Event - Kalyani

International Food and Cultural Festival 2023

We at Vivero Kalyaninagar celebrated the International Food and Cultural Festival on 28th October 2023.
The International Food and Cultural Festival was all about showcasing Vivero through the lens of diversity, and to reiterate that Vivero International Pre School is open to all countries and cultures as part of their integrated approach in the most formative years of a child.
We had set up of countries like- India, Mexico, Italy, Japan and Africa. Children enjoyed making a Mexican hat, Warli pot painting, Italian headgear, Japanese fan and African hair beading. They also enjoyed the jumping castle, tattoo art, candy floss, balloon art, making different country key chains, playing the monument memory game and many more engagements from all over the world.
There was cuisine from around the world, Italian pizzas & pasta, Japanese sushi, Mexican nachos and tacos and the Indian Chaat counter.
It was a fun filled evening with the vibe of excitement in the air with lovely music, food and activities.

Dandiya Celebration 2023

With the festive season round the corner we had the dandiya celebrations at school. Our children were dressed in colourful traditional attires. The parents too were dressed in their best colourful traditional dresses. They all danced to the live dhol and dandiya music and songs. The children enjoyed the dandiya dance with newspaper dandiya sticks which they had made at school.

Exploring Art forms - Culinary Baking cookies

As a part of the ongoing Unit- 'Art', children have been introduced to a variety of art and art forms. Art is not only limited to drawing, painting or sketching ,but also dance and music is also a form of art. Similarly, cooking too is an art. Hence keeping that in mind children were a part of a wonderful incursion and were shown the process of baking butter cookies in school. The incursion was conducted by our School head- Ms. Nazura Ajaney (Nazura Ma'am!!) Children learnt about the ingredients, the process and the final baking as part of the incursion. They thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole process of mixing, kneading and baking the butter cookies!! All children loved the cookies as they relished them in class.

Understanding Patterning

Through patterning, children learn to make predictions, to understand what comes next, to make logical connections, as well as to use reasoning skills. This also helps children to focus on, and later understand, a range of mathematical structures and relationships. The Nursery children enhanced their numeracy skills by learning the ABAB patterns using two different objects. All the children collected natural materials available outdoors like the flowers and leaves and created the ABAB pattern using one leaf one flower. They are now aware that pattern is completed by repetition of objects.

Exploring Art Forms

Art is not just an expression of emotion but also a medium for communicating ideas. It can act as therapeutic relief, a medium for self-expression, or simply a way to appreciate. The Nursery children were introduced to different art forms. They are now aware that people who love telling stories using puppets are the puppeteers and musicians love singing songs and playing musical instruments. They also learned about different types of dance styles like- Bharatanatyam, hip-hop, bhangra, dandiya. They also enjoyed singing songs along with the musical instruments. They had fun making finger puppets using origami art.

K2 Numeracy Concept 2023

K2 children learned how to count in 2’s and 5’s with this creative hands on activity! Skip counting is a method of counting numbers by adding a number every time to the previous number. It helps to speed up one's ability to count. The Chamomiles enjoyed getting messy with this hand painting activity which also helped improving fine motor development.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations - K1

In line with our current unit on Celebrations our K1 children were introduced to the concept of Ganesh Chaturthi through an incursion by Mrs. Bandekar, Nihira's Mother. She spoke about the the importance of this festival. She also shared with us how to decorate the house, during the Ganesh festival. The little dancing stars rocked on the medley of a Ganesh song. We enjoyed making a Toran using cut-out and decorated it with colourful stickers. We also learnt about the unique attire of this festival. Our Neeta aunty was also dressed in traditional clothes, and she showed us how people in Maharashtra dress up during the Ganesh festival with a special saree called Navari saree (nine yards), jewellery like Nath (nose ring) bangles etc. Our K1 children learnt and had a very meaningful experience during this incursion.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations - NUR

On the occasion of the Ganpati festival, Nursery Tulips and Bluebells, learnt about the festival by watching a video and listening to the story of Ganesha. Children also learnt about Lord Ganesha's favourite food- Modak. Later, they engaged in a culinary activity of making modaks in class using desiccated coconut and milkmaid. They were amazed to see the modak making mould. Children relished the modaks they had made.

Literacy week K1 Day 1 2023

The Literacy week is all about the joy of reading and writing. At Vivero Kalyaninagar, our young learners are exploring magazines, newspapers, comics, dictionaries, cookbooks, road signs, and encyclopedias, as they discover the magic of words. Here we are nurturing a lifelong love for reading and writing in them.
As part of our literacy exploration, we are not only reading these enchanting tales but also introducing your children to the magic of authorship and illustration. This special week allows our young learners to appreciate the art of storytelling, understand the role of authors and illustrators, and immerse themselves in the adventures of the Little Miss characters, Roger Hargreaves, starting with the delightful book 'Little Miss Helpful.' We are looking forward for an eventful week with enriched learning.

