Event - Powai

Halloween 2023

Parents of Vivero, Powai hosted children at their home forthe Halloween Trick or Treat. Children and teachers were extremely thrilled with the warm welcome and amazing hospitality extended. The house was so beautifully decorated with lights, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, et al, providing a complete feel of Halloween.

Parents were sportingly dressed in their Halloween attire which added to the fun element. From the moment of arrival till the last minute, the children were made to feel special and were so well taken care off. A special mention of the goodies and food served. Very generous indeed. Children loved every bit of it. Thank you dear parents for your warmth, kindness and hospitality. We were deeply touched to see the effort taken by you to make this day so special for our children.

Curso de Etiquetta

At our newly launched ‘Curso de Etiquetta’, we will be introducing an etiquette program where the children will learn to create a fine dining ambience. How to lay the table, use of appropriate crockery and cutlery, gracious behavior, impeccable manners, dinning etiquette, considerate communication, use of respectful, appreciative and kind language at the table, tips to be a great host/ guest at the table, and of course build a positive relationship with food – all this and more is in store for our young learners at Vivero to make them confident in various social settings.

Buddy Day 2023

This year, the Vivero ‘Buddy Day’ was celebrated in keeping art and its related activities in mind. We invited our children to bring along their buddies to School. The teachers planned an extraordinary line up of fun based, rich learning activities to engage the children along with their buddies. The Neon Room turned out to be one of the popular attractions for children.
Children used a variety of vivid colours to observe and explore objects and the environment differently. Shadow and reflection with neon colours, developing fine motor skills (drawing with oil pastels) to produce two-dimensional works of art, exploring with flashlights for producing fluorescent visual art were some of the highlights of the activities in the Neon Room.

Transition Program 2023-24

Stepping out from the comfort of their home environment our prenursery babies came to school accompanied by their parents. The well thought off and planned activities kept the children engaged in exploration. The curious minds were at work and busy throughout. Some were busy following the patterns using animals, some constructed structures with blocks while showed their creative side using play dough.

Thanks Giving

The school had a corner with a small set for the Thanks Giving tree where children and parents wrote their thank you messages. The bright and cheerful colours of the maple leaves added to the vibrancy of the school. We are extremely thankful to each and every person involved in making our journey at school happy and successful every day.

Onam celebrations

Onam is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival celebrating the reward of nature after a year of hard work by the farmers. It also marks the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali. The beauty of the festival lies in the fact that people of all religions, castes, and communities celebrate the festival with equal joy and verve. The festivities of Onam last for ten days.

Our children came dressed in traditional attire and ate their snacks on banana leaves. One of the parents from the Pre Nursery class did an incursion where she helped children make rangoli out of flowers and recited the Onam story to them.

Chocolate Day

The PN children had a wonderful time hearing about how chocolate is made as well as taking part in fun activities like making chocolate faces and craftwork involving sticking chocolate wrappers.
The K2 class had a wonderful finger-licking Chocolate Day celebration. From show and tell discussions on their favorite chocolate, price, brand and ingredients to talking about manufacturing and expiry dates and texture, it was definitely a day of rich learning.
The session ended with making delicious chocolate ganache which the children spread over their choice of cookies, bread or ice-cream - surely a sweet end to the day!
K1 class - Chocolate is perhaps the world’s most favorite food. Whether children are happy, sad, excited, tired or plain bored, a bar of chocolate is all they need to feel better, at least until the chocolate lasts.
Since most children love chocolate, this World Chocolate Day, our teachers decided to engage them in a variety of exciting activities as well as some discussion on the history of chocolate and its journey from 'bean to bar', making their own chocolate wrappers and understanding the difference between white and dark chocolate.
The delightful pictures of our K1 children speak for themselves..

Corn on the Cob Day

Summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate it than with some delicious corn on the cob.
The K2 children started with a book reading – From Kernels to Corn – showing how corn is grown. This was followed by show and tell about the various corn products like sweet corn, corn-starch, corn flour, popcorn.
There are pictures of the project they worked on creating a cornfield, the role of the scarecrow.
They ended the celebration by making delicious buttery corn salad, discussing the healthy benefits of corn.

Fathers Day celebration

Father's Day acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of fathers to their own families and society at large. On this day, children get a chance to appreciate their fathers and father figures - all the people who have played a vital role in their lives.
Our children did some wonderful activities with their fathers - not sure who had more fun though, the daddies or the children!

International Yoga Day Celebration

According to a Harvard study, 'Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school-age children. Yoga improves balance, strength, endurance and aerobic capacity in children as well as psychological benefits'.
Most of all, Yoga engages the entire mind, body, and spirit in a way that honours all the ways children learn.
Here we share a few pictures of our children beautifully embracing the simple Yoga asanas with their teachers on International Yoga Day!

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the MOST wonderful time of the year - there are so many wonderful arts, crafts, and learning opportunities that one can incorporate for the children - And to see the wonder and excitement for the holiday season through children’s eyes- that is just priceless…our children had a wonderful time making stars and angels, building Christmas trees out of Lego blocks, finding their elf names and singing Christmas carols along with their classmates, all of it virtually.

