Event - Kalyani

Buddy Day 2019

Vivero Kalyani Nagar celebrated ‘Buddy Day’ on Saturday, 10th August, 2019 as children form a bond with their buddies in their preschool years. It was a morning dedicated to friendship and the children came along with their buddies to school. To bring out the real essence of ‘Buddy Day’ we conducted fun games and activities related to building the bond of friendship. The children used their creativity to decorate heart and star cut-outs and made friendship bands for each other. They were excited to make jam sandwiches and enjoyed munching them together with their buddies. All of them had a blast as they put on their dancing shoes and grooved to the beats of the music while playing ‘Dance Freeze’. The children painted the palm of their hand with their favourite colour and left an impression of their friendship between each other through the ‘handprint art’ activity. It was a wonderful bonding exercise for the children and a fun filled day for all.

Joy of Giving 2018

We celebrated ‘Joy of Giving’ at Vivero International, Kalyaninagar by showing appreciation to our support staff, who are with us every step of the way. The day started with the children of K1 and K2 making sandwiches and lemonade. We then invited our ‘aunties’ to join us in the school garden, where the children took turns serving what they had made for them. Some of the K1 children had also made photo frames, which were gifted to the support staff. The children then stood up and applauded the ‘aunties’ while thanking them for all they do for us. It was a touching experience, which the support staff truly appreciated and which taught the children the value of doing good for others.

Dandiya Event 2018

The Dandiya event held on the 28th of September 2018 was a huge success. The school looked extremely festive and was decorated with drapes of colored saris and dandiya sticks. The children looked adorable dressed in Indian wear and they were accompanied by their mummies who were also dressed the part. There was a dandiya decoration stall, where the children enjoyed sticking beads onto dandiya sticks made of newspaper rolls. They then danced with their mummies to the beats of the authentic dholwala. Munching on jalebis and dhoklas and taking pictures at the photo booth was also part of the experience. It was great to see the enthusiasm and festivity shared by teachers, parents and children alike.

Literacy Week 2018

Literacy Week was held between 17th to 21st September and was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at Vivero Kalyaninagar.
The goal was to promote the love of stories and to encourage children to read more. Each class focused on a different set of books and did literacy activities throughout the week. The children enjoyed reading books and learning about different forms of storytelling. They also learned about the various aspects of stories like characters, setting, author and illustrator. There were story telling sessions conducted by parents, as well as visits to the nursery classes by K2 children, who used props to make their stories come to life. The K2 children enjoyed making books of their own and felt extremely proud to share their stories with their peers. The highlight though was a puppet theatre put up near the cafeteria, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Surreal Art 2018

The Children of K2 were introduced to the Spanish artist Salvador Dali and some of his works. Salvador Dali was involved in a huge variety of art forms, but surrealism is considered his true forte. Apart from his funny moustache and his melting clocks children were shown his famous paintings depicting his Surreal art. Surreal art is the depiction of subconscious mind , dreams and imagination. It might not be logical to the onlookers but it has a deep meaning to it, his most famous being The elephant . The children were fascinated by the surreal art and they were inspired to create their own masterpieces. The children illustrated their surreal art using their creativity and imagination. One of the children made a girl walking on the clouds and the other made the face of a girl and used a number as the body.

An evening with Santa

An evening with Santa at Vivero was a funfilled one! There were a variety of games, yummy eats and stalls featuring nail art, tattoos and hair braiding. The ‘Bouncy Castle’ was a huge hit for the children while the highlight for the parents was the garage sale, an initiative taken by the ‘Friends of Vivero’. There was an extremely festive feel to the air and a visit from Santa had the children in high spirits.

Annual Concert 2016

The annual concert 2016 marked a great end to our year. Our K2 children hosted the entire show with confidence. Each song came along with fresh excitement and the costumes added smiles not only in the audience but also amongst our children. The past few months had been rehearsals for the children with a lot of coordination by the teachers. But it all paid off the minute the curtains opened!!! We saw smiles and heard loud applauses in the auditorium. Our show ended with the graduation ceremony of our Kindergarten graduates.

