Event - Manyata Tech Park

Halloween 2023

Boo-tiful Memories in the Making!!

The Halloween day celebration was filled with excitement! Children dressed up in themed costumes and enthusiastically participated in the games. They also got creative, making spooky crafts like boo, pumpkins, and spiders. Laughter and excitement filled the air when Trick or Treat came into the celebration. It was a day filled with fun activities for the little ones, creating memories together!!!

Dussehra 2023

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a joyous and vibrant festival celebrated in India. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil.
At Vivero, our little ones were introduced to the rich cultural heritage of the country. The festivities typically included various activities and events to make the festival enjoyable and educational for our young learners. We organised storytelling sessions, teachers narrated the epic tale of Ramayana, highlighting the victory of good over evil and the significance of Lord Rama's triumph over Ravana. Children were dressed in colourful traditional attires.
Children engaged in art and craft activities.These activities foster creativity and help children understand the cultural significance of the festival.

Grandparents Day 2023

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare Manyata celebrated Grandparent’s Day on September 8th with great enthusiasm and warmth. It was a heartwarming occasion where children and their grandparents came together to share precious moments. Children welcomed their grandparents with flowers and also made special cards for them. Grandparents were invited to participate in various activities like musical chairs, blowing the cups, and culinary fun, and they spoke about special memories with their grandchildren. It was a joyous occasion filled with laughter and affection, bringing grandparents and grandchildren closer together!!!!

Buddy Day 2023

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” Buddies help us to celebrate and make memories. Caring, sharing, trusting, socialising are few important values that we develop while playing with buddies. They prevent isolation, loneliness, build a strong understanding of accepting and respecting each other's opinions. To develop this essence in our children, Buddy Day was celebrated on 5th August at school. Fun-filled activities with paints and colours were planned which made the day colourful. Open-ended materials, loose parts, natural art activities showcased our Reggio inspired Philosophy in the best possible way. Relay games for buddies were organised wherein children and their parents too participated in the event keeping the inner child alive in them. It was day that made for some unforgettable memories.

First PE Session

Healthy Body leads to Healthy Mind!

Children at Vivero assembled together to put this quote into action as a part of the Physical Education session.

On the bright Wednesday morning of 14th June, children participated in basic breathing exercises and stretches.

It was so encouraging to watch these little ones meditating and concentrating on their breath. Relaxed and fresh minds dispersed to their classes with radiating smiles on their face.

First Day of Pre-School

June 8th, 2023, marked a special day at Vivero International Preschool Manyata as we warmly welcomed our Prenursery and Nursery children on their first day of school. Excitement filled the air as parents and teachers partnered to create a nurturing environment. It marked the beginning of an incredible journey where young minds would bloom and friendships would flourish.
Happy Learning!

Culmination Day 2023

It needs opportunity, confidence, courage, knowledge and right environment to put up a fabulous show by children. Reggio always has aided children in all these aspects and this was once again proven on the day of Culmination. Culmination Day at Vivero, Manyata was held on 11th Feb 2023 where our children showcased their learning outcomes to the audience. We could see children displaying skills on the learning domains like Numeracy, Literacy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Children performing on 21st Century skills like Civic Awareness had amazed us all. Music and Dance has always been a wonderful part of event. Singing, swaying and dancing to the music was worth watching and was treat to our eyes. The culmination of learning outcome was indeed a great success with parent involvement and appreciation. Thank you partners!

Valentine's Day 2023

On the occasion of Valentine's Day on 14th Feb, our tiny tots at Vivero made this day so memorable by making greeting cards for their loved ones. While the K1 and K2 classes could express and manage to write few words for their family and loved ones, the children of Pre-nursery and Nursery too were engaged in making cards with the help of their respective teachers.
It was a heartfelt moment when children were able to express their thoughts and feelings. We loved listening to our children and they seem to be blossoming in the loveliest manner with each passing day.
Wishing Vivero Family, A Very Happy Valentine's Day!

