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"Kevin has had his best 1st year of Vivero, it's memory that will stay with us for life!
What I loved the most, are the caring teachers, they never for once complained they always took care of him like their own. Teaching by "experience" was what stood out the most, especially the visits to the fire station, Post Office, etc. The letter my son posted to us on his visit to post office, will be saved as a memory for life!!
The wonderful aspect for a working women like me, was the teachers' response on email, this was a very pleasant experience.
Overall, an amazing journey, sad it had to come to an end! Usha Mam, is a very gifted teacher and thanks to her for grooming my son into a fine little man!" - Binu Mathew, HR PPS India R & D

"We have associated with Edvance Pre School and have extended our partnership with all schools across Pune and Bangalore. Their multi location presence and spread across the city is a strong plus point. The Schools are well equipped and spacious and the teachers have a good connect with all students. My daughter studies in Vivero and am happy with her progress in terms of social connect and learning new things." - Aditya, ASPL

"Our twin daughters Norah and Sarah are in love with the team at Vivero. Every day, they can't wait to meet their best friends at the daycare centre and enjoy their time 'at a home away from home'.
And the best feedback comes from our daughters themselves: There is no day where our little ones do not literally 'hug' the Vivero team when leaving to go home; it is difficult to capture this in words; kids and their innocent, pure enjoyment of discovering the little and big things of the world. Thank you Vivero!" - PatrickPeskier, R & D Senior Director, Avaya

My husband and I are satisfied with the Child Care program and would like to convey our gratitude for the same. The entire team at Vivero is very friendly and warm and the environment is conducive to the overall development of a child.
Aakash loves to be at the Child care and we can notice a great deal of improvement in his mannerism that has happened over the last year.He has become a friendly child and has developed interests in things which he was not so good at, before.
The teachers seem to excel at their work and so does the housekeeping staff. The hygiene and upkeep of the place is always good.
The activities conducted are engaging and the regular report sharing of the same is worth appreciating too.
Please keep up the good work!
- ShalakaJagtap, Coordinator,Jehangir Hospital
- AsitJagtap, Semantic

"It has been a nice and worthwhile experience at Vivero during Aurik’s stint for almost a year now. My son has learnt so much: alphabets, language, numbers, story-telling, interest in books, etc. to say the least. This has helped us, as parents, since all we needed to do was supplement just those.
I would specially like to mention the teachers who have been withAurik’sand have been exceptional in handling him. Their attitude, warmth and genuine interest in children has helped my son look forward to school and feel safe and loved even when his parents are not around. That indeed is heartwarming.
I am truly grateful to Vivero and wish them all the best in the years to come and hope they grow both nationally and internationally.
We should always remember, schools and day cares play the most crucial and influencing role in any child’s life, since children spend most of their time there. So whatever you teach, and however you treat our children, is how our next generation would grow. More than temples and churches, it is these places which should always be held in the highest respect since they nurture the future. I hope these institutions understand that and continue to concentrate on their responsibilities and never change their perspective materially.
In the light of the above, Vivero - good job and thank you!"
- Mohana Dam, Group Enablement, Group Shared Application Portfolio (RUN)

"Almost three years of a truly fruitful association with Vivero Child Care. We still remember the first day of our daughter Kayna at the day care and today is the day when she loves to be with her friends and teachers, there. A more confident and understanding individual has shaped.Thanks to the team of Vivero for making this possible and being an extended family to us.Many more years to go together."
- Bhupinder Kaithwas, Manager Accounts,Seimens Industries Software
- Swati Kaithwas, Assistant Manager Human Resource, Bauli India Limited

"My son joined Vivero when he was 6 months, now he is 2 years old and I must say, he enjoyed the experience and journey of his childhood thoroughly. As a parent specially as a mom I agree that it was the best decision taken for him. The environment is unique and leads to a child's holistic development. The entire team of child care supervisors, support staff and specialized trainers make the environment so child friendly that it has become a second home for my child. The weekly food menu is wonderful, which helps the child to get the required nutrition along with good food habits. Celebration of all festivals and enthusiasm is at its best at all times. As the caption says, it is certainly A HOME CARE NOT CHILD CARE.I recommend it all the parents. The best choice for the little angels."
- Vishal Kumar, Team Lead, Inautix
- Shikha Yadav, Team Lead, Accenture

