Event - Indiranagar

Halloween 2023

Children graced the occasion by coming dressed in befitting Halloween costumes. They were eager to take part in the various activities like ramp walk, making the pumpkin craft, the Oreo bats, pumpkin carving and the pumpkin toss. Children waited for their turn to get a spooky tattoo done on their hand and enjoyed the story of 'Room on the broom".

Dusshera 2023

Navratri celebration started with children walking into the school in their colorful ethnic attire. The positivity and energy exuberating out of the colorful costumes combined with the enthusiasm of dancing to the dandiya and Garba folk songs made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful. To add to the festive mood, teachers narrated the story of Ravana, Goddess Durga and the importance of nine days of Navratri and children also enjoyed the art time. The icing on the cake for the children was when teachers joined in the festivities and played Garba with them. And once the photograph clicking started then there was no end to getting those precious moments captured forever.

Buddy Day 2023

Children came to school with their favourite buddy to celebrate their friendship as they enjoyed exploring and having fun with art and colours. Children excitedly participated in the activities of the art fest with much fun and frolic. The children and their buddies enjoyed splashing paints on bubble sheet, exploring different textures of natural brushes, collage art, loose part play and they did not want to leave the big canvas where they enjoyed colouring Picasso and Klee’s art. The day ended with ribbon dance and the puppet show.

Transition Program 2023-24

Transition program at Vivero, Indiranagar culminated on Friday, wherein the engagements were intentionally built in continuity with the learning and experiences across settings from the previous grade level, while offering social and emotional support. The transition activities included sensory play, creative engagement where children were involved in making self-portraits and name tags using open ended materials, outdoor play, music and movement to enable better informed sharing and planning that enhances the early learning continuum.

Lorris Malaguzzi Day

"A Child has a hundred Languages" - Loris Malaguzzi
We commemorated Loris Malaguzzi day with children inquiring, learning, creating, playing and expressing themselves with freedom with a wonderful set-up in the nature providing numerous opportunities to collaborate and express with colours, loose parts and imagination. Here are glimpses of the day!

Culmination Day 2023

"The Culmination Day was celebrated at Vivero Indiranagar on 11th February. During the past few month's children inquired different concepts to appease their curiosity, followed by exploration, supported the same by investigation and experimentation. A day was organized so that our young learners get a platform to showcase and present their learnings to their parents. Presenting information to an audience at early years is motivating for children and can take learning deeper. It also helps to build confidence. Children at Vivero celebrate learning with excitement and vigour. Our budding scholars had their audience captivated with their talented performances. Pre-nursery children showcased different concepts of life at a farm. Nursery children enlightened parents with the different habitats of animals and sorted the same into different categories. Kindergarten 1 parents witnessed the show with mesmerized admiration as the children showcased their learning on different aspects of livings and non-living things and how they are interdependent. K1 inquirers showcased characteristics of living and non-living things, concept of food chain, life cycle of frog, counting by 10's and 2's and reading sentences through songs, stories, dance and yoga. K2 leaners took part in a Talk Show to elucidate the properties of different materials in the environment. They also demonstrated concept of article in literacy- 'a' and 'an' through Chatterpix Kids app on the iPad. K2 investigators also demonstrated the importance and significance of First aid and also performed First Aid on a doll. The day ended with children being applauded by both parents and teachers equally. The sense of excitement and achievement could be felt in the air."

'Sankranti Celebration 2023

We had Sankranti celebration in school and children came dressed in traditional attire. They were engaged in activities like kite making, music and movement, story time and relished the yummy vermicelli payasam.

'Go Green Day 2023

"As part of a Civic Awareness initiative at Vivero, children of K1 and K2 celebrated a 'Go Green Day" wherein children came dressed in green and visited a nearby park to urge the park visitors to protect their environment.

Children spoke confidently of different ways to take care of our planet, referring to the posters they made at home. Children walked around the park chanting the different slogans-'Go Green, Go Green" and "Save water, Save trees, "Say No to Plastic' and so on. Children explained the importance of plants in our lives. They further elucidated in details that plants give all living things oxygen and also reminded their audience that plants are the source of our food and how important it is for our survival. Children took a step forward and were excited to plant saplings in the park to help the park look greener. "

Christmas 2022

Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends. It was surely a Christmas to remember at Vivero, Indiranagar. The school wore a festive look with bells, snowman, rudolph and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Several activities such as decorating Christmas tree and Hand-crafted trees and reindeer was made by our children. K2 children played the Secret Santa game with enthusiasm and went around The spirit of giving and sharing was inculcated among the tiny tots. The essence of Christmas came alive when Santa Clause himself went into the classes. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of the children especially when Santa moved around singing carols for children. The delightful celebration included children coming in red and white colour party dress, bringing their favourite snack, dancing and sharing the merriment together.

Literacy Fest

Literacy is more than just learning to read, it also includes how children interpret and understand what is being read, as well as writing skills and composition. Talking, singing, playing sound and word games, reading, writing and drawing with your child are great ways to lay a good literacy foundation. The great news is that everyday activities, like family meals or shopping, are all fun opportunities for literacy development.

The key to instilling a love of learning in little ones is by disguising it with plenty of fun! Here is a peek into the activities children enjoyed during literacy week.

First Aid Training

Teachers are more than just educators who not just teach children but are also responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for their students at school. Being a teacher is truly a rewarding profession and it is important that all educators are prepared for any situation in school. The classroom is usually one of the safest places for a child especially when they have a facilitator with proper first aid training. We believe, with the right knowledge, they will be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. Our yearly first aid training was one such initiative to ensure our teachers know how to keep the children calm and safe during an incident. This training focussed on imparting skills which will aid in saving lives and preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of incidents. The training included teaching of the simplest instructions, the body of theories, and hands-on experience. We truly embrace our role in providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our children!

