors. We are recognized for the value we bring to the organization and are consistently given opportunities to learn additional skills. I am very happy to be a part of an organization that helps me grow and enhance my skills and would love to have a long term relationship with Vivero. ”
    - Gayathri Suresh Vivero International Pre-school , Koramangala

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