Literacy week Nursery Day 1 2023

Vivero Kalyaninagar commenced their Literacy week on Monday 11th September, which designed to raise awareness about the importance of reading and to inspire Vivero children and families to make reading a part of their daily routine. On day one of the Literacy week, the Nursery children were encouraged to bring books from home. They were introduced to the various reading materials like notebooks, story books, novels, number and colour books, and pamphlets etc. Nursery children were then narrated the story of the 'Thirsty Crow' and later engaged in an interesting craft activity of making their own crows using the shape cutouts. It was a fun filled day of learning about the books and stories!!

Meal time Junior CC 2023

Creating enjoyable mealtimes and snacks in a child care program helps young children learn healthy eating habits and develop a positive attitude towards food. At Vivero we believe that meal times in childcare are important as it encourages and provokes children to learn new vocabulary and practice skills such as taking turns and sharing, social etiquette. Children sit around a table so they can talk with and observe one another. Group meal times encourage children to try a new food, and are more likely they are to accept it. They learn to compare the new food to foods that are already familiar with.

SR CC Masquerade Mask Making 2023

Children love to explore with different kinds of art activities. At Vivero Kalyaninagar, our children from the Senior Childcare were encouraged to make a Masquerade mask with the help of open-ended materials like- glue, glitter paper and a yarn. They were given some cut-outs of the masquerade masks. They were then encouraged to decorate their masks with feathers and other art resources. Children were very excited to wear the mask and to see themselves in the mirror; they even tried a dance and ramp walk.

Corn Salad Making Activity 2023

Our Pre-Nursery Daisies and Daffodils enjoyed making corn salad in class. They had fun mixing different ingredients like corn, tomato, boiled potato, coriander leaves, salt and pepper to make the corn salad. Stirring and measuring are just a few of the kitchen tasks that allow children to develop their fine motor and eye and hand coordination skills. They explored different ingredients and enjoyed the delicious salad.

Teacher's Day 2023

Teacher's Day is celebrated every year on September 5 to honour and celebrate our teachers. Teachers have the power to cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. They lay the foundation for meaningful relationships, for understanding feelings, and help young children navigate through preschool years with great ease. At Vivero Kalyaninagar we saw the power of Parent Partnership and the strength of a community as a whole, when our parents planned a surprise for the teachers to appreciate and recognize the efforts and dedication of our teachers on this special day!! It was an emotional moment for our teachers and our parents as this day has created a memory for a lifetime!!

Grandparents Day 2023

Grandparents - a whole world of wisdom , experience and unconditional love!! Vivero Kalyaninagar celebrated Grandparents day on Friday 8th September to show gratitude and appreciation towards the contribution of all grandparents in the lives of our young children. Our K1 & K2 children welcomed the grandparents with a lovely song!.

Skeletal System 2023

At Vivero Kalyaninagar our Parent Toddler program has been designed to give our toddlers a wonderful experience as they step into the world of preschool learning. Sensory exploration can be a way to develop tactile discrimination in the hands and feet, while broadening basic concepts, such as soft/ hard, rough/ smooth, wet/ dry, pokey. Our toddlers enjoyed walking and touching the different textures and had a fun filled session.

PTP Sensory Exploration 2023

At Vivero Kalyaninagar our Parent Toddler program has been designed to give our toddlers a wonderful experience as they step into the world of preschool learning. Sensory exploration can be a way to develop tactile discrimination in the hands and feet, while broadening basic concepts, such as soft/ hard, rough/ smooth, wet/ dry, pokey. Our toddlers enjoyed walking and touching the different textures and had a fun filled session.

Onam Celebration 2023

At Vivero International Kalyaninagar, as a part of our current Unit in K1 - 'All about Celebrations' , we invited Mrs. Neethi Kurup, parent of Kritarth for an incursion. Mrs Kurup shared the story about Onam and explained to the children why Onam is celebrated. The children also tried their hand at making Pukalam- the flower rangoli. They enjoyed decorating the tiger masks, and learnt about the significance of the Tiger in the traditional dance form called PuliKali , which is an integral aspect of the Onam festival. Children were served food on the banana leaves as a part of the tradition. We invited our chef Motina aunty who was dressed in a traditional cream saree with a golden border and had prepared the traditional menu for all our children. Children enjoyed the celebration!!

Chandrayan Illiustrations

At Vivero Kalyaninagar we began our unit started by showing them a colorful map on the globe and pointing to where India was. We discussed different celebrations like birthdays , cristmas, Holi, Diwali, new born etc.We also discussed about our historic moment which is a biggest reason for celebration. We spoke to our K1 children about Chandrayaan-3 and explained to them that it's a special machine that India has sent to the moon to learn more about it. It's like a big robot with cameras and tools that take pictures and collect things from the moon. Scientists use it to discover new things about the moon and space. Just like how we explore and learn new things, Chandrayaan-3 helps scientists explore the moon! Our children then created their own graphical representations about Chandrayaan 3, and it was a treat to watch them illustrate!!