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Our children celebrated Thanksgiving safely and with just as much fun this year.
Some children along with their parents wrote thank you notes using the Annotate feature while others made their very own plump turkeys using colours of the fall! Children coloured each part of the turkey separately and then assembled them one by one, understanding different parts of the body like eyes, beak, wings, feathers and legs.
Thanksgiving turkey making crafts and revisiting of the rainbow writing of letters by writing the word 'Thanks' was done - Thanksgiving Day was celebrated with much excitement and enthusiasm!

Lorris Malaguzzi Day

Loris Malaguzzi was an early childhood educator who founded the educational philosophy known as the Reggio Emilia Approach. It is a pedagogy described as student-centered that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery. At its core is an assumption that children form their own personality during early years of development and are endowed with "a hundred languages", through which they can express their ideas. In honor of Lorris Malaguzzi and his contribution towards early childhood education Vivero celebrated his birth anniversary as Lorris Malguzzi Day.
The school invited children from Krishna K.G. NGO to interact and engage with Vivero chillaren. Krishna K.G. School is a non-profit making school that aims to provide quality education to the underprivileged children between the age of 3 to 7 years. The children were engaged in a multitude of activities like making self-portraits with natural materials, games with loose parts, creating photo frames, bookmarks, and bag tags inspired by the Reggio-Emelia approach. The thought behind this endeavor was to create an understanding amongst the community of how each one holds a distinct responsibility and can make a valuable difference to society through their smallest contribution. It was a combined effort of all the children across levels; this incited in them a spirit of upcycling and recycling, which is the need of the hour to save our planet.

Christmas Fete

The Christmas Fete organized on the 14th of December at Vivero,Powai was one of the most awaited annual event for all. Like every other event at Vivero, this one too had a soulful purpose; i.e. of reaching out to the communities especially of the lesser privileged ones. This event bore a positive undertone right from the start as it was a complete ‘Friends of Vivero’ initiative with the focus on generating funds for a mutually selected NGO charity, 'Vatsalya’.
The day of the event began with VIVERO all decked up in bright Christmas colours of green, red and white. Christmassy festoons of red and white balloons, dangling mobiles of candy canes, stuffed stockings, festive wreaths and happy Santa faces, made by the children at Vivero added to the spirit of cheer all around. Game-stalls and activities like treasure hunt, ball pool, balloon sculpture and tattoo making kept everyone happily engaged. The ever popular ‘bouncy castle’ and the ‘puff-puff train’ were a super hit with the children as always. Mouth- watering food stalls served endless cake pops, cupcakes, sandwiches, biryani, kababs, popcorn, candy floss and the all-time favourite ‘chaat-counter.’
While Christmas carols performed by Music Together made the children and their parents groove a bit; the live pottery-making session proved itself to be a major crowd puller. Local stalls selling organic handicrafts, creatives, apparels and artwork added a pop of colour and, variety to the day’s events. It was heartening to see the children and care-givers from the NGO, Vatsalya enjoying themselves too. All-in-all it was a brilliantly successful event that could not have been possible without the support of the parent community.


Rightfully termed as the ‘mega event’ of the year, 'The Vivero- Halloween Pop up,' had children and grown-ups walk into the thematically decorated arcade with their friends and families, super-charged with excitement and wonder.
The grand fiesta of food, music, dance, and craft went on seamlessly while the entire stretch of Vivero, Powai buzzed with positive energy and crackled with excitement. Handcrafted ghosts, skeletons and witches were seen ready to zip-zap-zoom. Creepy cobwebs, scary spiders, serious scarecrows, an eerie pumpkin-patch, and paper lanterns all added to the Halloween vibe wonderfully. The environment was electrifying with lively music, goofy games, yummy food and happy faces. Children engaged in fun activities like meet 'Po' from 'Kung Fu Panda' organized by one of the biggest chocolate brands in the country, Cadbury's as they re-introduced their fun chocolate ‘Lickables.’ Kidzania was yet another entertaining brand present during the event and they ensured a larger-than-life experience to one and all.
It was however, the children's fashion show that set the ball rolling at the ‘peak hour’ where children dressed up as pumpkins, fairies, butterflies and superheroes. The live band performances by ‘Many Troops’ kept the crowd grooving on their toes. The highlight of the evening was the brilliant performance of the Kindergartners as they put up a little dance performance to some spooky tunes in the house. The glamour quotient went up a notch as soon as the lights were lit and the 'Mad Scientist' lab became yet another crowd puller where everyone lined up for an experience they could cherish. ‘Love and Cheesecake’ added to the merriment by presenting the crowd with some beautiful creations of scrumptious Halloween desserts.
The Halloween Pop-Up 3rdedition was an extravaganza that was worth waiting for and turned out to be an event that only gets bigger and better each year. We extend a BIG thank you to each and everyone involved in making this event a spooktacular one and look forward to the next one already!