Child Care Field Trip 2023

Childcare children had a field trip - Visit to a park on 31st Jan 23. They seemed so excited to go with their friends and teachers. Their joy of going to field trip was shown as screams and laughs during the travel. They were so keen to observe different varieties of plants as they walked around the park. They played on the play equipment, ran around the place with their friends & teachers and had lots of fun.

Fire Drill 2023

Vivero, Manyata had a second round of mock fire drill on 27th Jan 2023. This exercise has made our staff and our little ones more prepared for any such emergencies. The drill made everyone revisit all the necessary and important protocols that needs to be followed during such fire breakouts.
Our staff and children were able to quickly respond to the situation and could evacuate the place within the stipulated time without any delay.
Fire Safety and Security Team has briefed all of us on the different types of fire breakout and the measures that must be followed to put it off. It was indeed a very interesting and informative session.

Visit To The Farm

The field trip to the Bangalore Gourakshana Shala was a fantastic opportunity as a part of extended learning of the Unit 3, 'How the World Works'. Our little preschoolers were able to see farm animals like sheep, cows, ducks, tortoise and rabbits. They watered the plants; they fed the cows; imitated the chicks & ducks and curiously gazed at tortoise. They were taught the importance of maintaining rich soil and how to make compost. This field trip helped the children to reconnect with nature and learn in a different environment than the classroom.

Republic Day 2023

On January 25, 2023, Vivero International Pre-school and Child Care proudly celebrated the 74th Republic Day. Our little ones celebrated this occasion with high spirit of patriotism by wearing the tricolour dress.

The pre-school and childcare learners eagerly participated in a range of artistic activities, such as painting the Indian flag, tearing and pasting activities, and creating a lovely pinwheel using tricolours.

This day was celebrated by every class in honour of the country. All the children were engaged in these activities in a proactive manner, which improved their motor skills and creative abilities. Overall, the little ones had a fun-filled day and good learning.

Pongal Festival

Pongal is also celebrated as a feast of thanksgiving. On January 13, 2023, children at Vivero, Manyata celebrated Pongal festival.

The festivities reminding the children the significance of the harvest festival. The children were enthusiastic about crafting sugarcane, kites and pots using colourful charts, pista shells and other loose materials.

They looked so delighted when their craft work was displayed on the display boards.

K-1 Learning Engagement

We began this Unit with a provocation displaying a real fish, plants and few objects on the table. Children were taught to differentiate between the living and non-living things. They were quick to grasp this concept and were joyful to share examples of a few living things. We slowly integrated the life cycle of a butterfly.

This topic was so interesting, as children were so excited to learn about the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We decided to hold this concept for the open house. We provided them with a branch which they gleefully painted and spent a few hours each day working on the craft parts and completed the task which we had displayed during the Open House with great pride. During the whole course of this activity children learnt the importance of team work and sharing.

The Open House event was equally delightful for the children and teachers, as they were so overwhelmed with joy to showcase their learning to every parent that visited their class. They have such great potential to learn and understand new things and the ability to guide and teach them gives us teachers such immense pleasure.

Christmas 2022

Christmas isn't just a season, it's a feeling. Christmas brings along the holidays, the excitement to be around our loved ones, the joy of giving and receiving, the childlike spirit of innocence and to feel and cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is the real spirit of Christmas.

At Vivero Manyata, children were dressed in Christmas colours - red/green/white. They sang Christmas songs and were engaged in making their own Christmas tree craft which they proudly displayed while being clicked. Christmas tree craft was a take away activity with a message written - 'Merry Christmas' by children. It indeed brought a big smile on all our faces when they spoke about presenting it to their family members.

Excursion to the garden

Vivero children had a wonderful time during their excursion to the Open Garden. Children enjoyed the play area and the Butterfly Park. As a part of the unit - 'How we express ourselves?', it was an expression of joy and happiness that the children of Vivero, Manyata had on their faces. It was fun seeing them laugh, run and roll on the lawn, playing with play equipment together with their friends. Their excitement brought smiles on our all faces. A well spent beautiful, sunny morning!