"A Second home for my precious son Arha.We as parents, searched for innumerable facilities in and around Wakad, finally found the perfect pre-school and day care for my son Arha. Initially he began his pre-school at VivroAundh. Within three months we had the ViveroWakad facility open up and sought an immediate transfer being closer to our home.We call it 'perfect' since we have seen Arha waving his hand and smiling when we drop him off in the morning and leave for work. It is only a phone call away, if ever we are anxious.
The phone is alwaysanswered, keeping us informed about his activities and schedule.We have noticed an extremely positive change in him especially after the summer camp, He has made new friends, enjoys all the activitiesand is much more enthusiastic to attend the same. We, as parents, thank Serra Wakad for being there for Arha and nurturing him everyday while we are away at work. Special thanks to the School Head, teachers, day care coordinators for their support and being truly dedicated to their work. Last but not the least, thanks to all the maushiswho have helped Arhawith her daily routine. We and Arha look forward to the next year's school and summer campswith great enthusiasm."
- Aseema Kulkarni
-Prashant Kulkarni, Senior Manager, Deloitte

"Vivero is one of the BEST day care that I have found near my residence. Vivero helps in groomingmy child and skills development.
Vivero has helped my child to become social ,courageous and active at an early age.
Thanks Vivero "
- Anup Kisanrao Waghmare, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

"Making a comeback at work after raising twin daughters for four years was scary and not easy but Vivero made it possible for me. Especially, the initial phase when my children were away from me for the first time was handled so beautifully and sensitively by the teachers and staff at Vivero.
I feel fortunate to have found a second home for my girls where they are in hands of caring professionals who cherish them and believe that a child is a parent's whole world.
The best part is that they offer a variety of developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities which add up to the whole positive experience.
Thanks to the lovely Vivero family for helping me to return to work confidently with the trust that my children are well cared for, nurtured and loved when they come after school to Vivero."
- Prakash Upreti, Global Head Payments, HSBC Business Bay

"Thank you for sharing the newsletter!The most impressive part is the one on home visits.
I was so happy to see how the teachers go that extra mile to make the children feel comfortable. This indeed will help them turn into confident adults.
The team permittedAbhijeet to sit through her school hours in the reception area which made my child feel calmer when she joined Vivero.I always keep saying this, will reiterate- the teachers have played a very important role in making Ajooni what she is today; by instilling more confidence in her. We as Ajooni’s parents will always remain grateful to Vivero for helping our child.
Kudos to you and the team!"
- Priya Takkhi, Process and Metrics (Quality Excellence), Zensar Technologies

"I am very happy with Vivero and the way teachers take care of Naaz and give personal attention to her. They are well aware of her routine and give the best of them to her. She feels at home with the kind of care and love she gets here. Vivero is like her second home. Special Thanks to the teachers and the care givers who are warm and patient. "
- Aisha Ansari, Sr. Technical Specialist, Philips
- Asadullah Ansari, Principal Engineer, Harman International

"Really good experiences from Infant care to Toddler care. Kiaan enjoys coming to the centreeveryday and enjoys all the activities. Keep up the great work. Thank you to all the teachers and caretakers for all the love, care and support."
- Mary Anjana, Manager, Target
- Akhil Mehdiratta, Sr Manager, Target

"Our daughter Inaira has been going to Vivero for almost 5 months now, and we must say we are extremely happy with the school. Inaira loves going to school. She has learnt so much from the time she joined. The teachers and helping staff are very caring, they look after her very nicely. We were always worried about putting her in a day care because we didn't know how they will look after her, but after joining Vivero we don't have to worry about anything. The teachers give usa complete feedback about our child on a daily basis. We would highly recommend Vivero to anyone who is looking for a good day care for their kids"
- Ashritha Shetty, Stylist, Flipkart - Sohan Shetty, Member of technical staff, Netapp

"We as parents are very happy and satisfied by the excellent job done by the teachers. Our son Aadyah has had the most amazing time at Vivero. He looks forward to going to school everyday. His progress has been remarkable! As parents we initially had separation anxiety but now we are more than satisfied to know that our child is in safe hands.
We would surely recommend VIVERO International School as it is the best!"
- Manjul Dixit, Assistant VP, J P Morgan