Parent Toddler Program

We are happy to share that we had the first demo session of the parent toddler program on the 18th November at school. This programme is designed for children from 8 months to 18 months of age. It offers a wonderful opportunity to focus on strengthening the bond between the parent and child, also a unique opportunity for the child to begin the lifelong journey of inquiry and exploration with the safe support of a trusted adult. It’s the first step in the direction of engaging in constructive and meaningful activities.

School Picnic

On the 15th of November, a school picnic was arranged to the Ambrosia Garden in Hiranandani. As always children were excited to explore the park and enjoy. They took a walk around the park and had fun time in the huge play area. The sense of responsibility in our children have always made us proud as even while on a picnic, they picked up the trash fallen on the ground and threw it in the bin. Teachers had planned some fun filled games like ‘dog and the bone’ ‘passing the hoop’ and ‘Scavenger hunt’. They had a great time at the park, as they were so looking forward to go for a picnic with their friends.

Childrens Day

Children’s day is extremely special and to make it even more special, we decided to create a mini restaurant in the outdoor play area for a Vivero brunch called ‘Buen Provecho’. The idea was to provide an experience to children of how birthday parties were organized earlier, keeping it very basic, simple yet fun. We too just had a decoration of frills and balloons all around the outdoor play area. Children were served some yummy snacks which was relished by all. They anxiously waited for the blow whistles to be given to them as takeaways.

Civic Awareness Drive by K2-Diwali Parade

Our Kindergartners have been enriching their knowledge about the different ways of storytelling and have become adept at voicing out their points of view about all that they observe.
They were recently introduced to the story, practices and customs followed during the different celebrations.
The children were aware that Diwali- the festival of lights is celebrated with great fervour and grandeur across our country. Hence, while listening to the story of Diwali, they expressed their concern for the environment by pointing out that animals, birds and people can't breathe in smoke. So, we should burn less crackers.
This led them to take the initiative and spread awareness about 'Going green' this year. They participated in a civic awareness drive on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 in link with our 'Civic management' initiative. This enabled our children to gain the 21st century skill of taking responsibility for self and the planet we all inhabit.


Dussehra is the festival which reminds us of the importance of goodness, fighting injustice and following the path of righteousness. This year the children celebrated the festival in a different way, where they were made aware of the 9 day Navratri festival and significance of the same. Children danced to the tune of garba and flaunted their traditional wear. Dressed in their lehnga cholis and dhoti kurtas our children looked adorable. It was a delight to see the children dance so well. They were also served yummy jalebis and fafda that was truly relished by them.

World Elders Day

1st October being the ‘World Elders Day’ Vivero celebrated it in a grand way. The outdoor play area was decorated with beautiful drapes, shimmers and lamps to match the theme of Arabian nights. The grandparents joined us from as far as Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chennai and Pune.
As rightly said, age is just a number, we were whelmed to have a houseful of enthusiasts that surprised us with their get up and dresses which matched perfectly with the theme. Children were thrilled to walk on the red carpet with their much loved grandparents and listening to the stories and poetries shared. They were engaged in various games which they thoroughly enjoyed.
Everybody had a gala time as they danced to the tune of the Arabic music.
The Elder’s Day was an event to remember. The mutual admiration of grand parents and their grandchildren was so evident during the entire event.

Safe Unsafe Touch Workshop

We are pleased to share that Vivero International Preschool organized the first Workshop for the AY 2019-20 for our parents on Safe and Unsafe Touch, a highly sensitive topic which parents have been grappling with.
Tough teaching children safe touch is one side of the Spectrum, however all the positive efforts of a school and its teachers to deliver the right content can be overwritten if parents are unaware of what to say, how to say, the 'impact' of the right words and what to avoid. Thus there may be a Gap in what is taught at school and what is practiced at home.
The speaker a Masters in Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS-Mumbai) who has extensively worked with children under 6 touched upon several sensitive issues and concerns of parents on the topic. Her experiences in the field, research, parent sessions as well as current Psychological practices motivated her to design ‘Parent Sensitization Workshop' on Safe Touch in the Indian Context.
In our own little way we seek to contribute and better the world we live in.

Independence Day Celebration

“ Be the change you wish to see in the world “ –Mahatma Gandhi

This 15th August, the children at Vivero celebrated the Independence day ‘the responsible way’.
Soaked in the spirit of patriotism, the Pre Nursery children dressed up as freedom fighters and paid them tribute.
The Nursery children displayed the true sense of freedom through Music and Movement by performing a Ribbon Dance.
The children in Kindergarten 1 & 2 pledged to be more conscious and responsible towards the environment by planting more trees, reducing noise pollution, saving tiger and saving water.
Together, they stood proudly and sang the National Anthem.
Each child took home a SEED FLAG as a positive step towards a greener planet.

Back to School

With loads of Fun-learning engagements and activities all rolled into a single day, our ‘Back To School’ event was indeed a blast!

This annual event for Vivero International Pre-schools takes place around a month after the start of a brand new academic year. This year too, parents enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to attend school along with their children. They walked into school and sat inside the classrooms, participated in the daily routines to fully understand the 'Flow Of The Day'. Through simple motions and activities, parents were made to understand how the curriculum at Vivero International incorporates all the critical learning domains into a holistic environment that is specifically centred on nurturing children through their Early Learning Years.