Festivals bring in joy and happiness everywhere. Children at Vivero, Manyata had a wonderful time celebrating Navratri festival on 23rd Oct'22. The school was decked up with colourful rangoli and lamps displaying the festive spirit. The day seemed vibrant with children, dressed in colourful outfits performing Dandia. Children brought the festivity to complete with their beautiful laughter and moves using dandia sticks. What a mesmerizing day it was!

Incursion on Healthy Eating Habits

At Vivero, we practice holistic education and as a part of this we have the "Parent as a friend initiative". We strongly believe that parents are our partners and parental participation in school activities enables better learning outcomes and fosters a healthy relationship between the school and the student-family community.

We are thankful to Mrs. Bhavya Ramdas, a parent of class K1 child for accepting our invite and for conducting a very insightful session on "Healthy food habits" for our children. She presented a short and informative PowerPoint where children were shown how eating healthy food keeps us strong and well-nourished. She briefed upon the vital nutrients each food has and its effect on our body.

Children were able to differentiate between healthy and junk food. She highlighted the importance of inculcating healthy eating habits from early years. It was a very interactive class and children loved the colourful and catchy pictures of their favourite food she had displayed. It was indeed, a heartfelt experience to see the happiness and the mutual participation from our children.

Parent Incursion

An another yet lovely incursion from our partner, a Vivero parent! We had our parent who volunteered to take a session on "Pottery Art". She provided our little curious artists with the small pots, diyas and all the decorative paraphernalia required for the craft. Our children absolutely loved this session as it had all the glitter, gloss, beads and pots that kept them engrossed for a long time.

Each of them were encouraged to pick the articles as per their choice. The children seemed so involved in getting their pots and diyas to shine the brightest. We noticed a few instances where they were helping others that set a clear example of how team work should be. Thank you for this glittery creative session, Dear Partner!

100th Day of Schooling Celebration!!

Our children completed their 100 days in Vivero. 100 days of fun, learning, making friends and growing.

The children engaged in the activity of making headgear, worked on a word collage and displayed their creativity on the 100th day, which is a special occasion to reflect on and celebrate significant milestones in the child.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are the family’s greatest treasure. They are the founder of a loving legacy, the greatest storyteller, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation.

To honour them, Vivero International Preschool and Childcare at Manyata Tech Park, celebrated Grandparents Day on 9th September 2022.

The program started with a warm welcome by our beloved School Head, There were several fun filled activities planned on this occasion to make the day memorable for all the children and their grandparents.

The fun began with some Sing/Dance - Along Sessions to make all grandparents feel energetic and involved. The icing on the cake was the game of musical chair when all the grandparents participated with great zeal. The winner Grandparent was crowned and greeted with gift. Grandparents took turns and shared their happy moments about their grandchildren with the audience. It was so thrilling and amazing listening to them. As a token of love, the children gifted the Grandparents “Grandma and Grandpa” popsicle stick take away puppet that they prepared in the class during the week. It was a moment of priceless emotion that was seen between them.

We then moved on to our next activity - Culinary Program. All our Master Chef, Grandmas enthusiastically participated along with their grandchildren in making a delicious sandwich. They made sandwiches with ingredients that were made available and topped with abundant of love which made the sandwich the most delicious food for the day. All relished sandwich with few more refreshments served.

The event moments were captured at the Photobooth. The happy, smiling, giggling faces added beauty to the pictures. Grandparents had given enormous valuable feedback appreciating the efforts put by Vivero Team. The success of the event was evident through the joyful smiles of the Grandparents when they left the school premises.

The enthusiastic Grandparents- Grandchildren combination made the event memorable. It was truly a blessing to have them with us and celebrate.

Onam celebrations

The festivities began with the placement of a beautiful floral arrangement (pookalam) at the entrance, welcoming and signalling the start of the celebrations on 7th Sep 22. This arrangement proved to be stunning and mesmerizing, lulling everyone into a world of joy and celebration. The traditional clothing worn by the children and teachers added to the celebratory atmosphere.

The program's primary attractions, which incorporated children, were the pookalam and toran that they performed using paper plates and vibrant flowers. Children were taught the significance of these auspicious occasions, which gave them a sense of pride, cultural coherence, and kinship with our enormous family.