Open House

Open house is an important day in the school year. It allows parents to walk through the curriculum and visualize their children in the classrooms. It also gives them an opportunity to interact with teachers and other parents as well.
Recently conducted Open House gave an overview of our preschool and child care programmes. It also provided a valuable insight into the key fundamentals of our philosophy; as well as an enriching tour of the school! Our core values and our unique inquiry based curriculum were experienced by all as students donned leadership roles to take parents on this exciting journey of progressive education.

Children's Day

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in school. Children came dressed in their favorite story character and spoke about it. Teachers performed on various popular songs and rhymes that are an all-time favorite. The special attraction of the day was the balloon artist who gave away balloons twisted into different shapes and things. Children were thrilled to receive them and used it for their pretend play.

Grandparents Day

Children share a deep bond with their Grandparents. It's a relationship based on love, appreciation, fun and pure joy.
Here we bring to you glimpses of the Grandparents Day celebrated at School. It was great to see children with their grandparents doing fun activities together. There were a few board games of the bygone era which our grandparents could associate very well with. This engagement got them so nostalgic that we were lucky to hear them share stories from their own childhood.


Costumes, dressing up, trick or treat.........
Yes, it was Halloween!!
There was excitement all around as children saw each other dressed up in Halloween costumes. Teachers narrated stories about the origin of Halloween to the enthusiastic children. Our Kindergartners also engaged in an amazing activity on Quiver app. It was a day of fun and creativity as children walked around the school collecting candies and treats.

100 Days of School

This day signifies the 100th day of class in the school year. The symbolic representation, however, is much greater than that. The 100th day marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones in our students' academic achievements.

Block Printing Activity

'Culmination at VIVERO brings together the knowledge, skills and concepts our 21st Century Inquirers have acquired and built on through the Unit.
It is lovely to partner with parents as our young learners display and showcase their learning that includes 360 degree experiences.
VIVERO inculcates learning domains, initiatives and programmes tailor made keeping in mind the "Image of the Child"

Culmination Day

'Culmination at VIVERO brings together the knowledge, skills and concepts our 21st Century Inquirers have acquired and built on through the Unit.
It is lovely to partner with parents as our young learners display and showcase their learning that includes 360 degree experiences.
VIVERO inculcates learning domains, initiatives and programmes tailor made keeping in mind the "Image of the Child"

Nam Ooru Habba

The school wore a festive look on 28th September, staying true to the essence of Nam'Ooru Habba. Typical of a village fair which brings communities closer, the habba at school also aimed at that and what fun it was!!
Children and parents were welcomed with the vibrant beats played by the folk drummers. Our little girls were treated to bangles and bindis while the boys had curled moustaches drawn on their faces. From parrot astrology to pottery there was almost everything reminiscent of a village fair. Traditional board games with the cowrie shells which were once the best pastime for children before screens and mobiles came into being, were also arranged. The Bullock Cart ride was an absolute delight for the children. The highlight of the evening though was the Puppet Show by our K2 children on the popular Kannada story 'Punyakoti'. Spirits ran high among parents too as they volunteered to put up song and dance performances. In short, the evening transported everyone to the magical and rustic charm of a 'Fair' and was brimming with festive fervor!!!!

Back to School

Adventure combined with learning enhances practical application of knowledge. The weekend gone by was time to celebrate coming back to school with fun activities for children and parents as well. Every activity was thoughtfully curated to ensure that children engaged with their environment using all their senses!!

Annual Day

The Vivero Musical Medley - the annual concert of Vivero Indiranagar lived up to its name. As hundreds of invitees poured in to at the Indiranagar Club, the musical décor was the first thing to catch their fancy. The arrival and welcome of Dr. Arun Arora, the chief guest set the ball rolling for the evening that was to follow. After the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, the audience was accorded a warm welcome by the centre head Ms. Sapna Erappa. The performances then ensued and a thundering round of applause and cheer greeted the children before and after every act. The Pre-nursery, Nursery, K1 and K2 students regaled the audience with their performances and stunning dance moves. From Rock to Pop, Disco to Bollywood, the evening had it all. After taking the audience back in time with "Classics" the K2 students looking regal in their graduating robes, received graduating certificates from Dr. Arora. The evening came to a close with Ms. Bina Bakshi proposing the vote of thanks.

Crossword Bookstore

The high flyers of K2 visited the crossword bookstore as a culmination to their unit of inquiry about stories. They were indeed excited and curious to go around the bookstore and see books in different languages and of different categories. Children were enthralled with the story telling session that was conducted just for them. The visit ended with our children buying a book of their choice.

Navratri Carnival

Navratri Carnival was celebrated at VIVERO, Indiranagar with great pomp and gaiety on the 16th of October. The school wore a festive look with lights, flowers, floral rangoli and colorful torans adorning the doors. There was also a colorful display of traditional dolls which was the main attraction.
The children who came dressed in traditional attire were thrilled to adorn the various head bands, flowers, bangles, mehendi and tattoos. Parents and children alike danced and played dandiya to the tune of folk music.
Various activities and games were held for children, like pottery, fortune teller, photo booth, decoration of torans and diyas. A variety of chats and sweets were savoured by our parents and children.
It was a fun filled evening and children went back home happy to have been a part of the Navratri celebration in true VIVERO style.