As always, we at Vivero International Pre-School, Powai thank each parent, child and teacher for making this day a memorable one as it enters the annals of yet another Vivero tradition.

Daddy's Day Out

A 'Father' means so many things all at once; an understanding heart, a source of strength and support right from the very start. Fathers are indeed a child’s best friend. In our own little way, our Father's Day marked a tribute to honour all fathers by celebrating the joy of fatherhood, the importance of paternal bonding and the influence of fathers upon the child's outlook towards society. Children at Vivero International Pre School & Childcare, Powai celebrated Father’s Day on the 21st of June and much to our delight, this event transformed into a welcome platform for all 'Daddy's' as they came forth to spend quality time with the children at school. Various activities were planned and much care was taken to organise a fun-filled morning for the Daddies. Engaging sports, interactive activities like making 'note pads', 'chef caps' and wind chimes' kept everyone highly entertained. The highlight of the day saw the children and their fathers involved with preparing grilled-sandwiches and laying-out-breakfast for all. It was truly one memorable experience and all of us at Vivero Powai remain sincerely thankful to all the participating fathers who spared their valuable time and attended. The feedback and comments have left us overwhelmed with your love and support.

Jungle Book - Movie Night 2019

At Vivero we look for unique ways to celebrate childhood and this was the thought with which we arranged for a Movie Night at Vivero International PreSchool, Powai. The event was happily received as an occasion for bonding with children and parents coming together in a comfortable environment at the school premise. It was an open event saw many outside families attending as well. The movie experience was made more exciting by having the Children purchase tickets at the 'Vivero Box Office using 'play money' from the Vivero Bank. Children and parents curled up on the comfortable seats and enjoyed the movie with endless cups of popcorn as they watched the adventures of Mowgli, Sher Khan and Bagheera. Teachers had also planned some interactive activities at the play area after the movie. This was a different experience for all and one that is sure to have people 'talking about it' for a long time to come.

K2 Civic Engagement 2019

Kindergarten 2 children based on the unit of inquiry ‘Materials used in the environment’ and as a community outreach project visited the ‘Wellness Forever’ chain of pharmacy stores.
The large objective of the excursion was to bring awareness among the people to recycle, reduce and reuse paper. The K2 Children presented 100 small handmade paper bags made from old newspaper to the pharmacy. The children spoke very confidently to the staff and customers present there, explaining about the concept of recycling paper and its effect on the environment.
The pharmacy used these paper bags to give away medicines to the customers. The paper bags were painted and stamped by the children using their own creativity. Little things count and so as children suggest ‘Say No to Plastic and use paper/cloth bags’ take a vow and make the planet a better place to be in for all of us.

Christmas Fete 2018

Christmas weaves a magic around the world and everything appears happier and more beautiful. It was yet another BIG day at Vivero International Preschool as we organized the Christmas Fete on the 22nd of December. The school was decorated with stockings, wreaths, joy sticks, streamers and a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. The wide range of stalls across all levels of the school was a treat and parents had a gala time playing games & shopping. The train and the bouncy castle have always been the largest crowd pullers. Another major attraction this year was the magic show. The magician with his tricks gripped the children’s curiosity. Santa walked in dressed in his red and white attire singing ho-ho-ho and distributing gifts to children.
The core committee of our parents the Friends of Vivero put in a lot effort to put the event together.
A big thank you to them.

Movie Night with Grandparents 2018

Vivero Powai organised movie time for its children and grandparents together on the 29th of September Saturday. It was a day full of eagerness and excitement. Children walked in with their grandparents to watch the movie. But before that they collected tickets form the box office counter, this provided them the real life experience of a theatre. The ambience of the school was close to real jungle with huge palm leaves, water fall, flowers and animals in the environment. Children relished the hot popcorns being served to them during the movie. The event clearly displayed the emotional bond and connect children share with the elders in the family. This community event organised at school also gave the message that ‘Great communities are built by great educators’, since we value and treasure relationships and partner with community of people outside at every step.

International Day 2018

The objective of International Day was to bring the international community here in our school together to provide an enriched learning experience to the children and for them to mingle and respect each others culture. Our teachers proactively got the ball rolling and enthusiastic Vivero parents who happily agreed to volunteer to take charge of the event. We appreciate the amazing energy, enthusiasm and contribution in making this day so joyful for our little children. The rich learning experience will be cherished by our children and staff for a long time to come. Team Vivero is extremely happy at the huge success of the event and thank you once again for making this happen.

Janmashtami Celebrations 2018

Janamasthami the birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The tableaus created in the outdoor play area attracted and provided complete experiential learning to our children.

Independence Day 2018

This Independence day children at Vivero, Powai were sensitized towards love for the country whilst explaining them the meaning of freedom and how we can create a beautiful world with our free selves. Happy Independence Day!

Learning Engagements 2018

Engagements at school - The Reggio Emilia approach strongly believes that children have the potential to lead their own learning. Vivero provides a variety of opportunities to them to explore and enhance their skills to the maximum. Play is the best medium of learning as it’s the work of childhood.