New Unit Celebration

Our second unit is about celebration. We at Vivero, Kalyaninagar have begun the second unit with a Start of New Unit Party. We had sent out invitation cards to the children and decorated our classroom as a provocation to encourage inquiry. During circle time we spoke about different kinds of celebrations and decoration. Our children were dressed in party clothes and with party hats. We all danced to music and played group games like - Fire on the Mountain and the Musical Chairs. The day culminated with a culinary activity where children created their own Bear sandwich and used fine motor skills to learn the art of spreading and layering.

Pajama Party Celebration 2023

In a burst of excitement giggles and glee our young learners gathered for a delightful Pajama Party Celebration. With the sun shining bright, our children at Vivero Kalyaninagar arrived dressed in their most favourite pajamas, ready for a day of joyous activities.
The party began with a cheerful welcome, as teachers greeted each child with a smile and a high-five. Children enjoyed popcorn and cake while watching a movie. We played the guessing game and as we know no pajama party is complete without music and movement, and the children danced on their favourite songs. All our children had great fun!!

Infant Care Program 2023

Our infant care program is designed in a way so as to engage the child’s five senses in order to promote the natural instincts of curiosity and discovery. We design opportunities to encourage children in our childcare to become independent in the daily tasks like meal time in the infant care.

Buddy Day 2023

We celebrated Buddy Day at Vivero Kalyaninagar on Saturday 5th August 2023. Our children came to school with their ‘Buddies’ looking forward to have a fun filled Saturday morning. We had planned for an array of engagements under the beautiful umbrella of an Art fest! The children were delighted to create colourful palm prints with their buddy on the palm painting tree, and made adoring recollections at the photo booth corner. They had the most astounding time sprucing up their buddy as they made buddy bands for one another.
Children created loving memories at the dress up your Buddy corner. They had great fun creating a collaborative art piece with variety of art tools. Foam art was loved by the children where they created colourful leaf patterns to take home. Kinesthetic sand and water beads added to their excitement! The parents and children partook in the unexpected component of the Dance and Freeze which was arranged by our educators where at a point in the occasion every one of the commitments froze and everybody gathered in the Dance party room. All the children and their Buddies had a great time and were radiating pride at showing off their very own Vivero school to their Buddy!!

K1 Engagements 2023

The jubilance and fanfare that enveloped the Kharadi branch of Vivero Preschool and Child care over the weekend for celebrating the Buddy Day day aka Friendship Day for our little children was worth all the effort that went into prepping up the premises to welcome the young ones.
Some children came with their buddies whereas some with their dear siblings and yet some others were happy having their father or mother with them as their best friend and yet one little champ wanted to take a buddy picture with this grandmother!
The excitement and fun was so contagious that it rubbed off on to the parents and teacher as well as Support Staff too. The Vivero-ites celebrated Friendship day with an amazing art fest. The art fest comprised of different Art stations and a Ribbon Dance station for the children. Art stations had children experiencing 'Pointillism Art' inspired by Henry Mattese, Nature art using ingredients found in nature, Fizzy Art on reused CDS as well as Collage artwork using different paper shapes.
To give a fitting culmination to the Art Fest parents and children participated in Ribbon Dance with the teachers and then captured selfies at the photo booth or posed for group photographs.
A weekend designated to such fun was the best thing that could have happened for the children over the Friendship weekend.

Exploring the World 2023

Our Enrichment Program children at Vivero Kalyani Nagar are currently on a world tour! After exploring India they are now visiting 'Japan'. They are thrilled to wish and greet each other in Japanese saying "Konichiwa". Children, have also marked Japan on their pretend passport. They enjoyed making Sushi (with clay), a popular food delicacy of Japan!!

Unit of Enquiry 2023

In line with the ongoing unit-'Countries Around the world' , the EP children were introduced to the globe, maps, and places on the globe. They also learnt about the four cardinal directions(NSEW). To enhance their knowledge, children crafted the globe using papier mâché during a group engagement. The country we chose was India. Further, children drew on the slate and exhibited their knowledge about India by drawing the national bird, national animal or the national flower. They had fun with learning!

Joy Of Learning 2023-24

Vivero International is known for its nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters a love for learning. During the Joy of Learning event, celebrated on 15th July at Vivero Kalyaninagar, our parents witnessed their children engaged at the various learning corners and together they explored other engaging spaces, interacted with their teachers and learnt while at ‘play’. They got an opportunity to see their children own their spaces as they exhibited their sense of belonging. 'Joy of learning', truly celebrated the achievements of our children as they walked their parents through their classrooms. All this and more has been possible only because of our exceptional teachers and supportive parents. This event was a testament of their pure dedication to the children and skilled facilitation of learning.