Annual Concert 2015

The Vivero International Kalyani Nagar annual concert was a celebration of both stories and music. Each class wowed the audience by dancing to classic 'story songs'. The children also showcased their skills by putting together a Spanish skit and singing along to some Spanish tunes. Meanwhile the others demonstrated all that they've learnt in karate class. We ended the event with a graduation ceremony. The children were truly the "stars of the day" with their brilliant performance and charm.

Annual Day

The Vivero Kalyani Nagar annual concert was a blend of dance, drama and fun. The event started with the children enacting an adaptation of the popular classic, The Wizard of Oz. The children brought the characters to life with their enthusiasm and enthralled everyone by dancing to some of the well-known songs from the story.


The Art Hop Weekender organized by FAD International on the 14th and 15th of December was a treat for all art lovers. Buzzing with activity the event attracted participation from all and sundry. Vivero being the only pre-school to participate gave children an excellent platform to showcase their art and craft skills. Children made merry and could not stop admiring the various art forms on display. Children tried their hand at origami, clay work, string painting, leaf painting, block printing and paper quilling. The highlights of the event were a sing-along program where teachers along with the children sang rhymes using props and the musical graffiti where children painted a wall to the rhythm and beats of music. It was an epic weekend to remember.

Back to School

The 'Back to School' evening at Vivero Kalyani Nagar was well attended by parents and children. Parents got an opportunity to experience a typical day at Vivero and mingle with the teachers. Everyone had a gala time participating in the fun activities. The highlight of the evening was the pride reflected in the parents' eyes as they saw their child's work displayed in the classrooms. It was an enjoyable evening for everyone and the parents relived their own school memories.

Children's Day

A three men comedy group called The Three Gaga Heads from Japan came to Vivero Kalyani Nagar to celebrate Children’s day on the 22nd of November. Having performed in various countries like China, U.S.A, U.K, Thailand and more, they visited Vivero to perform exclusively for the children. Dressed in their trademark costumes, they blended comedy and dance to entertain the children. They also created images of famous people and characters such as Godzilla, Superman and Marilyn Monroe. The children couldn’t stop clapping and the teachers were mesmerized with the acts using various recyclable materials. Their antics on stage left the audience smiling.

Corn on the Cob

There is nothing quite like the smell of roasted corn on a rainy day. Every monsoon Vivero celebrates 'Corn Day'. Our friendly neighbourhood 'bhuttawala' (corn man) is called in with his entire cart to demonstrate to the children how corn is roasted. The children love this event where they are given the chance to smell, hear, feel and finally taste yummy corn on the cob. Children are always fascinated by the 'pop pop' of the corn while it gets roasted. They are also given the opportunity to observe the several overlapping, papery-thin, leaf-like, pale green husks. Teachers also engage the children in making a 'corn bhel'. Of course, the highlight of the day is when the children finally get to eat all the yummy corn that they patiently waited for.
Why Corn is good to eat?
Corn, one of the most popular and versatile vegetables, is also a good source of several nutrients. These high in fiber, fat-fighting kernels of goodness are not only hearty and satisfying. But are also a source of several vitamins, including folic acid, niacin and vitamin C, corn provides you with long-lasting energy.

Dandiya Night

Navratri was celebrated on the 19th of October 2013 at Vivero, Kalyani Nagar. It was a fundraising event and the profits generated were donated to Maher - an NGO that supports underprivileged children and women.
It was a fun filled evening of dance, food, games and revelry. The children and parents came dressed in ethnic dresses for the dandiya night and kept up the spirit of the festival. The DJ churned out peppy traditional numbers to keep everyone swaying to the music. The food stalls with delicious snacks to offer kept many occupied while many others enjoyed the puppet show. The tattoo corner was crowded with tattoo junkies getting themselves inked and the mothers could not get enough of the mehendi art corner and the fortune teller. Mothers also took away customized bangles made right in front of them. The dandiya night was a huge success and the parents and teachers were instrumental in making it a happening evening.

