Event - Manyata Tech Park

Annual Sports day 2017

We hosted our 2nd Annual Sports Day on 09th December, 2017. The grounds were prepped, props made and the children had been putting in many hours of practice. The event was flagged of with march-past by classes K2 to Pre Nursery. As we believe that participation trumps competition, all participants were cheered on to the finish line. Races were organised for the children and their effort was commendable. Be it the Hippo race or Thirsty crow, the children were familiar with the race protocols and executed them with ease. The drills by K1 and K2 and Pre Nursery and Nursery were well coordinated and in sync. Parents participated enthusiastically in the races designed for them – Feeding nachos and Bursting balloons. We are still debating the winner of the Tug ‘o war. Thus, amidst exhaustion and applauses we were brought to the end of a superbly executed Sports day.

Onam Day - 2017

Onam was celebrated in school in its authentic form. The flower carpet and lamp welcomed the children to school. The K2 children made a flower carpet in class too. The toddlers made their version of a flower carpet using coloured paper pieces. Each class had planned out activities to help the children understand and appreciate the relevance of Onam. The story behind Onam was narrated and some traditional Kerala dances were screened in Nursery and K2, in keeping with their inquiry. All the children were treated to a mini Sadya. They were made to sit on the floor and eat off a banana leaf. This new experience was greeted with mixed reactions. Nursery also had some games like lemon and spoon and tug-of-war conducted for the children. The day ended with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Annual Day - 2017

The Theme of our Annual Day " Chorus of Invaluables " was all about children's expression of the values they imbibe from their environment. The parents were welcomed and escorted to the Art Gallery to view the children's work pieces and documentation. This was the area that the parents really enjoyed a lot and could connect to very well. We had a huge hall with excellent arrangements of video, music, stage, backdrop and comfortable seating. Parents were overwhelmed to see their children perform. Touching moments were experienced when 8 parents individually came up and shared their wonderful experience with Vivero. Few got very emotional and had tears of joy in their eyes.

Sports Day 2016

The annual sports day was conducted on 7th December, 2016. The participants were Wacky Whales (K2), Dancing Dolphins (K1), Curly Caterpillars (Nursery), Playful Pigs (Pre Nursery), Wobbly Penguins (Child Care) and Infant Care. We kicked of the event with the children of K1 and K2 marching to drum beats. This was followed by a well coordinated drill guided by the teacher. Then, there were a series of races by the Nursery and Pre Nursery children. There were cup and glass races and a shuttle relay too. The Child Care children also had a race of their own, to pick up Nemo and race to the finishing line. The event concluded with a tug of war between the K1 and K2 children. Judging by the broad smiles and energy of the children, one could call it a success.

Grand Parents day 2016

We celebrated our first Grand Parents day on 24th September 2016. The School organized special activities in which children and their grandparents took part together.
The program started with classroom activities. Our dear Nanas – Nanis and Dadas - Dadis became childlike while doing craft activities; like card making with their grandchildren. The program continued with special performances by children, starting with Vandana and Bharatanatyam dance by our Childcare children and dance on various songs by our Preschool children. All of them together sang and danced on a special song for grandparents to show their love for them.
A health camp and a workshop on “Healthy eating habits in children” was also organized at school in association with Aster clinic. Dr Dhanalakshmi Kesavan MD( PEDIATRICS-USA) conducted the workshop. A snack corner had been set up. Grandparents enjoyed appetizing snacks. There were smiles all around. A special thank you goes to all our wonderful parents and grandparents for their love and support.

Back to School Event 2016

Our first 'Back to School Event' was full of fun and frolic. Various fun filled classroom activities were planned. Everyone was excited and curious to enjoy those activities with Parents and Children. The aim was to give parents a feel of a typical day at VIVERO, be part of our school and to meet other parents and interact with each other.
Photo Booth was a big hit.Parents loved posing in the decorated frame and tried all the props. They were very happy to get instant photograph as a take away.
Forty minutes of classroom activities were planned based on unit of Inquiry. Parents participated in the various activities along with their child. They were very happy to see that children knew their everyday routines and procedures. The final one-hour had been allotted to workshop conducted by Dr. Debmita Dutta Parenting and Wellness Consultant. Workshop was on “How to cope with Separation Anxiety in the new Preschooler"A snack corner had been set up with coleslaw sandwich, cake, cookies and lemonade. Parents enjoyed appetizing snacks.There were smiles all around and as they left, we received positive feedback from each parent.

Culmindation Day 2016

In continuation with our belief that Parental involvement is an important factor in educational success, we had our first Culmination Day on 12th November ’16. The children along with their teachers beautifully shared their knowledge with parents. The presentations, skit, song and dance were heartwarming to watch. Parents were glad to see their children performing. They participated enthusiastically and enjoyed dancing with children. After children’s performances, parents went to the respective classrooms for portfolio sharing. Portfolios gave parents more specifics to the children’s strengths and weaknesses, interest and the applications of the contents being studied. Portfolios help teachers and parents individualize instruction for the children. Weak areas can be strengthened and areas of mastery built upon.