"In a short span of time our child Supriya has settled in well and we are happy to see her progressing everyday. The Vivero team is doing an excellent job in shaping the children emotionally and their approach is appreciable!
The staff has a beautiful smile which makes us feel comfortable and at home. Thanks to the whole team and specially the teachers for taking care of our daughter so well!"
- Krishnapriya, Software Engineer, GE - Ananth.V, MD, Self Empoyed

"I got my 2.5-year-old admitted to Vivero International after an exhausting and deep research on schools in our locality. I am extremely glad that I made the right choice!
My daughter was one of the first students at Vivero, Mahadevpura, hence she received a lot of personal attention and care, and shares a very strong bond with her teachers and helpers. This bond is strong not only because she has been with the school since the beginning but also because of the teachers who make learning fun and interactive for the kids. I have seen an incredible leap in my daughter’s learning curve after she joined the school.
I also like the fact that the curriculum, apart from the learning, also covers field activities, group activities, and periodic activities for parents/grandparents. The staff is very responsive to our suggestions and our concerns are addressed immediately.
A big thanks to the Vivero staff!"
- Rohan Chhazed, AVP, Zoomcar

"I have been associated with Vivero International Pre-School for the past 3 years and since then it has been a joyful happy journey for my son as well as us. Not just the pre-primary education but Vivero has provided my son the wholesome experience a pre-schooler needs at this age. Be it the annual day concerts or the sports day or a carnival, Vivero has always made every experience special and memorable. Me as a parent couldn't have asked for a better education facility and all round development of my son. Thank you, Vivero."
- Supriya Nagrani, Proprietor, Red Carpet Interiors

"We are very happy and at home with Vivero. Our child has been here since pre-nursery and we see him blossom and grow each day with gaining and acquiring something new and relevant to the times.
We cannot fail to mention the warmth and care that each of the teaching members and all the support staff extend to all the children and parents as well at Vivero. In my view the School Head, teachers, Co-ordinators, Parent Relationship Manager, all have been extremely instrumental in helping our child absorb the schools every day creations and learnings especially with the warmth provided which helps the child’s interest to prevail on learning a new uphill task whenever introduced to shape them for tomorrow. All the activities and events envisaged such as parents sports day, culmination day, children outdoors are very well organized and executed. Such events become so meaningful and help parents to meet each other and have a healthy understanding and exchange of ideas on our children’s development and challenges with their probable solutions.
I would like to mention that the environment here has a unique character and a pull of its own, this we feel, and when outside in our lives, we are asked which school does your child go? And we hear a lot of positive and encouraging words from the people whom we or our child interact regularly. We plan to enroll our second child soon at Vivero and wish that the management also soon comes out with a full fledged school enabling us to be at ease with our child’s future and the school can help enlighten a larger spread of students.
Nothing made us more happy than when some days ago when a senior member of the Vivero management mentioned that our child is growing and maturing in a very positive direction and does have it in him to endure the times and become triumphant. We owe all this to every nuance of Vivero’s effort in building a very healthy and accomplished society."
- Nitin Singh, Director, Astrasky Logistics and SCM India Pvt Ltd

"It’s been a wonderful journey for us with Vivero. This is Ria's fourth year at Vivero and she has loved coming to school every single day. We don't have any tantrums in the morning about coming to school and to see your child so happy in school is all that a parent can ask for. Another thing that was important to us was safety and we are very satisfied with the efforts the school puts in this regard. The teachers, maushis here are incredible and take good care of the kids. Right from the cheerful Good morning when the child enters the school, the love and warmth really makes a parent feel good that the child is in safe hands."
- PiyushJajoo, Principal Consultant, Infosys Ltd - ShagunJajoo, Faculty- Finance, Symbiosis

"We are very happy for having chosen Vivero International Pre-school for our daughter. She became comfortable in the school in no time and is till date very excited to go to school every day. In fact she likes working days better than holidays! The teachers and the entire staff is very friendly, helpful and energetic which reflects on the smiles of the kids. The curriculum is progressive and the extracurricular activities like outdoor trips, festival celebrations etc. in the widens the children’s horizon and builds the social, mental and emotional skills of the tiny tots.
In a nutshell, we are confident that our little girl is getting the right atmosphere and guidance from the right set of people in laying the foundation right, which will go a long way in shaping her personality.
Wishing good luck and continued success to Team Vivero& definitely a Big THANKS for taking care of my daughter."
- Tanna Sachar, Free-lance Artist, Mod Bauble (India)