Pre-school Incursion

6th September 2022 was an amazing day for the children and staff of Vivero, Manyata. Post pandemic, the first excursion was organized. A visit to 'Svahastha - The Pottery Studio'. The energy was high and the kids were thrilled with excitement to be travelling in our school van. The primary goal for the day was to teach them about different forms of art, craft materials and myriad ways to play. The children enjoyed the journey thoroughly and were constantly calling out all the things they could possibly name outside the window. As soon as we reached, without delay, the most awaited session began.

Once comfortably seated, they were given blocks of clay and were shown the different art they could create with the blocks. Children are creative and they did not leave any stone unturned and tried all possible ways to create something they had in their genius minds. They enjoyed the tools provided from the rolling pins to the toothpicks and continued to carve out their imagination on the clay. Showing their masterpiece was indeed a moment to cherish. The time spent was indeed worthwhile. With minimal guidance, they took up the task and let all their imaginations juices flow on the clay models. Each one displayed their art pieces which were later heated up in a kiln. This day will be cherished in our children's mind for a long time.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

On the occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi as we adorned the classes with decorative flowers and lights the spirit of the festivity gradually set in. The excitement began when children were dressed in their best ethnic wear and they couldn't contain their happiness to see the school all lit up. They knew a lot of art, craft and painting activity are in store.

There were colourful rangoli and our classes were filled with laughter and squeals. Children were hands on with their little Ganesha activity and excitedly posed with their craft for the pictures.

We wish our entire Vivero family especially the children with all the wisdom and intelligence our Siddhi Vinayak bestows on us.

K2 Learning Engagement

The children of K2 made posters on Civic awareness and went around the school and explained the importance of 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They also explained the importance of using paper bags and not to use plastic. Children participated and watched how the trash is being segregated by the community helpers. Children did class activities under 'My Rights and Responsibility'. They learnt how to not waste and save water by recycling it. Children were also trained on how to keep the classroom and the surroundings clean.

It was indeed a great learning experience for us and our children.

K1 Learning Engagement

The Unit 1 ' Who We Are?' provided a lot of insight and learning for K1. Children learnt the functions of each organ and understood the importance of hygiene. They were also able to differentiate between junk and healthy food. They were eager to dress up as chef and work on the culinary sessions. The children experienced the beauty of the nature and the importance to breathe fresh air during 'Nature Walk'. Exercising/Physical workout is the key for a healthy body. They took part in exercise sessions during physical training and Yoga. Above all, children played and learnt the importance to work as a team.


Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great excitement at Vivero, Manyata on 19th August.

We had little Gopis and Gopikas at school to add more colours to the festival. Children were delighted engaging themselves in getting the school decked up for the day. They seemed extremely thrilled working on the activities planned. They looked so adorable donning their little crowns and holding up the feather craft. They felt involved and thoroughly enjoyed helping out the colourful rangoli welcoming little Krishna.

75th Independence Day

India celebrated its 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2022. With utmost respect and joy, the children at Vivero, Manyata celebrated this National Festival on 12th August at school.
It was a treat watching our children dressed in traditional wear in the colours of Indian Flag. These children may not understand and relate to the struggle our people of India went through to attain it. However, we made sure to use this day as an opportunity to impart knowledge into them in fun-filled ways and educated them to become a responsible citizen through our conversations and activities.
Activities like making of flag using popsicle sticks by K2 children, badge making by K1, hat making by Nursery and Prenursery children have amazed the whole environment.
A spirit of patriotism was felt by all of us when our children wished each other 'Happy Independence Day' and raised slogan, 'Jai Hind'.


Comradeship at its best

Time and again it is proven that there is great value in teamwork and a building block for successful early years. As Unit 1 comes to an end, seeing the Pre-Nursery children working together in building a tower with wooden blocks was a Wow Moment. This activity required trust and synergy. It requires them to cooperate with each other, and children who learn these skills are also on their way to establishing a solid foundation in problem-solving, communication, listening and creativity.

