Event - Sarjapur

KUW and Culinary Activities 2023

Talented Turtles explored their creativity through various interesting activities. They enjoyed the different techniques involved in art and loved sculpting using play dough, making kites inspired by Piet Mondrian, sand art inspired by the famous painting "The Starry Night" flowers using salt art, and abstract designs by tape resist art. They dressed up in traditional clothes and said a few lines about their culture. The children had fun using apps like chatter-kid to take pictures and draw & tell to colour. To reinforce the jolly phonics sound /c/, the children made a delicious cake with sprinkles. They also made tomato soup for their Thanksgiving snack time.

Dussehra 2023

Our children from all levels were smartly dressed in beautiful festive attire to celebrate the Dussehra festival at school. Children got to see the story of why Dussehra is celebrated and made artwork like Ravan, and Dussehra greeting cards depicting bow and arrow. Children enjoyed the dandiya dance performance by teachers, they too participated in the group dandiya dance. Overall it was a wonderful celebration!!

Buddy Day 2023

Sarjapur was buzzing with energy on the Buddy Day "Art Fiesta" as children and buddies walked in with their parents to see the beautiful, bright and colourful surroundings. Every station put up by our talented teachers was designed to help children with age appropriate different art forms like balloon painting, pointillism art, stamp painting, free painting, messy painting, fizzy art, nature art and blow painting.
Art is not just about painting and exploring colours but feeling the joy of experiencing it and so, the teachers indulged in another art form in a flash mob encouraging everyone to join in and shake a leg with the Ribbon Dance. It was indeed an exhilarating experience! The Buddy Day truly showcased the emotion of being together, being for each other and feeling happy.

Lorris Malaguzzi Day

"A Child has a hundred Languages" - Loris Malaguzzi
We commemorated Loris Malaguzzi day with children inquiring, learning, creating, playing and expressing themselves with freedom with a wonderful set-up in the nature providing numerous opportunities to collaborate and express with colours, loose parts and imagination. Here are glimpses of the day!

Republic Day 2023

Our children represented our culturally diverse nation and celebrated the Republic day with zeal and spirit.

K2 children did a splendid march-past saluting the national flag and told stories of national heroes.

We loved the way our children walked the ramp in their cultural attire demonstrating 'unity in diversity' of our country. A finale of singing and dance performances by all children was a delight to watch. Here are glimpses of this wonderful day!

Makar Sankranti Celebration

The harvest festivals of India involve customary traditions and joyous celebrations. Children at Vivero understood what 'harvest' means and got involved by listening to stories, making kites, colouring pots, cooking up delicious Sesame Chikki and Chana Chat, filled colours in a vibrant rangoli, danced around bon fire and flew kites to mark Makar Sankranti as a beginning to so many celebrations that are due to come this year.

Literacy Week

As someone rightfully quoted - "There is nothing quite like losing yourself in a good book." Early literacy helps children develop a rich vocabulary, self- expression and reading comprehension- tools they need to become successful readers and lifelong learners.

We celebrated Literacy week to encourage children to discover the love of reading. As reading promotes creativity, expands vocabulary, fosters the imagination, and even encourages empathy. Our Kindergarten 1 children engaged themselves in reading Oxford reading tree series books, jolly phonics books, Story books from Vivero library in their Cozy corner. They loved enacting their favourite story character by dressing up and using puppets, tongue twister games, 100 words, building sentences games, creative writing-I am thankful, creative illustration of our favourite books and blending sounds to read CVC words. This developed joy for reading will continue beyond literacy week.

First Aid Training

Teachers are more than just educators who not just teach children but are also responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for their students at school. Being a teacher is truly a rewarding profession and it is important that all educators are prepared for any situation in school. The classroom is usually one of the safest places for a child especially when they have a facilitator with proper first aid training. We believe, with the right knowledge, they will be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. Our yearly first aid training was one such initiative to ensure our teachers know how to keep the children calm and safe during an incident. This training focussed on imparting skills which will aid in saving lives and preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of incidents. The training included teaching of the simplest instructions, the body of theories, and hands-on experience. We truly embrace our role in providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our children!