"We are from Germany and are staying here in India since 2 years now. We are happy to have such a lovely place for Hector where he can learn and explore the interesting things of the world. After a short time in class he settled down and this is because of the loveliest teachers I've ever seen. We say thank you to all, especially for the smile on Hectors face when he comes to school every morning."
- Rebekka Seitz, Physio therapist

"Our older daughter Divyal is an alumnus of Vivero and the younger one Anokhi is currently in nursery. We found both the teaching and the non-teaching staff very affectionate and understanding in addition to being extremely competent. They helped Divyal become self reliant and confident. The flexible curriculum along with a lot of love, plenty of playtime, creative and fun projects, encouragement and a little discipline gave space to our child to grow at her own pace.
After our wonderful experience with Divyal, we really couldn't think of a better place for Anokhi, to begin her "formal education".
Energy, enthusiasm and love from the teaching as well as the non-teaching staff members has made our child feel very special. To the amazing team of Vivero... Thank you very much."
- Mridula, Teacher, Army Institute of Technology

"The three primary things (in no particular order) that have endeared Serra to me are - the environment, the people and the learning.
The Environment- Considering the fact that the child spends close to three hours at school, it is my personal opinion that the premises or the environment are very important. The beautiful play area and the openness within the school give the child a sense of freedom which is rare to find, especially within the city.
The People- The warm welcoming smiles and greetings from every member of Serra - be it the watchman, or the office staff or the maushis and teachers light up every child's and the parent's day! As a parent, it also makes me happy sending my child to a place where he is under personal supervision of his amazing teachers.
The Learning- The charming nooks within the school comprising the aquarium, the rabbit den, the herb garden, the water pool and the bird cage to name a few, engage the child and encourage learning that no books can offer. It is endearing for me to see my child grow up learning to pet a rabbit at the age of two.
Lastly, the very fact that my son dreams and even talks in his sleep about his school and his teacher, speaks volumes about Vivero! Vivero is indeed a second home for Veer."
- Vaidehi Thakkar, Proprietor, Spaces, Things Et cetera

"My son Farhan and I have been a part of Serra since the mother toddler program. Currently he is in nursery. I love the simple and creative techniques that the school follows to impart values and knowledge to the children. Farhan maynot come and tell me everyday what he does in school ,however when I do see him washing his hands before and after his meals or reciting nursery rhymes with so much zeal and creating alphabets and numbers from objects lying around the house, I know that Serra is responsible for that ! They allow creative freedom which is so important in their growth.
He cries when there is no school and wants to go to school even on sat and Sundays.Well what more can I say! He loves Serra, I love Serra, Serra Rocks !!!"
- Neha Pastakia, Owner, A Hen Bakes

"We belong to Delhi and shifted to Pune only last year. After having spent a year in Pune, there are still things about which we get anxious. But there is one thing about which we are absolutely confident! And that is Myra's education or her comfort in the daycare. Vivero has been an integral part of our lives especially because it is about our child Myra. One year of Vivero has brought about so many positive visible changes in Myra that not only us but also our peers feel it. The focus of the school is on everyday learning and not just on imparting classroom education.
So Myra has learnt not only from class but also from her surroundings, her own mistakes, excursions and all this without any strict rules. I think now she freely interacts with her peers, readily takes risks, has openness to learning and most importantly looks forward to go to school. So much so that, there are times when on Sundays she cries to go to school! I would also take this opportunity to thank Myra's class teachers. Myra has cried on numerous occasions and when we asked her the reason, it is- "I am missing my teachers."
It pleasantly surprises us, that when asked she says she hardly remembers what was taught in the extended program. But then in a random conversation bursts out with names of planets, rocket lift- offs, names of continent, where Pune is, and what not.
The Day care is also phenomenal! It's a right balance of fun, comfort and education. Myra has learnt things much before her own class at times- numbers, capital letters etc. The kids learn from peers and teachers both.
So a very Big Thank You to Vivero School and its entire staff for making us so comfortable here."
- Saurabh Kumar, Senior Counsel – Legal, Bajaj Finance Limited