Event - Aundh

Learning Engagments 2023

Our little "Angelfishes" are exploring unit 2 "We use play to express our feelings and emotions". We started unit 2 with outdoor games like a ring around the roses, parachute play, and bubble play. This helped our children to play in groups and understand instructions. Learning colors with sand play and shapes is a fun way to facilitate learning.

Incursion 2023

Outdoor free play is a big part of the growth, development, and well-being of a child. Our little "Angelfishes" are enjoying unit 2 "We use play to express our feelings and emotions". The children were happy with the incursion by Ms. Nathalie Della Faille for the "Bat and Ball "game., they all showed great enthusiasm while throwing the ball and hitting it with the bat. They understood that games have rules and following them makes the game more fun. All the children took turns and shared the bat and ball with their peers. Playing outdoors develops gross muscles and eye-hand coordination. We thank Ms. Nathalie Della Faille for spending valuable time with our children.

Ganesh Festival 2023

As part of their unit of inquiry, children of K-1 celebrated Ganesh Festival. They discussed about the décor and painted some lovely toran’s and made garlands. Children had a wonderful time dancing to the dhol tasha and relished some yummy modaks that they made.

Buddy Day 2023

Friendship is one of the most fulfilling relationship one can ever experience. It's a place where you can be yourself without being judged!

To celebrate this special bond of friendship, our children went on a nature walk, and collected some flowers and leaves. Then they made nature inspired friendship bands to tie them on their friend’s wrists. The school also conducted an Art fest for celebrating Buddy day which children thoroughly enjoyed with their friends. Children engaged in many different types of paintings like Nature Art, Fizzy Art, Henry Matisse, Pointillism. They also enjoyed dancing with their buddies with colorful props in their hands. It was all together a great experience for all the children their buddies and parents alike.

Transition Program 2023-24

Our children are enjoying their transition period immensely. Craft work and physical activities like dance, yoga, penguin walk, hop like bunny, obstacle race & Signal light game are some of their favourite. They participate in all the different engagements like moulding play dough, puzzles, block play, and aim ball into the bucket. Reading stories and singing rhymes are some of the other proffered activities.

Wacky Hair Day

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in the southernmost tip of India. It is the official festival of Kerala. The colorful festival is celebrated in many forms and ways like the mythical story of Mahabali visiting to check the well-being of his subjects, Pulikali – the lion dance, snake boat race, and pookalam – the flower rangoli.
'The more you appreciate and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.'
Our children celebrated Onam by participating in the activities which symbolize the festival. They shredded the marigold flowers to make the flower arrangements and all the staff draped themselves in sarees typically worn for the festival.

Traditional Day

We celebrated the day with fun-filled activities. The theme of the activities was related to the festival "Gokulashtami". All of us came in traditional wear and the children learned about the festivals celebrated around the world in such fun-filled activities.

The children prepared crown for themselves adorning peacock feathers, they drew different patterns and stuck them on the earthenware pot also called 'handi'. These are a few symbolic representations of the festival.


Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in the southernmost tip of India. It is the official festival of Kerala. The colorful festival is celebrated in many forms and ways like the mythical story of Mahabali visiting to check the well-being of his subjects, Pulikali – the lion dance, snake boat race, and pookalam – the flower rangoli.
'The more you appreciate and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.'
Our children celebrated Onam by participating in the activities which symbolize the festival. They shredded the marigold flowers to make the flower arrangements and all the staff draped themselves in sarees typically worn for the festival.

K2 Graduation Ceremony

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss
Graduation day is always a day of rejoicing as it marks the culmination of an educational journey and the beginning of another. March 20, 2021 was marked as the most memorable day for Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh as we celebrated the ‘Graduation Ceremony of Kindergarten 2’ Superstars. For the first time ever the graduation ceremony has happened virtually, still the excitement was no less.
It was overwhelming to see grandparents and parents of our lovely children to be a part of this amazing ceremony.
The ceremony started and all the children were seen extremely excited. They all looked magnificent in their graduation robes and mortarboard hats. It was a proud moment to share each child’s journey. Children shared their thought and spoke their heart out about their love for Vivero. Keeping the Vivero tradition alive, the children performed the graduation song with glittering smiles and full enthusiasm.
The ceremony concluded with the memorable video presentation of the pictures of learning journey of all our Superstars. This surely took us down the memory lane making it a nostalgic moment for all. It was a day full of emotions.
We are proud of each one of them and wish them all the best!
Congratulations Kindergarten 2 Graduates.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations

Makar Sakranti , a festival that is celebrated across the country under different names and in different ways was celebrated with much fervor at Vivero International. The festival pans over a few days and is celebrated as Lohri, Thai Pongal, Magh Bihu and other distinct names in the country. Our children explored various elements of the festival, kites, sesame seeds and jaggery sweets, harvests , bonfires and appreciated the rich diversity of the festival. Some glimpses of the celebrations.