Diwali Fest

The Vivero Diwali Fest organised at Vivero Kalyani Nagar was a grand success. The guests were welcomed to the beats of a Dhol and a lovely ethnic dance performance. It was a fun filled evening with an array of activities arranged for the children and the adults.
The ladies flocked to the Henna and bangle stalls. While others enjoyed shaking their legs to peppy numbers belted out by the Dj. The event had food stalls which served some lip smacking snacks, but the children couldn't get enough of the cupcakes, cake pops and cookies. One minute games and rangoli decoration only added to the festive spirit. Each child enjoyed decorating a sparkly Diya that they could take home.

Ganesh Chaturthi

At Vivero International we never miss a chance to drive home the message of conserving the environment. We endeavour to practice what we preach. This Ganesh Chaturthi parents had the opportunity to participate in an event at school that encouraged children and parents to come together to create eco-friendly Ganeshas using recycled material. The School arranged for eco-friendly materials and helped the children and parents in the process of idol making. The activity was enjoyed by both parents and the children alike. Children enjoyed decorating their Ganeshas with a variety of eco-friendly colours and materials like newspapers, clay, flowers, leaves etc. Some beautiful and novel Ganeshas were created and are on display for everyone to admire. The event was a great hit and the testimony of this were the happy smiles on the faces of children and parents when they left the premises after making their eco-friendly handmade Ganesha's.

Grandparents Day 2015

Grandparents’ Day was celebrated to acknowledge how special a role they play in every child’s life. We had a wonderful turnout with grandparents visiting from other cities. It was a fun day as we began with the grandparents introducing themselves to break the ice. There was a performance by the K1’Sailors’ which had the grandparents teary-eyed. They enjoyed stepping into their grandchildren’s shoes and playing the games which are ‘favorites’ at Vivero. We concluded the event with a guided tour of the school and each grandparent was given a hand-made card by their grandchild.


Vivero Kalyani Nagar celebrated a "spook-tacular" Halloween on the 28th of October. Children, parents and teachers came dressed in their scariest best with dramatic face makeup adding to the spirit of Halloween. Children and their parents were awed by the decoration in the classrooms pertaining to the Halloween theme. Children were welcomed by the white ghost and the wicked witch and they could not stop giggling. It was a fun day with many activities to keep the young minds busy and wanting for more. They enjoyed feeding the hungry monster, baking ghost cookies and making banana lollies. The children enjoyed trick-o-treating while they went around on a dress parade in the school. Parents and teachers carved pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns, while the children enjoyed exploring and feeling the texture of the pumpkins by scooping out the seeds.

Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of our favourite celebrations at Vivero, Kalyani Nagar. Even though it was celebrated after the Diwali break, it did not dampen the spirits of our children and teachers. The classrooms were done up keeping in mind the ‘mood’ of the event. Children enjoyed displaying their costumes during the dress parade. They cheered each other when playing games like knocking the ghosts and feeding the jack-o-lantern. Keeping up with the theme, the Kindergarteners ‘cooked’ ‘mummy pizza’ and ‘ghost patty’. Children wanted to get photographed ‘as a giant pumpkin at the photo booth. Trick-o-treating was the highlight of the day as the children got lots of candies in their treat bags.


Holi was celebrated at Vivero with an emphasis on a 'safe but fun' day. The children enjoyed the various activities organized by each class. While some celebrated with water play, there were others who "painted" each other's faces on paper. There was also hand and foot print painting. It was a fun day with a clean celebration of color!


Janmashtami, the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, is marked by great energy and zest all over the country. Commemorating his appearance on Earth, DahiHandi pays homage to his adorable and mischievous side. At Vivero all the children descended to witness the epic handi breaking ritual. A whirlwind of music, colour and loud cheers, the children and teachers alike, were thrilled to watch. Inspired by Lord Krishna's butter-milk 'borrowing' antics, one of our teachers demonstrated trying to break the dahi (or in this case candy) bearing clay pot. After a few attempts, the pot was broken amidst much applause and all the children were given candy, we also had teachers playing traditional musical instruments and the drums. It was an enjoyable and memorable afternoon, filled with fun, liveliness and some incredible moments for students to cherish.