International Tiger Day

International Tiger's Day is celebrated globally every year on 29th July as a way to raise awareness about the dangers and problems faced by tigers around the globe.
We at Vivero, Manyata celebrated this day to keep our children informed on the need of protecting wildlife and the necessity of having healthy forests in our environment. Our children seemed sensitive towards knowing and understanding the importance of wildlife.
Our children were engaged in art activities, story time etc. They were super excited during the role play, pretending as tigers and tigress.

Fire Drill

It's important for everyone to be equipped and be prepared with the emergency situations that may arise at any point of time.
We trained our staff and children on emergency evacuation in case of a fire breakout. A fire drill was conducted at our school on 27th July. Our children were quick in understanding and following instructions given by the teachers.
We could successfully execute and conclude this exercise within the stipulated time.

First Aid Training

Teachers are more than just educators who not just teach children but are also responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for their students at school. Being a teacher is truly a rewarding profession and it is important that all educators are prepared for any situation in school. The classroom is usually one of the safest places for a child especially when they have a facilitator with proper first aid training. We believe, with the right knowledge, they will be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. Our yearly first aid training was one such initiative to ensure our teachers know how to keep the children calm and safe during an incident. This training focussed on imparting skills which will aid in saving lives and preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of incidents. The training included teaching of the simplest instructions, the body of theories, and hands-on experience. We truly embrace our role in providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our children!

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training by Fire Army was held at Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Manyata Tech Park on 13th July '22. The Fire Army team educated the staff with a set of practices and procedures to minimize the destruction caused by fire hazards.

Fire safety training taught us about the devices that aid in the fire prevention, the various processes that are involved in handling such fire disaster circumstances. It also helped us to understand how to exit the area and reduce the risks during fire breakout.

The skill and knowledge acquired through this training equipped us, to combat fire in any unanticipated fire breakout. We also learnt that the basic fire-fighting techniques will help us to prevent small fires from becoming big emergencies.

Thanks to Team Fire Army for this valuable and interesting training!

Talent Show

Talent show provides a platform for children to showcase hidden talents and skills. It is a great way to build the confidence in them. By participating in it, the children feel appreciated and acknowledged which in turn entice them to keep up the good work in all the tasks that they do.

The children participated in the talent show with great enthusiasm and confidence on 8th July at school as a part of the Unit - 'Who We Are?' . It was a treat to our eyes watching them performing amazingly well. They were also thrilled to see others appreciating and recognizing their talent.

Activities like singing, yoga, playing instrument, puzzle solving, identification of various vehicle brands etc were a part of this show. It was indeed a spectacular show put up by our children.


International Yoga Day

Health is Wealth!
With this concept in mind, the little yogis participated in International Yoga Day on 21st June 2022. Their involvement and dedication in practicing yoga was indeed praiseworthy. It was a pleasure to be a part of the event with our little ones.

First Day of School

The most awaiting day of the AY 22-23 is finally here. The day filled with joy, excitement and happiness. It was certainly a treat to our eyes watching our children back to the physical environment, enjoying every moment of being at school. Wishing everyone a very exciting and wonderful year ahead!!

Back to School

Our ‘Back to School Event’ was full of fun and frolic. Various fun filled classroom activities were planned. Everyone was excited and curious to enjoy those activities with Parents and Children. This year’s Back to School event had “adventure calling.” It summoned parents both in-house and out. We went all out to create adventurous games for the parents as the theme was ‘Adventure awaits’. The event was planned around the premise that we LEARN BEST THROUGH PLAY. Walking in the parents saw sand on the ground and clues everywhere. They were part of a scavenger hunt, one where they decipher the clue to play a game or simply test their thinking with a riddle. Some of the learning objectives met by the games were -promote logical and analytically thinking when using technology, improve Spatial awareness by walking through a maze, build problem solving and reasoning skill when one was playing the ball game or the noodle game. The dark room encouraged us to explore our world using other senses rather than the ones we are accustomed to. Thus we went back with a bag full of skills and food for thought.