Xmas Celebration

Christmas is the time to spread a little more joy, peace and happiness all around. Our children at Vivero lived up to the spirit of this much-loved festival as they celebrated it joyfully with their friends and family. The festivity included a treasure hunt where children went about searching for gifts that were cleverly tucked away by our favorite visitor, Santa Claus. With the overarching theme of 'Sharing and Caring' in the air, our children found themselves engaged in baking Christmas cakes and other treats, or creating shiny little decorations for the Christmas tree. Here are a few glimpses of our children celebrating Christmas this time around.

Halloween Celebration

Halloween’s Day was celebrated with fun-filled exciting activities at Vivero Kindergarten. Children dressed up in interesting characters and engaged in various games and activities planned by the teachers. They displayed their self-made trick or treat bags with great pride and thoroughly enjoyed the 'treat hunt'. Here are a few glimpses from the virtual celebration.

Diwali Celebration

Celebrations have always been an integral part of the Vivero pedagogy. This year too, our children celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm and excitement.
Dressed up in colourful and traditional attire, children geared up to welcome the festival of lights. Various fun engagements such as lantern-making, festoon-making, preparation of sweet delicacies and rangoli art made the virtual celebrations memorable for our children.
Here are a few glimpses of our children celebrating this festival of joy and togetherness.

Culinary Kindergarten 1

Celebrations reflect values and cultures, Kindergarten 1 children explored various festive celebrations. They enjoyed aspects about one of the Indian festivals, i.e. Diwali: the festival of light. They got an insight about the story and celebrations along with decorations. Children were able to relate to the festival well and they also engaged in creating lanterns and a culinary activity. Here are a few glimpses of their creativity.

Childrens Day

At Vivero, we respect children as unique individuals with innate potential and curiosity. Our Children's Day celebrations were a reflection of our belief and what we stand for. Children took the lead as always and expressed themselves in a variety of ways to celebrate the joy and warmth of the festivity. The virtual celebrations came alive through games, culinary-sessions and through art & music activities. The surprises planned by our facilitators brightened every child's day and widened their smiles!
Here are some glimpses from the celebrations that took place.

Literacy Day - K1

Literacy Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children were given a first-hand experience creating their own stories and expressing them with graphical representations. Each child was first given one letter of the Alphabet and were encouraged to begin with the graphic representation. They were then shown how to connect the graphics to the letter and create a short story or a sequence of events. Children of Kindergarten 1 completed their individual stories beautifully. They proudly showcased their individual creations as they presented their story by introducing themselves as 'authors' and 'illustrators'. Each story was exceptionally unique as the 'budding authors' demonstrated their literary skills. Sharing a few glimpses of the event.

Pajama Party - K1

It was a fun day for Kindergarten 1 children as they celebrated the "Pajama Party." The occasion was an amazing blend of colorful pajamas, mushy pillows, soft toys and twinkling lights. Children took part, dressed in their comfortable sleepwear as they cuddled with their favorite soft toy and listened to a bed-time stories and songs. Some even pretended to sleep while listening to a bed time song. After the story-session, children swayed to the tunes of some popular dance music and played games too. The activities included, drawing portraits while blind-folded and a rapid-fire quiz based on the theme of children's stories. The cherry on the cake was the movie session as the little tots snuggled up once again in their cozy blanket, with their soft toy and munched on their favorite snack through the show.


At Vivero, nothing can dampen our spirit and stop us from celebrating special occasions. On the occasion of Friendship Day, we enjoyed fun activities and made the most of our iLearn session with our buddies while maintaining social distancing.
We celebrated this day through a virtual online party and created some beautiful memories together. Children dressed up for the celebration and expressed their love and gratitude for their friends in a variety of ways. From creating innovative art pieces to singing and dancing, our Friendship Day celebrations had all the ingredients of a grand celebration.