100 days celebration

To commemorate the 100th day of school children partook in the theme by dressing up as 100 year olds. An engagement of constructing paper chains from 10s to make 100 was organized to familiarize children with the concept of tens.
Children were paired up and asked to bring 100 food items such as oranges, grapes, mini idlis, chocolates, chutney sandwiches and Oreo biscuits. This acted as a great learning opportunity, allowing children to play with the number 100 and sharpen their mathematic skills.

100 Days of School Celebration - 2017

Keeping this ‘Big’ number in mind, we at Vivero International Pre School Powai, planned a day to rejoice & celebrate our ‘100 days of school - A day that would stay as a memory in the minds of our young children for many more days ahead.
The ‘100 day’ celebration started off with us welcoming the Pre Nursery & Nursery children who came dressed for party. As the day progressed, it was a delight to see them enjoying the activities planned by the teachers. We were equally astounded to see our Kindergarten 1 & 2 children as well; who all came dressed as their ‘Grandpas’ & Grandmas’ to school.
Everything revolved around the number"100". The theme was wonderfully depicted by the ‘Photo-booth’ "100" as it helped us attractively capture some wonderful frames of our children. Parents too shared their own experiences of coming to school for the past 100days adding to the colourful adventures of the day. The highlight of "100 days of School" was the human figure created by the entire team of Vivero Powai and wonderfully clicked via an aerial shot to commemorate the event.

Annual Day 2016

The theme for the 2016 Annual Concert was 'Tap and Twirl". It was like a journey around the world starting from India. Exposure to cultures and dance forms was the key element. The children were trained to speak up and run the show independently. They came out with flying colors with their brilliant performance on the day of the concert. Parents will agree that the performance of the little ones has been applause worthy and worth all their effort. They have emerged as great performers with a sporting spirit since we all know that facing a huge crowd of unfamiliar faces is not a cakewalk for anyone. Big congratulations to all the proud parents. Also, the teachers and children would like to thank all the parents for helping us with Annual day costumes, make up, props and organizing food.

Art Auction

Vivero Powai has been conducting art auctions during annual day celebrations for the past three years. The art auction displays artwork made by the children of each grade collectively. The bids made by the parents are then handed over to an NGO called 'Save the Children India', which works for the benefit of underprivileged children.
While working on the artworks the children are encouraged to practice freehand painting on sheets of paper while learning how to form strokes with their brush. They are made aware of various well recognized works made by different artists. They are also sensitized about less privileged children and the fact that one should be thankful for the kind of life we are blessed with. Children thrive while working with colours and love expressing through the medium of art.

At the Restaurant

The Shimmering Sunrays put on their chef's hat and prepared treats like 'Summer Delite' and 'Crispy Wonder'. The drink was made by putting a spoonful of orange fruit powder in a glass of water. Children were observed vigorously stirring the contents. Next, children grouped themselves and together made 'Crispy Wonder' by mixing ingredients such as puffed rice, fried vermicelli, chopped onions, tomatoes and boiled potato cubes. The teacher was proud to observe children identify ingredients calling out "kanda", "tamatar" and "sev". Thereafter, parents played the role of customers and children served them the treats. It was overwhelming to observe children carry tray full of food to their parents without any spillage. Through this engagement children demonstrated social skills such as sharing working space and materials, the joy of serving others and fine motor skills involved in mixing all ingredients.

Back to School 2015

The First unit for children culminated amidst many interesting events and celebrations in school. 'Back to school' program was organized in Vivero where parents were invited to visit the classrooms of their children and get a glimpse of their day to day routines and learning experiences. The parents came in good strength to witness the different kinds of engagements and the learning that happens on a daily basis. Children displayed their growing skills in different learning centres like literacy by identifying their name tags or matching a few letters on the word wall, their knowledge and understanding skills by identifying and counting their family members' palm cut-outs to make their individual 'family mobile', and numeracy through mathematical concepts like identifying number symbols, sorting, matching, size gradation and value association. Children enjoyed performing activities in front of parents and they felt proud to demonstrate their learning. It was a great experience for the parents to observe the learning of their children and they equally cherished their little ones efforts.

Back to School 2017

A day full of wonderful memories and strengthening relationships! Back to School event provided an opportunity to the parents to visit the classroom and get acquainted with the daily routines and learning of the children. The class was set up keeping in mind the different domains which lead to overall development of Viveroites. Children enthusiastically took parents around their class room and demonstrated their new attained skills in the areas of numeracy, literacy, creative, personal social emotional, physical and knowledge and understanding of the world. Later they had extended fun in the outdoor play area where the children along with their parents participated in different games planned for the day like Aim in the tub, Move the coin using a straw, big bubble and Spanish session. It was an event which clearly displayed and highlighted the achievements of our children.