Pre-Nursery Settling 2023

At Vivero International our Pre-Nursery children-Daisies and Daffodils are settling in the new environment. They are exploring the different corners of the classroom. A few children enjoy the ball pool while the others prefer the kitchen corner and the construction corner. They are getting accustomed to the classroom routine and transitions. They enjoy doing yoga followed by singing rhymes during circle time. Daisies and Daffodils are fond of doodling on slates and free painting. They love grooving on the music of baby shark.

Our K2 Tea Party 2023

As we began the new academic year the children in K2 were encouraged to select a class name. We chose Chamomile as our class name , flowers being the theme. The children enjoyed make paper chamomile flowers. We then discussed the uses of this flower and found out that it can be used to make floral tea. We arranged for a tea party in school. The children enjoyed preparing some Chamomile floral tea. All in all, it was a fun learning experience.

First Day of School!

The children at Vivero International had a happy and exciting first day at school. They were warmly welcomed as they enjoyed taking pictures at the photo booth. Circle time was fun and frolic with thumb painting, and at snack time the class was abuzz with laughter along with new friends and old. Children also played some outdoor games and enjoyed going on a class tour. They played an ice braker - introduction game in class too. It was a day well spent.

The children enjoyed their first day, said goodbye with a smile, and were looking forward to coming to school the next day.

Transition Program 2023-24

Vivero International launched its Transition Program for all grade levels on April 17, 2023. At Vivero, Kalyninagar we believe that environments and routines that encourage shared endeavour, or special time in small groups, are invaluable for children building new friendships and developing a sense of security following a transition. We are aware that our young learners are steadily and gradually forming bonds with new companions and facilitators as they progress through the grades. The children are enjoying the experience of adapting to the new classrooms, routine and the teachers. Here are a few glimpses from our transition program...

Sports Day Event Celebration

On the occasion of our Sports day, conducted on 25th Feb, we all sent out a message to save the earth and GO GREEN- which was the theme for the day. It is imperative for all to realize that every little deed matters when it comes to saving the environment. At Vivero, Sports is not about competition, but it is about having fun, being physically active, learning the basics of sports and building coordination and teamwork to give the students an opportunity to display, self-confidence, patience, zeal, and sportsmanship. Our Pre-Nursery children raced to save food and water the trees to save the environment. Our Nursery children displayed their environmental awareness by racing to segregate waste and say no to plastic. Our K1 children showed us how we can use recycled resources to create accessories and our K2 children sent out a message to save every drop of water. Our parents enjoyed various races with their child and it surely was a treat to watch strategy and team work at its best!! It was a funfilled Saturday morning with a strong message to GO GREEN!!

Visit to paper factory 2023

As a part of the current Line of Inquiry – Using and reusing materials, the K2 Flamingos were introduced to the concept of 3R’s – Reduce Reuse and Recycle. We read books and watched videos related to the concept. We then visited the Pune Handmade paper factory to understand how paper is made from waste materials. We acquired a first-hand experience about the process of making paper from the cotton fabric. The children were amazed to find out that paper can also be made from fabric. The children took great interest in understanding the process involved. They were happy to receive a bundle of handmade papers as a take away. It was a great leering experience for all.

Visit to Aquarium 2023

An aquarium offers a broad visual stimulation that is perfect for children’s intellectual development, making it a great choice for a day out where they can further develop their vocabulary through identification. As a part of our current Unit - Habitats - our Nursery Children had a wonderful time visiting the aquarium located in Sambhaji Park, Pune. They were delighted to learn about different fishes of various sizes, colours and names. We all came back with a lot more knowledge and understanding on the aquatic habitat.

Excursion to the Stud Farm

Excursions form a vital part of a child’s early education. They expose a child to a range of different experiences and enable them to gain a sense of the world in which they find themselves. Excursions encourage a child to embrace the unfamiliar and often, every sense is employed in observing and understanding what they’re experiencing. These field trips enhance critical thinking skills and give children a chance to think about a concept learnt in school, from a different perspective. We at Vivero create these wonderful experiences for our children through excursions. Vivero Kalyaninagar went on a field trip to the Wadia Stud Farm. Our children were overjoyed to take the bus ride from school to the farm on a winter Friday morning. Our Pre-Nursery children are learning about, 'Life on the farm,' in their current unit and they were very excited to see the cows, bullocks, calves & horses at the farm. Our Nursery children are learning about different habitats, and they too saw the stables and a cow shed. The K1 & K2 children inquired about the life cycle of a horse and watched the stallions, mares & foals in the stables. Children also collected natural material like, hay, fodder and more. All the children enjoyed their mid-morning snack at the farm under the shade of huge trees, and watched the horses graze near them. It was an enriching new experience full of excitement and learning.