Friendship day - iLearn@Vivero

At Vivero, nothing can dampen our spirit and stop us from celebrating special occasions. On the occasion of Friendship Day, we enjoyed fun activities and made the most of our iLearn session with our buddies while maintaining social distancing.
We celebrated this day through a virtual online party and created some beautiful memories together. Children dressed up for the celebration and expressed their love and gratitude for their friends in a variety of ways. From creating innovative art pieces to singing and dancing, our Friendship Day celebrations had all the ingredients of a grand celebration.

Art with maths - ilearn@vivero

Art, especially during the early years, provides a wonderful opportunity for an introduction to various concepts including patterns and symmetry. Children actively explore shapes and sizes in a variety of ways while using art as a medium. Here are a few glimpses of our children from Kindergarten 2, who have showcased their creative skills while integrating art with the math concepts introduced in class.

Pre-Nursery - iLearn Programme

Our passionate learners have settled in their new routine and are making new friends every day. We are happy to see our children participating independently and are comfortable with their teacher. Thank you dear parents for your co-operation. Here are a few glimpses of pre-nursery children enjoying their iLearn programme.

Rainy Day - iLearn@Vivero

At Vivero we believe in making learning experiences rich, meaningful and fun for our children. Our children of Nursery celebrated 'Rainy Day' with much zest and fervour. From raincoats, gumboots, umbrellas, to paper boats, they enjoyed the 'Rainy Day' in full spirit and enthusiasm. Happy to share a few glimpses with you..

Literacy development - iLearn@Vivero

Literacy development involves learning about sounds, words, language, and developing pre-writing skills. Early literacy development is about every day, fun activities like singing, talking, and playing games and step by step development of pre-writing skills. Our facilitators work with our children, ensuring that learning and fun go hand in hand as our children develop their communication and literacy skills.

Physical Development - iLearn@Vivero

Early Childhood development includes acquiring fine and gross motor skills. Incorporating fun activities into children’s daily routine can help improve their fine motor skills. Developing these skills at an early age can benefit them academically, socially, and personally. Here are a few glimpses of our Nursery children enhancing their gross and fine motor skills.

Annual Concert

Students of Vivero International Preschool and Childcare enthralled the audience with their performances at their Annual concert held on 14th December 2019. The concert attended by over 500 members of the Vivero family, including parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts.
Our young learners chose the theme ‘We wish you a World’ and through beautiful dances and acts transported the audience to the world of their dreams.
While the youngest performers, our pre- nursery children wished for a world of candies and chocolates, our nursery children settled for a world full of love! Love for mummies and daddies, love for health and fitness and love for ourselves, after all love does begin at home. It was heartwarming to see the young learners not only sway to the beats of the music, but also enjoy their time on the stage.
There was Christmas cheer all around with our K1 students singing the French rendition of the song ‘Jingle bells’.
The students of K1 and K2 came together, and, through a compelling performance, urged the audience to help them to make this world a better place. Their message of a world of peace, unity and equality was conveyed with great conviction. The infectious energy of our children passed on to our teachers as they took to the stage and culminated the show with a fabulous dance performance.
The School head, Ms. Seema Singh Puri, through her School report presentation, shared the School philosophy and highlighted some of the events and achievements of the current academic year.
The deafening applause of the audience and the heartwarming feedback of the parents is testimony to the fact that our children left the audience mesmerized

Nursery K1 and K2 - Sports Day

'Sports are such a great teacher, I think of everything they've taught me, camaraderie, humility, how to solve differences'- Kobe Bryant.
It was in this spirit that students of Vivero International Preschool and Childcare celebrated their Annual Sports Day on February 1, 2020. Our students made us all proud with the impressive display of skills, team spirit and limitless energy. It was wonderful to see our parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts turn up in great numbers to cheer the young participants. Our children put up an impressive demonstration of self-defense techniques amidst cheering and encouragement from the audience. The PE drill and Zumba by our Nursery children was energizing and invigorating for all. Our students of K1 displayed the yoga asana learnt in school with grace and control. Once the races began, the air was palpable with excitement, cheering and encouragement for our young athletes. The spirit of participation and teamwork prevailed above all as each of our children participated and cheered one another.
We would like to thank our dear parents for always being active participants in their child's learning journey at Vivero.

Pre-nursery - Sports Day

At Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, our children are at the centre of all that we plan and do. In sync with this approach, we organized our first Field Day on 1st February 2020 for our children of prenursery. Our young learners were accompanied by their parents as they explored some carefully thought through and planned centers which helped them work on various skills such as hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and speed amongst other things.
Games are known to encourage team building, participation and in the long run they are a great way to build character and develop personalities. The field day games were planned keeping this in mind, while also ensuring the children and parents have lots of fun. Our children explored and participated in all the activities along with their mommies and daddies with great excitement and enthusiasm. It was a day filled with fervor and exhilaration, as all our parents and children cheered one another.


