Event - Hitech

Annual Concert

It was an absolute pleasure to watch our young children perform and enjoy themselves during the Annual Concert. They performed with great confidence and grace. The theme of the concert was Elements of Nature and whilst preparing the children went through an amazing learning journey.
The anecdotes and reflections of children through this journey were captured by our teachers and displayed on the Annual Day for parents to see. This Annual concert was not just a treat for our eyes but also proved that during this whole process children learned so much about team work and expressing through the 100 languages.

Winter Carnival

With Christmas around and chill in the air it was time for some winter fun.
Vivero schools in Hyderabad came together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with great enthusiasm and at the Hi Tech centre.
There was an amazing energy in the air with many fun filled activities, stalls for food, clothing, toys and stationery. Games were played with a wintery twist. The lovable Snowman was well fed with snowballs in the game ‘Feed the Snowman’.
Children were excited and happy to take home their little versions of Snowflakes and ‘Sand Art in a Bottle’.
Santa Claus was the main hero of the evening as he handed out gifts and sweets to children, while enchanting melodious music played in the background.
The bright faces and happy smiles were ample proof that the Carnival was a grand success.

Buddy Day

Children and Mommies of Vivero Hitech city celebrated buddy day by bringing their buddies to school. They had an exciting day as they all came dressed in sync with the theme, the 80s. Mommies were taken down the memory lane whilst the children got to play the games that their parents used to play such as snakes & ladders, seven stones, musical chair, pin the horn etc. What really excited our friends was the photo booth, tattoo stall and the pepsi cola.

International Day

Our International day celebration was a splendid show with our children dressed up beautifully in attires from around the world. Keeping in sync with our philosophy this day was planned to make our children aware of the cultural diversity, respect the differences and be open to novel experiences.
We also had Ms Andrea, who is a citizen of Czech Republic and Mr Jupalli, who has been traveling extensively, to share their experiences with our children. The International Gallery showcased costumes, jewellery and practices around the world, which enhanced their curiosity and learning about other cultures.

Back to School

VIVERO, Hitech city celebrated ‘Back to School’ on 27th July 2019. Our children from Maples, Pines, Cypresses and Oaks proudly showcased their classrooms and various learning corners to their family. The engaging activities transported the parents to their own childhood days. Parents were seen enjoying the rain dance and exploring drums and other instruments in our Music Atelier. Our Art magic corner provided a perfect platform to captured the creativity of the children and parents alike where the loose organic materials transformed into beautiful art pieces under the guidance of our talented art faculty member. Science corner, Spanish booth, Sight Station, Light table and Sensory walk were some of the highlights of the learning engagements that fascinated both our parents and children. We are delighted with the overwhelming participation and momentous support given to make our Back to School a huge success.

Joy of Giving

The greatest joy in all of living is the joy that comes from freely giving! With this mantra in mind the Children of Kindergarten 2, Vivero International Pre School, Hi-Tec City, Hyderabad set a small social awareness initiative in motion. A week-long donation drive was organised prior to the visit to a local NGO 'Nachiketa Tapovan’. An important feature of holistic learning and development involves social and communal awareness and this was what was brought to light as children from Vivero went about expressing gratitude for what they had and sharing a part of their happiness to the less privileged children through small random acts of love and kindness. It was a joy to witness our Children interact and speak without any prejudice with the children at the NGO centre. As a small gesture to keep alive our tribute to the beauty & joy of giving, stationery, clothes, books and chocolates were donated.

Christmas Carnival

As the festive season bestowed upon us, Vivero International Preschool and day-care, Hyderabad were prepared to celebrate! Our Christmas carnival was on the 1st of December, 2018. It was an exciting affair, as we had different activities and games for all age groups. Toss the ring on the Christmas tree, Cookie Decorating, Snowman ring toss were some of the games at the carnival. We also had candyfloss, different food vendors, a few in- school toy and accessory stalls for parents and the children. What made this event unique was the involvement of the guests, teachers, and children.
When you think of a Christmas carnival, you would obviously wonder where Santa is! Santa visited Vivero International much before he travelled to greet others around the world! The children were jumping with joy as Santa walked into the school with a lot of presents and a lot more hugs to offer.
The school was lit up with colourful lights, balloons and a pretty Christmas tree. Everyone had something for themselves that evening. It was a wonderful celebration and a perfect way to ring in the festive season and month.

Movie Night - Bambi

A picturesque setting for a movie night, popcorn, juice and open seating - a setup fit for a family to enjoy quality time and bringing the parent community together. We are over whelmed with the amazing response we got for our second movie night showcasing Bambi- a movie that taught us the power of friendship and family.

Independence Day

“Freedom in our minds, pride in our souls”, children celebrated Independence Day in the school, as they dressed in the tricolors of orange, white and green. Children made sandwiches with carrots and green chutney and enjoyed eating them too. They sang patriotic songs and heard a story on ‘Amma’s Sari’. They also thoroughly enjoyed a quiz on the national symbols. These celebrations remind all of us that we are citizens of a great country and we must work hard to make it proud!

Back to School

Back to School, an event set to bring nostalgia in every parent at Vivero, was held on 14th July 2018. Parents were transported back to their school days where they created crafts like paper planes and fortune teller- popular during their school time. Playing Bingo and other games was an absolute delight which saw every parent gleaming with joy while reliving their childhood. We had some sporty parents dressed as school children too. Our first event at Vivero Hitex and a successful one.