Camping was a new exposure for our Pre nursery children, hence to prep them up we saw a video on the same. They listened to a story on jungle animals and also saw pictures of things you need when you go camping. The children were dressed in casuals with Vivero hats. We took off with a nature walk moving on to playing ball games in the garden. The teacher mentioned that there is no cooking gas in the forest, so we cook with wood which we get from the tree. In the same vein we made our own barbeque on a Satay sticks. They skewed their food and placed it on the grill. They turned it occasionally pretending to cook. After a good feast they played hide and seek with their friends in the tents that were put up. We winded up by singing camping songs with the parents and children.

Christmas Celebrations

Vivero,Powai hosted the Christmas Fete, spearheaded by parents on 12thDecember, 2015. Different stalls were put up with fun activities for all. The Powai community thoroughly enjoyed the fete.
At the school the teachers and children planned to do something different this year and decided on doing a 3D décor. The manger and the Christmas tree put in the outdoor play area and children of all classes took part in decorating it. The children and teachers did a fantastic job of executing their plan.
Christmas party was held on December 22, 2015. Two daddies of Vivero, Powai volunteered to be Santa. Admist great cheer and excitement both our Santa's visited classrooms to distribute gifts to the children. All the children had a great time singing and dancing to various Christmas tunes and indulging in a variety of sweet and savory items sent by parents.

Clean-up drive

At Vivero, children are encouraged to keep their immediate surroundings clean. As a part of this initiative, children were taken on a clean-up drive in the vicinity of the school. They learnt about the right manner of disposing waste, they also interacted with the cleaner who keeps the school premises clean and thanked him for his efforts.

Corn on The Cob Day

If there is any food synonymous with the monsoons, it is corn. There is nothing quite like the smell of roasted corn on a rainy day. Celebrating the spirit of the ongoing monsoons, Vivero Powai celebrated 'Corn on the cob day'. Our friendly neighbourhood 'bhuttawala' (corn cob vendor) was called in with his entire cart to demonstrate to the children how corn is roasted. The children loved the whole experience where they were given the chance to smell, hear, feel and finally taste yummy corn on the cob. Children were fascinated by the 'pop pop' of the corn while it was getting roasted. They also keenly observed the several overlapping, papery-thin, leaf-like, pale green husks and how they are peeled away to reveal the delicious kernels of goodness. Of course, the highlight of the day was when the children finally got to eat all the yummy corn that they patiently waited for.

Corn on the cob 2017

Rains have already charmed the children more than anything. They feel rejoiced to watch rains from the window and hearing the thunderous sounds. They feel delighted about going for the nature walk with their raincoats on. Children keep looking around to spot snails and earth worms roaming in the lawn. Amidst of all this rain fun, we had ‘Corn on the cob day ‘on 18th July2017. We had a corn vendor coming in. Children excitedly chose their corn and explored it by engaging all their senses eventually peeling it carefully. The fresh corns were roasted on the barbeque, the live counter was set up in the outdoor play area and the corn vendor humbly served the yummiest corns. Children propagated the benefits of eating corns and various ways in which we can have the corn.

Culinary Craft

Culinary Craft workshop organised by the school for children and parents together. We had K1 and K2 children participating in the workshop. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and parents.

Curriculum Morning

We believe that each child at Vivero should become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and an effective contributor to the society. This is possible when children, teachers and parents all work together in the process of building knowledge. Each year is just a stepping-stone towards achieving the four capacities.
To work towards achieving this, Vivero Powai invited parents to attend a Curriculum Morning on Saturday, 5th December 2015. They were given a glance into the exciting and enriching journey that their child would experience for the next academic year and as well as the curriculum , goals to be achieved and fun filled engagements, that are exclusive to Vivero.
The curriculum discussed for each group was for the level the child would be attending next year so that they could have a glimpse into the forth-coming year!

Diwali Celebration - Vivero Powai

Vivero Powai celebrated Diwali on 5thNovember 2015. Children were engaged in creating crafts (lanterns, diyas, banners, rangoli) in their respective classes. Crafts were decorated in the school premise.
Children came dressed in colourful traditional clothes and enjoyed playing games in their classrooms planned by teachers and children.Children shared an assortment of delicious food sent from home with their classmates. Teachers also narrated the story of Diwali focusing on the essence of the festival. Kindergarten children decided to narrate the story themselves! Indian sweets like 'kajukatri' were relished by all children and they tookhome clay diyas beautifully decorated by them, for their mommies and daddies.

Family incursion week

It was time for some fun with families at Vivero Powai. Children were learning on how families form an intrinsic part of our lives. To make this concept more meaningful for the children, the teachers planned a 'Family incursion week'. All family members were invited on each day to be part of fun activities. The mothers were invited to play games in partnership with their children, the grandparents visited another day for storytelling and singing sessions and the fathers were given a challenge of displaying their culinary skills with the children. The family incursion week witnessed a partnership between grandparents, parents, children and the school. It was a fun-filled week with some endearing moments of family bonding.