Multicultural Day

At Vivero Kalyaninagar, our K1 class celebrated the 'Multicultural Day' with a lot of enthusiasm! As a part of the celebration of our Unit 2 coming to an end, they all had come beautifully dressed in the costume representing their culture and, had also brought delicious snack representing their respective cultures. The spoke about the culture which they were representing and appreciated their peers as well. The teachers and children had a potluck sitting in the garden and had a great time.

Children's Day

At Vivero Kalyaninagar, we celebrated Children's Day on 14th November. We welcomed our children to the school with happy music and balloons. The children came in colourful clothes looking forward to a day full of excitement. The teachers had planned a fun-filled day for our young learners. There were games like the ball pool, ring the animal, feed the bear, aim the pyramid, parachute play and last but not the least children enjoyed an art engagement where they did leaf printing on paper bags as a take away. The Pre-Nursery ,Nursery ,K1 and K2 children enjoyed delicious snacks as they assembled outdoors.
It was a fun and memorable day for all our children.

Joy of Giving

The joy of giving is an indescribable feeling because it takes courage to give something from your life to others. But if we have the heart to do something for others without expecting anything in return that is what makes the difference, and this is precisely what our children at Vivero International do with great ease.
At Vivero International Kalyaninagar we culminated the one-month long Joy of Giving initiative on 16th November 2022 in association with The Hope For Children Foundation. Our children and parents contributed equally to the noble cause with meaningful donations. The collections were segregated, categorized and packed neatly in boxes. All the children gathered outdoors to share these donations with the team from Hope for Children foundation. It was a wonderful feeling to see that our children understand the core feeling of Joy as they shared all the collections with the Foundation.

Diwali Dazzle

Vivero International Kalyaninagar celebrated Diwali Dazzle on 15th Oct 2022. The excitement began a week prior where the school adorned a festive look as the decorations were being put up. Children were looking forward to this event. It was a fun-filled evening, which was enjoyed by every child and parent alike. We had a wide array of exciting engagements - pottery, lac bangles, Diwali paper bag decorations, diya painting for children, popcorn, candy floss, balloon art and colours of Diwali a counter where children made their own colourful mocktails with flavours like cotton candy, minty mojito, and blue current and they loved it!!. There were spaces with a difference which were appreciated by all parents. We had ethnic wear for children, a counter put up by one of our parents, Diwali Hampers, Diwali delicacies and chaat for the evening. There was a special space designated for the NGO 'Hope for children' which had handicrafts, diyas & jewellery made by women and children.
With festive music and a lovely weather, it was a perfect evening for our Parents and children who enjoyed every moment at the Diwali Dazzle !!

Grand Parents Day

Vivero International Kalyaninagar, celebrated their Grandparents Day on 30 September 2022. A heartwarming participation from all our Grandparents, was amazing to see. They enjoyed fun activities, one-minute games, culinary engagements and puzzles with their grandchild. A happy flashback with grandparents singing old songs was a highlight at the event. They made a lovely photo frame with mosaic cloth patterns, a memory to cherish for a long time. Photo booth, I love you because were some lovely experiences they shared with their grandchildren. We would like to thank all our grandparents for such an overwhelming response and for being part of this event. We want all Grandparents to know that they are an integral and an important part of their grandchild's life!!

Literacy Fest

At Vivero International we celebrated the Literacy week from 12 to 16 September like we do every year to highlight the importance of books and stories. The last day was culminated into a Literacy Fest where children and parents enjoyed a walk through the school. The children had a 'Book Character Parade'. They came dressed as their favourite character from a book they love and enjoyed the parade and marching around the school campus. Our children spoke about why they were dressed up as that character. We had set up a library in our classrooms for the better understanding of the rules and concept of borrowing books from a library. We also had a book reading incursion by Ms. Suman earlier in the week . The children are now aware of the various aspects involved in storytelling as well as the importance of taking care of books. The K2 children were introduced to the Theme ' Literacy Week Camp site' where parents made book marks, Read books and played Book scavenger Hunt. We also visited the literacy week room and played some fun games and clicked pictures at the photo booth. The children walked around the school for the story character parade. The children & parents had a great time!

Ganesh Festival Celebrations

The K2 children celebrated Ganesha Festival over the course of a week. They did a directive drawing activity, where they first drew Lord Ganesha and then did dot painting to decorate the same. They also created their own Ganesha out of playdough.

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which celebrates the beautiful bond between a brother & a sister. Festivals encourage children to celebrate the joy of being together with their family and friends. At Vivero we introduce the cultural values of various festivals to our children through their learning journey . The Nursery children celebrated Raksha Bandhan during the iLearn session. They shared about how they spent their weekend celebrating the Raksha Bandhan with their family and friends. They also made a beautiful card by drawing a Rakhi and colouring it for their loved ones. Enhancing our fine motor skills along with the celebrations, children used playdough to makes different sweets. Riga, Aadit said they love to eat jalebi, Burhanuddin loves to eat laddoo. Saliha wants her mummy to eat the sweets she made. Riyana loves to eat Jalebi and laddoo. Janhvi loves Gulab Jamun. Anusha loves to eat lollipop, Rutvika loves to eat an icecream and Raaghav named jalebi as snake sweet which he loves to eat.