Vivero International planned a playful morning for many toddlers which was their first 'Play Date'.Our toddlers made new friends and experienced innovative methods of play. Many activities like Creative Corner where buntings were created, Ball Pool, Potter's Wheel, Pretend Play Corner, Dough Play etc. were set up. Our 21st century initiatives, culinary and tech studio were the most crowded stations.

Curriculum Morning

Our Annual Curriculum Meet was held on 16th November 2019. Through an interactive session the parents got a better understanding of our philosophy as well as the curriculum we offer at Vivero International Preschool and Childcare. They also got an opportunity to experience the teaching learning process and a glimpse of some of the initiatives taken by us to develop a holistic learning experience for our young learners. We would like to thank all the parents for attending this meeting and supporting us in what we do best for our children.

Child Care Field Trip

On 14th September 2019, our Vivero Childcare children went on an expedition to Girme Farms to understand the significance of greenery and gardening. Children explored different kinds of plants along with the tools and equipment required for gardening. They got their tiny hands messy to plant their own saplings with a promise to water and nurture them. Vivero encourages children to get in touch with the luscious greenery. Go green!

Grandparents Day

We always look forward to host our lovely grandparents and celebrate them. This year we celebrated Grandparents day on 21st September 2019, wherein we had grandparent's dressed in glitter and glaze keeping true to the theme. They participated in activities like 1 minute game, memory game and Bollywood housie. They enjoyed the karaoke booth, singing some of their all-time favorite music tracks along with some lip smacking refreshments. It was sheer joy to see the happy faces leave with a little piece of affection created by their own grandchildren as a token of love and appreciation.

100 days of School

The completion of children's 100 days of school, signifies the accomplishment of their first milestone. An occasion that offers the opportunity to celebrate the many smiles, stories and the bonding moments that they shared along their initial journey of learning. Vivero International celebrated the 100 days of our Pre-Nursery children on 19th September 2019 wherein our little bundles of joy walked in along with their parents to celebrate this joyous occasion. Children were greeted with star badges at the entrance which was followed by many fun activities planned for them and their parents.

Ganesh Celebrations

Celebrations bring people together along with the enthralling pleasures of music, dance and gaiety. Vivero International celebrated ‘Ganeshotsav’ in its own unique and special ways on 10th September 2019. Children donned the vibrant colours of festivity as they came dressed in their traditional attires. The significance of the festival was imbibed in them through stories and craft activities. To celebrate the festival in an eco- friendly way they also indulged in making Ganesh idols out of clay. Children enjoyed relishing yummy modaks over sweet conversations and a lot of giggles.

Nursery Learning Engagements

Children make sense of their world by hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling. During the first unit of inquiry our Nursery children were introduced to the central idea Senses help to explore the world. They were introduced to the five senses, how to use the senses and how to take care of them. Using various provocations the teacher encouraged the children to explore the concept and gave them a hands on experience thus giving them a better understanding of the world around us.

Independence Day

Freedom Celebration at Vivero celebrated the sense of freedom in the hearts of our little preschoolers as they came up on stage to express their thoughts on Independence.
Children were dressed in tri colored clothes and sang the song 'We shall overcome', to keep alive the belief of a better country. They discussed about our national heritage, our culture and also performed a street play on 'Clean and green is our perfect dream'.

Buddy Day

Friendship that blossoms in the tender years of ‘childhood’, play’s an important part in the lives of children.
On Saturday, August 03, Vivero ,Aundh celebrated ‘Buddy Day’ with great zeal and excitement. Children came along with their buddies donned in colourful outfits following the ‘twinning theme’
They indulged in various activities such as fireless cooking, making keychains for their buddy and also participated in various other activities and games planned.
Children went home not only wearing their bands but also lovely smiles.

Chocolate Day

They say that chocolate in any language spells 'Love' and we surely can't deny this lovely thought. To have some taste of this sweet love, we celebrated Chocolate Day for our little Chocolatarians at Vivero International on 26th July 2019. Our Pre- Nursery children celebrated, 'Daddy and me chocolate day' by decorating cup cakes with colourful fudge and cream. They painted chocolate rocks with some glitter and paint. We had some heart melting and mouth watering activities for our other preschool children like, chocolate dough play, creating chocolate slime, experiments in the 'Choco Science Lab' and curating their own chocolate treats or as we call it, 'Cuddle in a cup' at our very own mini chocolate factory. We finally ended our celebration by watching the movie, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Please feel free to take a sweet look at our pictures.

