Event - Aundh

Joy of Giving 2018

"We make a living by what we get, And make a LIFE by what we give!!
--Winston Churchill"
We kicked off our 'Joy of giving Week' with great fun, enthusiasm and joy. Along with our parent volunteers. The Kindergarten 2 children excitedly distributed biscuits and tea to all the passing community helpers including the nearby building guards.
More often than not, we look outside to share our happiness, joy and love. We forget the people who we work closely with.
The next day we did just that. Our didi's in school work just as hard to ensure safety of children and smooth functioning of the school. We salute them and their spirit. To show them our gratitude we planned a day of fun and frolic for them. There were games, yummy food and loads of laughter and big smiles all around.
After all ain't that the ultimate joy of giving???
Children also visited 'Little Flower English Medium School' to spend some time with the children and staff there. The experience was phenomenal. We truly and only exchanged 'Happiness'. It was an interactive and joyful session.
To culminate the Week, we visited the NGO ‘Awakening Jagruti’.. Their work areas include schools, urban slums, villages, construction sites and street children. The centre for the construction worker’s children aims at offering the children a conducive environment to develop and grow. The PRM along with a few teachers and children visited the NGO to give the contributions collected. Together, they enjoyed a snack and dance party with the children of the NGO. Our children too had a great time as they spent quality time and in the true sense experienced that “joy of living is indeed in the joy of giving”

Winter Carnival 2018

Winter Wonderland was our carnival,
Which started with the team’s arrival,
Setting up the various stall,
Ensuring in place was all.

Tick tock- tick –tock
Went the clock,
One came
All came
In a flock

Ice fishing and ferris wheel,
Made the children shout in glee!!
The games and food,
Kept the crowd in a good mood.

Our Experiment Oh Corner left everyone mesmerized
Eating the nitrogen made ice cream got every one energized.
Ice sculpting and slime making was fun too
A technique that was very new.

Cubetto was the hero that day,
Telling tales and showing the way.

Our budding entrepreneurs had showcased their artwork
Albums, candle made with love and hard work.

Lemonade and cupcakes were relished by all,
Especially by children at the culinary stall.

Nail Art and Pottery added the creative mark,
Allowing children to be quirky and add some spark.

Ring the snowman game, feed the snowman game
Either ways, both required a good aim.

The winter wonderland Carnival indeed ended with a bang,
A big Thank you shouted the VIVERO Gang.

Back to School 2018

“It was a wonderful morning. Thank you for taking us back to our childhood"—Parent Feedback
Vivero International Preschool & Childcare, Aundh celebrated ‘Back to School’ morning on Saturday, 30th June'18. A morning filled with dance, creativity, fun and games was planned for the parents and children who turned out in large numbers.

Buddy Day 2018

Laughs - Limitless.
Memories - Countless.
Friendship - Endless.

Children celebrated Freindship Day at School with their best buddy and loved one. It was such a joy watching the children come to school with their friends hand in hand and have such a good time.
They played games, indulged in fireless cooking and enjoyed the creative activities that were planned for them.

Entrepreneurship Program 2018

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. What you teach them today, they shall preach the same tomorrow – Mahatma Gandhi
This is how we shape responsible global citizens and passsionate life long learner’s who are prepared for the 21st century!!
Kindergarten 2 children planned something special for the community. They created some beautiful friendship bands and greeting cards along with yummy chocolate balls. Parents were invited to buy these, the proceeds of which would be donated for a cause.

Muddy Day 2018

The Mud will wash off and the memories will last a lifetime!! --anonymous
Playing with mud allows children to express their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills. Children enhanced their social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they worked together in the pretend play corner.
Vivero International Pre-school & Childcare, Aundh organised a Mud Day for children to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy.
They were engaged in activities like finding their garden friends in mud, to splattering mud over the wall. As a takeaway they created a soil garden made with crumpled choco cake and jelly worms.
It was indeed a happy muddy-licious day!!

Mummy & Me Muffin Day 2018

Dear Mummy,
Thank you for always sharing your hugs, smiles, words of encouragement and most importantly your 'time'.
Love, Me!!

Pre-Nursery children celebrated Mummy and Me Muffin day. Children had a great time as they decorated little muffins with yummylicious icing, sprinklers and candies along with their mummies. A special thank you to the fathers and grandparents who made it convenient to attend the event in absence of the mummies:)

Back to School 2016

Vivero International Pre-school, Aundh celebrated its first ‘Back to School’ Evening on Saturday, 30th June. The event was organized in the interest of the parents who got an opportunity to know other parents and arrange play dates for their children and/or socialize otherwise. The evening began with some fun ice breaker games organized in the classroom, followed my some interesting games in the outdoor area.
The loud noise, cheers and applause poured in as parents were taken down memory lane to play games that they had all played in their childhood. The refreshments were served as parents watched others playing the game and waited for their turn patiently.
The evening ended with some wonderful feedback from the parents and a big thank you from the entire team at Vivero for making it convenient to attend.

Culmination Day 2016

Vivero International Preschool, Aundh, hosted it’s first culmination day on August 27, 2016. Culmination Day is a day, which marks the end of a unit and gives an opportunity to parents to be an active part in the learning journey of their child. Fireless cooking, model making using recycled material, games and rhymes session in line with the unit of Inquiry were the engagements for the day. Literacy week was initiated from 16th August -26th August over all grades to enhance child’s learning. Story telling sessions, puppetry sessions, visit to book stores and creating books is what our children enjoyed over the week. As we culminated the literacy week a literacy cafe was set up. The cafe showcased books created by the children across all grade levels.