At Vivero Kalyaninagar we celebrated the JOY OF LEARNING on 6th August 2022. Parents were invited to get a glimpse of our pedagogy. Children were excited to walk into class with their parents to take them through the learning that has been achieved in class so far. They enjoyed exploring sensory corners & engaged in painting self-portraits as well as fine motor activities. They were as delighted to invite their parents for circle time where-in they sang our favourite ‘fire song’ and danced on baby shark. They have also explored a few other corners like Playdough library & the Music Atelier. It was an experience that created great home school connections for our children.

Grandparents Day Celebrations

A Grandparent's LOVE is the most wonderful emotion which is filled with MEMORIES to cherish. To acknowledge and show our love, we celebrated Grandparents Day on 15th Sept 2021. Our Nursery children invited their grandparents with a beautiful Kandinsky flower card. They enjoyed making Masala Poori Chaat with them. The Grandparent's shared beautiful memories of their grandchildren. Children also shared pictures and their fond memories with Grandparent's.

Independence Day Celebrations

Our Independence Day is celebrated cheerfully and with excitement throughout the country. At Vivero International Pre-school we too celebrated this Independence Day in our own beautiful way! The children came dressed in the colours of the National flag. We made a tricolor sandwich and learnt about our National animal , bird and flower. We spoke about how India became an independent country. We also showed our respect to the national flag of India and watched a video of the independence day celebrations at the Red Fort.

K2 Graduation Day

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kalyani Nagar celebrated 'Graduation Day' for the young learners of Kindergarten 2. The ceremony though held on a virtual platform on 20th March 2021, was nonetheless a very special one. It was a celebration of the milestones achieved by the graduating class of 2021.
Extremely excited, the children dazzled in their graduation robes and mortarboard hats as the ceremony began with a heart-warming video message from the Chairman, Edvance Group. Dr. Arun Arora. This was followed by a photo presentation of all the graduates, where each child was welcomed with rapturous applause. In keeping with Vivero's tradition, children performed the graduation song with smiling faces and a lot of enthusiasm. It indeed was a joyous moment to see them toss their hats up in the air. We are proud of each one of our K2 Graduates and wish them all the very best!
A video compilation with photos of the learning journey of each child brought back delightful memories of the year gone by. It definitely was a nostalgic moment for all. Parents too shared their thoughts on their child's journey at Vivero. Overall, the day was marked with mixed emotions - an overwhelming experience for all us.

K1 Excursion to Domino’s Pizza

The central idea for the last unit was “Journey of food from farm to table”. We initiated the unit with an interesting discussion on the different food that we eat. Children shared their everyday food items that they eat. We extended our discussion by inquiring about the source of the food. Some of them said that the food comes from the shop and some said that their mother orders it online. For better understanding of the journey of food we read a book, “The little red hen.” Also for an experiential learning and for observation, we planned an excursion to Domino’s Pizza as pizzas are the easiest to relate to and the excitement was visible. Children were excited to board a bus and visit their ‘favorite’ place with their friends. K1 morning Puffins, Walruses and White Tigers visited the kitchen in batches. They got to observe the various stations at which the dough travels and turns into a pizza. They also got to experience, working at each of the stations. They were fascinated by the size of the oven and the ‘walk-in’ fridge. They ‘made’ their own pizza and ate it too. Overall it was a very enriching experience.

Children's Day

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." ⁃ Nelson Mandela
We at Vivero Kalyani nagar celebrated the Children’s Day at school on 14th Nov 2019. It was a celebration for our Preschool and Childcare children organized by the teachers. We had fun games and activities for the children.
The teachers had planned for the scroll painting activity where all the children took turns to create their own art on a common scroll using vibrant colours and imagination.
Children enjoyed the game, ‘Bucket the Ball’ where they were encouraged to throw the coloured balls into the respective coloured bucket. There was a dance session organized for our children inside the dome where they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as the moved to the music. Tatoos!! The most crowded station where teachers painted tattoos for the children and it was wonderful to watch them flaunt the same. Last but not the least there was a Magic Show organized for the children where they were awe struck at the tricks the Magician performed before them. In the end children enjoyed delicacies made by our chef on this special day.