Father's day fun

Vivero Powai, celebrated Father’s Day with much aplomb. While children were settling in the new academic year, the fathers made the transition easier and fun albeit for one day. It was a delight to see the fathers singing rhymes, eating snacks and playing games with their little ones. Several fathers also spoke about how much they appreciated that the School makes the time with occasions such as this, to foster the importance of relationships and family values. Their joy knew no bounds when the children presented the fathers with little gifts made by them.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents' Day was celebrated at Vivero Powai with much aplomb. The day witnessed enthusiastic participation from the grandparents. The celebration, full of dance, fun and joy, served to inculcate family bonding and good family values in the children. Vivero ensured that the grandparents reminisced about their childhood too by involving them in fun filled activities, dance, and story-telling sessions.

Halloween at Vivero

Halloween, an event traditionally celebrated to mark the end of summer and the onset of winter, is primarily a time of celebration and superstitionin western countries. However, it originated when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. Vivero, keeping up the tradition of celebrating cultures all across the globe, celebrated Halloween on 30th October, 2015. On this occasion, the young members of the school come together to put up everything that is synonymous to the event. From Bats, Spiders, Cats, ghosts, scarecrow, cobwebs, witch and a pumpkin patch waiting to greet them at the outdoor play area. The children indulged in creating an ambience signifying the occasion through their individual crafts all over the school premise. They were far from being afraid; on the contrary, they were amused to see the spooky creatures hanging all around. The pumpkin patch was a hit amongst the juniors and the haunting background added to the mood for sure! The children and teachers, all dressed up in appropriate masquerade for Halloween, completed the celebration with the famous tradition of ‘Trick or Treat’. They visited their friend’s homes for the same and came back happy carrying their candy filled goodie bags to mark the celebration!

International Day Celebration

The much awaited International Day saw a lot of enthusiasm, participation and excitement equally amongst the children as well as the parents. In this day and age, global travel and global communications require that we and our children have an appreciation of not only people from different countries and cultures, but also knowledge of the countries from where they come.
There were various countries showcased in this parent led event namely, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, Africa, India, France, Russia Japan, Spain and Europe. The world is our plate and that's exactly what felt like it today at Vivero, all the major cultures and traditions sharing their history and background with the children. The rich learning environment was visible as the stalls were done up painstakingly well with charts, projects and power point presentations symbolic of the country showcased. The children enjoyed learning about each country- its location on the globe and map, dance forms, language, costumes, national birds, animals, emblems, flags, musical instruments, sports, famous monuments and food. Our little ones were visibly amused by the colourful flags of different countries which they carried home as a takeaway. They also learned the greetings of different countries in different languages like in Hindi, French, Japan, Russian and Spanish to name a few. Further they were amused when they were shown the globe and told that it is the smaller version and model of how our earth looks like. The largest continent Africa captured their attention with its safari animals. The star attraction was the mascot of Mickey Mouse, their joy knew no bounds on seeing it and they could not seem to get enough of it.

Janamashtmi Celebration in Vivero Powai

The birthday of lord Krishna, a hindu deity is an auspicious day for all Indians and is known as 'Janamashtami' or 'GokulAshtami'. 'DahiHandi' in Mumbai is celebrated by making human pyramids and people enact Lord Krishna's childhood attempts to steal curd and butter from an earthen pot beyond his reach. Our school celebrated 'Janamashtmi' on 4th September.
The school was decorated with colourful buntings and a swing was placed at outdoor area for children to sit on it and have fun. Children from all classes dressed in traditional clothes, assembled at the stilt to celebrate the festival together. Children got a taste of conducting 'DahiHandi' by climbing up on the table to topple over a hanging pot filled with flowers. Later children danced to songs related to Lord Krishna's birthday. It was a pleasurable sight to see children mingling from all levels together for the occasion. 'MishtiDahi' was served to children and it was relished enthusiastically. Children went home with a traditional Indian crown as a keepsake memento representing Lord Krishna and Janamashtami.

Loris Malaguzzi day 2017

Truly inspired by the ‘Reggio Emilia’ philosophy and approach Vivero International Preschool celebrated the ‘Loris Malaguzzi day’ on the 23rd of Feb ( birthday of Loris Malaguzzi) at school. It was a tribute to the findings and sharing of the rich knowledge and experiences of the educator and philosopher. Taking it further to contribute to the community and work hand in hand with the not so privileged strata, we invited teachers of Vidya – a not for profit making organization that works with under privileged children to educate them. The initiative started by Ms.Rashmi Sharma with a handful of children, Vidya today works with more than 220,000 children pan India. The unsurpassed way to celebrate this day was to empower these teachers with easy to execute teaching learning processes using the resources easily available in the environment to teach children and make their learning more meaningful. The session focused on the five elements of the Reggio approach namely Image of the child, Teacher as facilitator, and Environment as the third teacher, Parental involvement and Documentation. It also stressed upon the ‘HOW’ of the experiences rather than the ‘WHATS’. It was an inspiring session and a lot of sharing and learning within the group took place. The team of Vidya was led by Ms. PallaviMallaya the head of Learning and Development program for Primary Sections. They were truly inspired by the learning engagements conducted with the light table, working with shadows and reflections and using a lot of natural materials. The objective was to inspire and motivate the teachers and make them feel good about themselves for doing a great job of working with young children and encouraging them to achieve their best!


