Event - Noida

Valentines Day Celebration

Vivero international loved hosting a special valentine day event for all the gorgeous supermoms on 8 Feb’2020. It was a happy day with smiles and laughter of our lovely Vivero mothers who participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Winter queen fashion show, Session with professional beautician along with some dance moves from our mommies and fun games were the highlights of the event!

POCSO and POSH Training

Our staff is now well trained on POCSO 2012 (protection of children sexual offences) and POSH 2013 (prevention of sexual harassment) and was briefed on the standard operating procedure in such situations. The session was conducted by a professional who educated the staff and our children’s parent attendees on protection of children from sexual offenders. The trainer emphasized on teaching children about safe and unsafe touch and how to use – NO! GO! TELL! Model.
The trainer also discussed with the team about sexual harassment of women at workplace and the need for an organisation to have an internal committee to handle such issues. The correct and legal ways to approach the situation if required. Overall it was an informative session.

Fire Drill

Vivero, Noida conducted a fire drill on 11 January’2020 to practise and establish step by step evacuation in case of a fire. The drill equipped everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities during an emergency and ensure quick evacuation.

First Aid Training

Acknowledging the importance of health and safety, first aid training session was conducted for our school team. Our teachers are now skilled and certified to be able to respond in case of an emergency.

Movie Night - Bambi

Movie night held on 14 Dec’19 at Vivero International, Noida was a magical experience for children and their parents. The entire school was set up according to the jungle theme and in sync with the movie ‘Bambi’. Along with ensuring a fun family bonding time this event also helped children understand the concept of money and instil entrepreneurial skills. Children were encouraged to visit the Vivero bank to withdraw money (fake) and then use the same to purchase tickets, popcorn etc.
Children had fun as they engaged in various activities like Bambi puzzle solving, crown making, tattoo art etc. It was a nice cozy set-up for the families to sit together and watch the movie while munching on the yummy popcorn. The evening ended on a high note with parents and children dancing together. This was one happy evening for sure.

Culmination Day 2019

First culmination day at Vivero, Noida was a delightful experience for parents to get familiarised with the unit of curriculum. Our young children took great pride in showcasing their learning and performing for their parents. It was wonderful to see them perform with so much enthusiasm and zeal.