International Yoga Day

Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that's noncompetitive. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self.

International Yoga Day was celebrated by the children of Vivero International Preschool with great enthusiasm.

Happy to share a few glimpses.

Summer Camp - One World Many Tales

This summer, children were involved in a fun-filled and exciting camp at Vivero International Pre-School, Aundh during their summer break. Children actively participated in various activities that were designed to inspire imagination, arouse curiosity and encourage expression through the different mediums of storytelling. The central theme of 'One World Many Tales' involved interesting workshops with fireless cooking, music, dramatics, fitness and games.

Summer Camp Culmination

The inimitable excitement of our Summer Camp at Vivero International Preschool & Childcare drew to its closure on 27th April 2019 with a grand culmination. The event was indeed a great learning experience and highlighted the concept of sharing stories in its myriad forms. Children learnt about the various ways how a story can be narrated, enacted and expressed. Their learnings were delightfully displayed through the graphic representations that spoke for themselves. May we present you a peek into the hearts and minds of our budding story-tellers.

Playdate with Mommy

A playful evening was planned for toddlers as Vivero International Preschool at Aundh hosted an exclusive 'Play Date' for a lucky few. The event was a roaring success as we watched adorable toddlers making new friends and also interacting with fellow mothers'. Innovative methods of play and exciting activities like Ball Pool, Potter's Wheel, Pretend Play Corner, Dough Play kept the little guests and their 'moms' happily engaged.

Journey of Food from Farm to Table

To understand more about the inquiry into, 'How Food Reaches from Farm to the Supermarket", children along with their facilitators set up a pretend-play corner at the school. Sharing their learnings about the 'distribution chain' and 'the different roles' of farmers, manufacturer, transporter, factory workers, shopkeeper and customer/consumer, children verified their knowledge about the process. Children were also encouraged to participate through role-plays and each of them was keen to play their parts and use the materials in-hand to demonstrate the journey of food from the farm-to-the-table. This was yet another enjoyable session which gave children an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time!!

Women's Day

The very existence of life is the 'woman'; and at the heart of everything that a woman does, there lies immense love and care. To celebrate this and all the other amazing qualities that a woman possesses, Vivero International Preschool and Childcare at Aundh, Pune held a small jubilation of womanhood on 16th March 2019. The day was chosen to pay tribute to the true essence of a woman and her remarkable heart. Mommies and their friends were invited over to school for an afternoon filled with delightful engagements.

K2 Camping Night

Children of Kindergarten 2 got to experience and enjoy a one-of-a-kind ‘camping night’ at school on 19 March, 2019. As children entered school the previous evening they were greeted by pretty fairy-lights and camping tents at the compound. It was an atmosphere that wasspecially created for them along with a range of exciting games and interesting stories while they munched on some refreshments. Children also danced heartily to some peppy beats before they settled down to watch a short animated movie with welcome servings of 'popcorn'. Children had been encouraged to pre-decide their dinner menu and it had been a unanimous vote for ‘Pizza’. After a fun sleepover at school, the Camping experience concluded the next morning with a refreshing and energetic trek to ‘Vetal Tekdi’. A healthy breakfast in the open air was enjoyed by all. This was truly an experience that the children would cherish and remember. The management and teachers at school are ever grateful for supporting the idea with their 'trust' and enthusiasm to make this event a success.

Graduation Day

Our Kindergarten II children celebrated their Graduation day on 29 March 2019. This day celebrates the completion of their Preschool learning for the outgoing students and stands out as an important day for all children and their teachers as an accomplishment of a very important milestone.
It was an overwhelming sight to see joy & pride of all the teary-eyed parents who witnessed their children dressed in royal red convocation robes and caps as they walked down a ramp decorated with their names printed on golden stars to receive their certificate of merit at the stage. The program culminated with a warm vote of thanks by our Principal and a special tribute was paid to the journey of friendship and some memories of the graduating children through a short video presentation.

Jungle Book - Movie Night

"Meanwhile, at Vivero International at Aundh, Pune it was a ‘full-house-affair’ at their ‘Box Office’ for the screening of yet another classic - ‘Jungle Book’ earlier in the month of February. Excited children rushed to the ‘Vivero Bank’ and withdrew pretend-play money to buy their movie ticket at the 'Vivero Box Office'. The night was filled with laughter and glee as children enjoyed their popcorn and happy parents watched Mowgli and his Jungle friends with their little ones.