The MakarSankranti Celebration at Vivero, Powai was done in a very colorful and traditional way. All the classes displayed their colorful kites in the stilt area. All children gathered down to observe the bon fire. Children were enlightened about the significance of MakarSankranti and how it is celebrated. Children engaged in traditional dance around the bon fire. They also savored Tilchikki which was distributed. Children also enjoyed flying their kites which they made. Overall the children enjoyed it.

Vivero Powai experiences the Monorail magic

As part of their learning experience about the means of transportation, children At Vivero Powai were taken on an adventure ride on the newly constructed monorail. The children after a reassuring welcome were escorted by the monorail security personnel into Wadala station. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds when children saw a bright blue train waiting for them at the station and the ensuing journey.

Spanish Fiesta

The Spanish fiesta was a culmination to the yearlong Spanish learning across all levels. Children along with Spanish teacher Ms. Jaee practiced to perfection their role for the big day. Role-plays, presentations, art displays, games, music, song and dance were a few counters on display along with the dazzling flamenco dancer and mighty matador effigies. The day witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the children along with their parents, all celebrating the spirit of Spanish learning. People were welcomed into School by children giving away handmade Carnations. The celebration was full of dance, fun, joy, and playing of fun games. The piñata hit-and-feed the bull were flocked by children, while the parents enjoyed the sombrero dance. The event started with the children enacting some popular festivals in Spain 'La Tomatina' and 'San Fermin'. The Nursery children with their contagious enthusiasm amazed everyone by singing to some of the well-known Spanish songs. The entire lawn area was occupied by our little champs, practicing their soccer skills. But that's not all, because this was the Spanish Fiesta, K2 students gave an extremely insightful presentation, giving information about Spanish culture and tradition. The singing performances welcomed a thundering round of applause before and after every act. On their way out, children were busy decorating handmade piñatas which they took home as a take away.

Summer Camp

The Smart Summer Camp was a summer camp like no other. Children learnt about art appreciation and renowned artists and their artworks like Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting of Sunflowers, Leonardo Da Vinci's Monalisa and Henri Matisse's collage work. Culinary art, dance, music and a magic show only added to a fun-filled two weeks. A visit to the florist gave the summer camp a colourful and fragrant end.
The smart summer camp saw children being involved in various art forms. Under art appreciation children learned about different great artists and their well-known art creations. e.g. - Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting of Sunflowers, Leonardo Da Vinci's Monalisa, Henri Matisse's collage work. Later children had hands-on experience in trying to create such art work. Children thoroughly loved making crafts under the theme 'Junk to Funk' and culinary art allowed them to learn napkin folding techniques and thirst quenching recipes' like curd lassi, fresh salad sandwich and mango shake. Apart from this children had fun dancing to songs like 'Atoot-ta-tee-tee' and dancing with ribbons. The Magic Show was immensely looked forward to by children where they were fascinated by the tricks performed by the artist. Visit to the florist saw the children look with open amazement at the riot of colours and the fragrant environment of the store.

Wishing Spheres

For Wishing Spheres celebration all the children and parents assembled at Powailake. Children were welcomed by giving Tilladoos. Children enjoyed singing rhymes with Spanish teacher and music teacher. They also enjoyed dancing around the bon fire on lohri songs. Children wrote their wishes on lantern. After sunset they lit their lantern with the help of their parents and left lanterns in the sky. Children enjoyed throughout the wishing sphere celebration and it was a memorable experience.

World Chocolate Day 2017

For Wishing Spheres celebration all the children and parents assembled at Powailake. Children were welcomed by giving Tilladoos. Children enjoyed singing rhymes with Spanish teacher and music teacher. They also enjoyed dancing around the bon fire on lohri songs. Children wrote their wishes on lantern. After sunset they lit their lantern with the help of their parents and left lanterns in the sky. Children enjoyed throughout the wishing sphere celebration and it was a memorable experience.

World Elder's Day Celebration

On Thursday, 1st of October, all classes celebrated World Elder's Day together. Grandchildren accompanied only by their grandparents visited the School. There was excitement not only amongst the children but among the grandparents too. Grandparents were greeted in the traditional manner with a 'tikka' and 'aarti'. We had a good gathering of grandparents and grandchildren. It was heartwarming to see some children come in with not only their maternal and paternal grandparents but also their great grandparents. Kudos to them for the effort made!
The event was flagged off with one-minute games. The boys had to get their ties knotted by the grandparent and the girls had to get as many rubber bands on their hair as possible again by the grandparent. There were newspaper dances, musical chairs and art and craft activities where both grandchild and grandparent made sashes, badges and greeting cards together. Children were seen cheering their grandparents to complete the activities on time.Engagement of steering away the blindfolded grandparents from the hurdlesin the 'Hurdle Path' game saw children taking great careguiding their grandparents through the obstacles. Snacks and juice were served to all to re-energize them for the finale 'Dancing on Rock N Roll' song and a Spanish song or two. It was an eventful day and we are sure the grandparents and grandchildren had memorable moments to cherish lifelong.