Civic Management Activity 2019

When in Bangalore, one spends most of their time in traffic. There is an urgency to resolve this challenge as the number of vehicles added to the roads each day is on a consistent rise. At Vivero, we voice our thoughts to bring some relief to this menace. The young civilians propose that if we adhere to traffic rules and observe road sense we would be able to free up some space. We take it upon ourself to spread awareness about the issue. Encouraging the children to take on the responsibility and ownership of this pressing matter is done right in their early years. Discussions, educational videos and observation are some of the many ways that this topic is initiated. As the children also experience this problem on a first hand basis, giving them the power to address the issue, makes them confident and self-reliant.
The children will stage a short rendition on traffic congestion and propose a solution. The presentation aims at bringing to focus the basic traffic rules that if adhered to will ease the situation on the roads today. The children will share their thoughts and seek to find acceptance to comply with what’s suggested. They will use the method of pretend play to showcase their thoughts. Singing in unison the children will conclude with, “Red light, what do you say”.

Independence Day 2018

Independence Day was celebrated with great vigour at school. Children were dressed in tri-color and we began the day with patriotic songs and the story of Indian Independence. The valour of our freedom fighters was explained to the children. They also did take away activities. Post the event at school, children, teachers and staff went out for a ‘clam walk’ with banners hand made by children using recyclable items and which emphasised on the social and environmental issues from a child’s perspective.

Back To School 2018

Back to School was an attempt to showcase the child’s day at Vivero. Every class had planned out a fun-filled day for the parents and children. The day was chalked out identical to regular day at school.
K2 children, welcomed their parents with engagements like arranging story cards, word of the day and pattern making. They organized a game that involved stacking cups as a team. The response to which was ‘ecstatic’.
For the K1class, flow started with IIP which included the Human light app and a one to one correspondence wheel. During circle time, they discussed about body parts and functions of the internal organs. Nursery conducted blindfold painting which gave the parents a unique experience. As their topic revolved around senses, they made a textured photo frame as a take away. Pre Nursery stormed the day with parachute play, and a sink and float activity. The day also included dance and movement, Circle time with rhymes. The parents also got play dough to explore. The children and parents were taken through a session on ‘Good touch and Bad touch’. Pure Child Care had an action packed day planned. On the list were water bottle flower painting, explorations at the light table, parent and child hand print, cotton dabbing on a flower and creations out of play dough. Thus went a day on back to School.

Annual Sports day 2017

We hosted our 2nd Annual Sports Day on 09th December, 2017. The grounds were prepped, props made and the children had been putting in many hours of practice. The event was flagged of with march-past by classes K2 to Pre Nursery. As we believe that participation trumps competition, all participants were cheered on to the finish line. Races were organised for the children and their effort was commendable. Be it the Hippo race or Thirsty crow, the children were familiar with the race protocols and executed them with ease. The drills by K1 and K2 and Pre Nursery and Nursery were well coordinated and in sync. Parents participated enthusiastically in the races designed for them – Feeding nachos and Bursting balloons. We are still debating the winner of the Tug ‘o war. Thus, amidst exhaustion and applauses we were brought to the end of a superbly executed Sports day.

Onam Day - 2017

Onam was celebrated in school in its authentic form. The flower carpet and lamp welcomed the children to school. The K2 children made a flower carpet in class too. The toddlers made their version of a flower carpet using coloured paper pieces. Each class had planned out activities to help the children understand and appreciate the relevance of Onam. The story behind Onam was narrated and some traditional Kerala dances were screened in Nursery and K2, in keeping with their inquiry. All the children were treated to a mini Sadya. They were made to sit on the floor and eat off a banana leaf. This new experience was greeted with mixed reactions. Nursery also had some games like lemon and spoon and tug-of-war conducted for the children. The day ended with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Annual Day - 2017

The Theme of our Annual Day " Chorus of Invaluables " was all about children's expression of the values they imbibe from their environment. The parents were welcomed and escorted to the Art Gallery to view the children's work pieces and documentation. This was the area that the parents really enjoyed a lot and could connect to very well. We had a huge hall with excellent arrangements of video, music, stage, backdrop and comfortable seating. Parents were overwhelmed to see their children perform. Touching moments were experienced when 8 parents individually came up and shared their wonderful experience with Vivero. Few got very emotional and had tears of joy in their eyes.