Joy of Giving

"We make a living by what we get, And make a LIFE by what we give!!
--Winston Churchill"
We kicked off our 'Joy of giving Week' with great fun, enthusiasm and joy. Along with our parent volunteers. The Kindergarten 2 children excitedly distributed biscuits and tea to all the passing community helpers including the nearby building guards.
More often than not, we look outside to share our happiness, joy and love. We forget the people who we work closely with.
The next day we did just that. Our didi's in school work just as hard to ensure safety of children and smooth functioning of the school. We salute them and their spirit. To show them our gratitude we planned a day of fun and frolic for them. There were games, yummy food and loads of laughter and big smiles all around.
After all ain't that the ultimate joy of giving???
Children also visited 'Little Flower English Medium School' to spend some time with the children and staff there. The experience was phenomenal. We truly and only exchanged 'Happiness'. It was an interactive and joyful session.
To culminate the Week, we visited the NGO ‘Awakening Jagruti’.. Their work areas include schools, urban slums, villages, construction sites and street children. The centre for the construction worker’s children aims at offering the children a conducive environment to develop and grow. The PRM along with a few teachers and children visited the NGO to give the contributions collected. Together, they enjoyed a snack and dance party with the children of the NGO. Our children too had a great time as they spent quality time and in the true sense experienced that “joy of living is indeed in the joy of giving”

Winter Carnival

Winter Wonderland was our carnival,
Which started with the team’s arrival,
Setting up the various stall,
Ensuring in place was all.

Tick tock- tick –tock
Went the clock,
One came
All came
In a flock

Ice fishing and ferris wheel,
Made the children shout in glee!!
The games and food,
Kept the crowd in a good mood.

Our Experiment Oh Corner left everyone mesmerized
Eating the nitrogen made ice cream got every one energized.
Ice sculpting and slime making was fun too
A technique that was very new.

Cubetto was the hero that day,
Telling tales and showing the way.

Our budding entrepreneurs had showcased their artwork
Albums, candle made with love and hard work.

Lemonade and cupcakes were relished by all,
Especially by children at the culinary stall.

Nail Art and Pottery added the creative mark,
Allowing children to be quirky and add some spark.

Ring the snowman game, feed the snowman game
Either ways, both required a good aim.

The winter wonderland Carnival indeed ended with a bang,
A big Thank you shouted the VIVERO Gang.

Back to School

“It was a wonderful morning. Thank you for taking us back to our childhood"—Parent Feedback
Vivero International Preschool & Childcare, Aundh celebrated ‘Back to School’ morning on Saturday, 30th June'18. A morning filled with dance, creativity, fun and games was planned for the parents and children who turned out in large numbers.

Buddy Day

Laughs - Limitless.
Memories - Countless.
Friendship - Endless.

Children celebrated Freindship Day at School with their best buddy and loved one. It was such a joy watching the children come to school with their friends hand in hand and have such a good time.
They played games, indulged in fireless cooking and enjoyed the creative activities that were planned for them.

Entrepreneurship Program

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. What you teach them today, they shall preach the same tomorrow – Mahatma Gandhi
This is how we shape responsible global citizens and passsionate life long learner’s who are prepared for the 21st century!!
Kindergarten 2 children planned something special for the community. They created some beautiful friendship bands and greeting cards along with yummy chocolate balls. Parents were invited to buy these, the proceeds of which would be donated for a cause.

Muddy Day

The Mud will wash off and the memories will last a lifetime!! --anonymous
Playing with mud allows children to express their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills. Children enhanced their social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they worked together in the pretend play corner.
Vivero International Pre-school & Childcare, Aundh organised a Mud Day for children to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy.
They were engaged in activities like finding their garden friends in mud, to splattering mud over the wall. As a takeaway they created a soil garden made with crumpled choco cake and jelly worms.
It was indeed a happy muddy-licious day!!

Mummy & Me Muffin Day

Dear Mummy,
Thank you for always sharing your hugs, smiles, words of encouragement and most importantly your 'time'.
Love, Me!!

Pre-Nursery children celebrated Mummy and Me Muffin day. Children had a great time as they decorated little muffins with yummylicious icing, sprinklers and candies along with their mummies. A special thank you to the fathers and grandparents who made it convenient to attend the event in absence of the mummies:)