The children at Vivero Kalyani Nagar celebrated Onam a harvest festival from Kerala on Friday, 28th August. The teachers had started speaking about Kerala a couple of days before. The children became familiar with words like pookalam (flower rangoli) and vallam kali (boat race). They watched the boat race on youtube during a parent incursion. Most of the children brought colourful flowers to make a pookalam. Some of them preferred to use petals and the others used flowers. The children in the morning and late morning programmes made a pookalam each in the cafeteria where parents could watch them create a colourful pattern with flowers. All the children enjoyed tasting payasam (kheer) that our chef cooked. They also ate the small yellow bananas from Kerala. It was a day of fun and festivity where the children and teachers participated with fervor.

Pajama Party

Our Pajama Party is always one of the highlights of the year. At the Vivero Pajama Party the children wear pajamas and slippers during the school hours instead of the regular uniform. They also bring a pillow and a buddy - a stuffed animal they like to cuddle. The entire school is decorated with stars and moons bringing to life the night theme. Different activities are introduced to keep the children engrossed, and help them co-relate with the pajama party theme. Some of the activities are:
Story time- Here the teacher tells the children wonderful bed time stories that capture their imagination. Shadow play- This activity gives the children an opportunity to explore shadows and play with puppets. Show and tell- Children talk about the wonderful bed-time things they have brought from home and why they hold a special place in their lives. Children also dance to their favorite songs and enjoy delicious snacks like popcorn, chips, pizzas and sandwiches.

Pajama Party 2017

We celebrated pyjama party on Friday, 28th July. The children came to school dressed in their pajamas, carrying their favorite stuffed toys and pillows. The school was divided into different zones. The slumber room, the movie room and the photo booth outdoors. The décor in every room was magical and was truly reminiscent of a starry night. They started the day with ‘mock pillow fights’ and dancing, followed by a music session with Deepti teacher. Story time was next, where they curled up with their pillows and toys listening to teachers narrating their favourite stories. They enjoyed painting tshirts too! The children ate popcorn as they watched a movie. The ‘bhuttawala’ (corn man) enthralled the children while roasting the corn and they took turns to eat corn on the cob outdoors. The weather helped us celebrate the day as it was ‘dry’ and children could use both indoors and outdoors.

Pyjama Party 2015

At Vivero Kalyani Nagar, the 'Pyjama Party' at school is one of the highlights of the year. By experiencing the concept of a slumber party, pre-schoolers learn to develop their social skills in a large group setting.
The children were asked to wear pyjamas to school and bring along a blanket, pillow and a favourite stuffed animal or bedtime friend. A cozy atmosphere engulfed each class that included favorite storybooks, soft lighting and a cuddly toy. In the tradition of an actual slumber party there were fun-filled games and because no pyjama party is complete without midnight snacks, there were lots of yummy treats to devour too. Keeping in mind the weather, a corn cob vendor was also called to school and children enjoyed hot fresh corn on the cob after waking up. Now you know that pyjamas aren't just for night-time!

Pajama Party 2016

The Pajama Party held on August 26, 2016, was indeed a fun filled day at Vivero. The children came to preschool dressed in pajamas and carrying their favourite stuffed toys and blankets. They enjoyed watching the ‘bhuttawala’ roast the corn and relished eating it. They were very excited watching the corn ‘pop’ in the popcorn maker. The delicious aroma of the buttered popcorn wafted across the preschool. The children then got ‘cozy’ in their classrooms and settled in for story time. They had fun time dancing to their favorite tunes, doing crafts and talking about their favorite toys. The highlight of the event was movie time, where the children cuddled up and enjoyed eating popcorn.

Sports Week

Sports Week was all about bringing fitness to the forefront. Each class had their own set of games and sports, while their parents watched and cheered on. There were also games for the parents which the children greatly enjoyed watching. The main focus however was not on competition but on camaraderie and every child was made to feel a winner.

Women's Day

We celebrated Women's Day by inviting the mothers to a 'Retro' morning. It was an enjoyable time with snacks, games and dance. There was a lot of enthusiasm and the décor and outfits took us straight back to the 80's. It was also a great opportunity for the mothers and teachers to mingle and celebrate women!