Founder's Day

We at Vivero Kalyani nagar celebrated the Founders’ Day at school on 14th Nov 2019. It was a celebration for our Preschool and Childcare Support Staff organized by the teachers. We had fun games and activities planned for them.
The teachers had planned for making this day a memorable day for all our Support staff.
The celebration began with a calming yoga session a few stretching and breathing exercises which can be useful in everyday life.
After which the teachers had put up a Pani puri stall for them and the support staff. The teachers reversed the roles where they made delicious paani puris and served the support staff. This was followed with a grand session of unique antakshari game which the support staff enjoyed thoroughly.
We concluded the celebrations with a small thank you note given to each support staff which conveyed our feeling of gratitude towards their services all-round the year.

Unit 3 Culmination Day

Culmination Day for K1 and K2 was held on 19th October, 2019. It is a day which marks the end of a unit and an opportunity for the parents to be an active part in the learning journey of their child. It began with a walk through the classroom where parents were able to see a display of the children’s work. The children of K1 and K2 showcased what they had learned during the unit to their parents through a performance and presentation of information that celebrated their learning. It included music, song, dance, videos, storytelling and verbal interactions with their parents. This culminating event provided an opportunity for the children to gain confidence in language skills, to get comfortable talking in front of an audience and to learn teamwork and collaboration. It was wonderful to see the children confidently share the knowledge they had gained during the unit. The excitement could be seen not only in the children but in the parents as well.

K1 Excursion

Provocation is a very important part of the unit. Initiating the unit with a rich provocation, sets the tone of the inquiry in the right direction. So, to begin our third unit we planned an excursion to Empress Garden. Children were excited to board a bus and visit a new place with their friends. K1 morning Puffins and Walruses along with K1 Late morning White Tigers reached Empress Garden filled with curiosity a lot of enthusiasm. Their journey to the destination was exciting as they saw, the railway tracks that they crossed and various shops. When they reached Empress Garden, they all were overwhelmed by the nature they saw around. All their senses were activated and they keenly observed everything around them. Teachers led the children through a route where we first visited the amazing bamboos trees. They seemed unreal, standing tall in the woods. Children started comparing their heights with them. Then we walked through some climbers and trees with hanging roots. While strolling, some children spotted a centipede and they were amazed to see it crawling. We also had a scavenger hunt where children picked up things- living and non living. They also got an opportunity to observe the interdependency of living things through a banyan tree which had a growth of mushrooms. These mushrooms were home to some insects like the ants, the centipedes and snails. This excursion has definitely created a great sense of curiosity in the minds of our K1 Children and was an enriching experience for them at the beginning of the 3rd Unit.

Excursion to Sky Blue Art Centre

‘We can express ourselves through Art’
On Thursday, the 10th of October, the nursery class had been on an excursion to the ‘Sky blue art centre’. The tour as per the curriculum was of creative importance. The expected outcome for the children was to learn and get acquainted with the process of Art from ‘A canvas to the gallery’.
Excursions have the potential to help improve a child’s memory and concentration skills. It also helps improve their self-esteem and social skills.
The children created beautiful masterpieces with the help of an artist at the art centre. Involvement with a rich variety of art materials instilled a sense of confidence and pride in them. They experimented with different colours, designs and techniques.
The children were thrilled to visit and explore an art gallery. They will cherish this experience for a lifetime.

Multicutural Day

As we come to the last leg of the second unit which is about festivals and celebrations, Puffins from the K1 morning class celebrated a Multicultural day on Friday, the 4th of October 2019. Children were dressed in their traditional dresses and were excited to talk about them for the Friday-show and tell. Each one of them shared unique information about their culture and the celebrations. Some of them also got their cultural food to share with their friends. One of the student also exhibited her cultural dance, resulting in all of them showcasing their dancing talent of their cultural songs. It was a treat to see them perform.
Children have not only developed acceptance for various cultures but also respect for them. They are also aware of the variety of celebrations we have. It was an amazingly enriching experience.

Literacy Week

Literacy Week is an important way to inspire a love for reading and highlight the importance of books. We at Kalyani nagar celebrated the Literacy Week from 9TH Sept to 13th Sept 2019.
We had a Story telling session by Smriti Rathi author of children’s book ‘The Dream Seller.’ The children enjoyed a delightful, interactive story session full of dreams and magic with Smriti as her book ‘The Dream Seller’ whipped up unique fantasies prepared with exquisite ingredients for the customers who visited the dream seller’s shop.
We also had a Book Character Parade. The children came dressed up as their favourite character from a book they love. They were dressed in a variety of creative and colourful costumes. We had children dressed up as characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, witches, princesses and fairies from popular fairytales, as well as mythological characters like Sita from the Ramayana.
We had set up a library experience for our Nursery, K1 and K2 children. They learnt the rules to be followed in a Library, and code of conduct inside a library. They pretended to borrow a book from the Librarian and read it quietly in the library set up. It was indeed a splendid experience for all our children.
We had incursions by parents who read out stories to our children with great enthusiasm and children enjoyed it equally.

Brunch With Daddy

We at Kalyani nagar celebrated ‘Brunch with Daddy’ on Saturday 31st August 2019. It was a special day for the Daddy’s & children at school where they both enjoyed engagements which created a morning full of fun.
We had game stations, a culinary station, and outdoor games for all.
We had a fishing game where the child with the father were invited to catch fish with a magnetic fishing rod and collect them in a dry tub.
All the children had made colourful ties for their Dads which were displayed in the common areas, & the Dad was asked to find their tie and put it on.
Children and their Daddy’s had a great time at the culinary station where they made sweet and savory chaat for each other as per their liking.
Another interesting game was ‘Pin the Dad’ where children were blind folded and asked to pin the picture of Dad with a moustache.
An impromptu game for the Dads was teams of 2 where they were invited outdoors to pass a Hula-Hoop through a human chain without letting the chain of hands break.
The Brunch with Daddy event featured activities that appealed to all present, and created memories of a fun-filled morning that will be remembered by all.

Buddy Day

Vivero Kalyani Nagar celebrated ‘Buddy Day’ on Saturday, 10th August, 2019 as children form a bond with their buddies in their preschool years. It was a morning dedicated to friendship and the children came along with their buddies to school. To bring out the real essence of ‘Buddy Day’ we conducted fun games and activities related to building the bond of friendship. The children used their creativity to decorate heart and star cut-outs and made friendship bands for each other. They were excited to make jam sandwiches and enjoyed munching them together with their buddies. All of them had a blast as they put on their dancing shoes and grooved to the beats of the music while playing ‘Dance Freeze’. The children painted the palm of their hand with their favourite colour and left an impression of their friendship between each other through the ‘handprint art’ activity. It was a wonderful bonding exercise for the children and a fun filled day for all.

Joy of Giving

We celebrated ‘Joy of Giving’ at Vivero International, Kalyaninagar by showing appreciation to our support staff, who are with us every step of the way. The day started with the children of K1 and K2 making sandwiches and lemonade. We then invited our ‘aunties’ to join us in the school garden, where the children took turns serving what they had made for them. Some of the K1 children had also made photo frames, which were gifted to the support staff. The children then stood up and applauded the ‘aunties’ while thanking them for all they do for us. It was a touching experience, which the support staff truly appreciated and which taught the children the value of doing good for others.

Dandiya Event

The Dandiya event held on the 28th of September 2018 was a huge success. The school looked extremely festive and was decorated with drapes of colored saris and dandiya sticks. The children looked adorable dressed in Indian wear and they were accompanied by their mummies who were also dressed the part. There was a dandiya decoration stall, where the children enjoyed sticking beads onto dandiya sticks made of newspaper rolls. They then danced with their mummies to the beats of the authentic dholwala. Munching on jalebis and dhoklas and taking pictures at the photo booth was also part of the experience. It was great to see the enthusiasm and festivity shared by teachers, parents and children alike.

Literacy Week

Literacy Week was held between 17th to 21st September and was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at Vivero Kalyaninagar.
The goal was to promote the love of stories and to encourage children to read more. Each class focused on a different set of books and did literacy activities throughout the week. The children enjoyed reading books and learning about different forms of storytelling. They also learned about the various aspects of stories like characters, setting, author and illustrator. There were story telling sessions conducted by parents, as well as visits to the nursery classes by K2 children, who used props to make their stories come to life. The K2 children enjoyed making books of their own and felt extremely proud to share their stories with their peers. The highlight though was a puppet theatre put up near the cafeteria, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Surreal Art

The Children of K2 were introduced to the Spanish artist Salvador Dali and some of his works. Salvador Dali was involved in a huge variety of art forms, but surrealism is considered his true forte. Apart from his funny moustache and his melting clocks children were shown his famous paintings depicting his Surreal art. Surreal art is the depiction of subconscious mind , dreams and imagination. It might not be logical to the onlookers but it has a deep meaning to it, his most famous being The elephant . The children were fascinated by the surreal art and they were inspired to create their own masterpieces. The children illustrated their surreal art using their creativity and imagination. One of the children made a girl walking on the clouds and the other made the face of a girl and used a number as the body.

Pajama Party

We celebrated pyjama party on Friday, 28th July. The children came to school dressed in their pajamas, carrying their favorite stuffed toys and pillows. The school was divided into different zones. The slumber room, the movie room and the photo booth outdoors. The décor in every room was magical and was truly reminiscent of a starry night. They started the day with ‘mock pillow fights’ and dancing, followed by a music session with Deepti teacher. Story time was next, where they curled up with their pillows and toys listening to teachers narrating their favourite stories. They enjoyed painting tshirts too! The children ate popcorn as they watched a movie. The ‘bhuttawala’ (corn man) enthralled the children while roasting the corn and they took turns to eat corn on the cob outdoors. The weather helped us celebrate the day as it was ‘dry’ and children could use both indoors and outdoors.