K1 Unit 1 – iLearn@Vivero

Our 'Humming Birds' continue to hone their literacy, numeracy and social skills even from home, as they prove time and again that learning never stops! They are turning out to be confident individuals showcasing their learning experiences through artwork and explain about them beautifully during virtual sessions. These are the wonderful glimpses of our Unit 1 @K1

KUW & Numeracy activities – iLearn@Vivero

Our children with their undeterred spirit continue to enhance their understanding about the human body by using loose parts to create digestive system, learnt tricky words through magic painting and used different materials to understand some math concepts. We love sharing their work pieces. Well done K1!

K2 activties - ilearn@Vivero

Literacy, Numeracy and KUW from our Unit “I am Unique” Our kindergarten two children are blooming day by day. As a facilitator we are amazed to see their curiosity, striving for new concepts to learn and building strong relationship with their friends and teachers. Now they thoroughly accustomed with the new normal environment and eagerly waiting for their virtual classes. In our very first unit “I am Unique” children acquired the knowledge that all of us alike , all of us different well and tried their best to portray their knowledge through different project work such as making people around the world, diversity in India, Kandinsky art etc. Kindergarten Two children sharpen their phonetic skills through sentence making activity using tricky and CVC words. We are proud to showcase some of their beautiful work pieces.

Genius Gems activties - ilearn@Vivero

We had a fantastic start to this new academic year with Nursery children getting into the groove of new concept of school through ilearn at Vivero. Our “Genius Gems” created amazing masterpiece of themselves by looking at the mirror and identified their sense organs. We had loads of fun as we danced to the beats, sang new rhymes and learnt shapes and sounds. Keep it going “Genius Gems”!

Sports Day

Sports day was held on 3rd March 2020. It was a big hit! It gave our children a beautiful platform to develop a bond with their peers and accomplished their fine motor skills. Our K1 children enthusiastically took part in different sport activities like drill, lemon race and water relay race. K2 children started off with an immaculate march past and made us proud with their coordinated marching to the beat. They then cheered their peers and geared up for a dazzling flag dance drill matching steps in a synchronized way with a colourful flurry of the flags. The spirit of friendly competition came alive as our children actively took part in ‘Escaping Lava - Relay race’ which exhibited their team spirit and coordination. Everyone’s a winner at Vivero Sports Day!

Annual Concert

We celebrated our most awaited event of the year, “Annual Day concert” on December 15th 2019. It was a lively morning of celebration, felicitation and festivity where children made us proud with their hard work and immense enthusiasm to present themselves on stage with zeal and confidence in front of a huge audience.
Unique and full of life, shining, brimming with aspirations and confidence, bringing abundance brightness and joy to our lives- our children are the centre of our learning process. The spotlight shined on our superstars as we zoomed into a magical world of drama, musical performances and dance presentations staged beautifully by our children!
The highlight of the day was ‘K2 Graduation Ceremony’. It was a moment of excitement, pride and mixed emotions for parents, teachers, and our children. Our enthusiastic children walked on stage with grace and poise to receive their certificates.
Our parents are an integral part of our school and we highly value and appreciate their contributions, suggestions and participation. The heart-warming parent testimonials were a moment of pride and honour for all of us. We thank them for their continuous support and encouragement and trusting us with the most precious one in their life.
The vibrancy with which the acts, dances, songs were performed by our children created the visual feast for the audience as it displayed the innocence and joyfulness of childhood.

Open House

An open day at school (open house) took place on Saturday, 25th January 2020. Parents were invited to explore the various learning engagements (Indoor Integrated Play, literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Tech, Civic and Entrepreneurship) across each grade. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity to the parents to come to the school and understand the curriculum plan across various grades.
Our K1 and K2 children took charge of the various stations to explain to the parents how they learn a concept and how the same concept is reinforced through different play-based activities. It gave an insight to the parents on what to expect as their child, graduates to next level.
Our children played various games with the parents at Numeracy, Literacy and Tech stations on some of the concepts learnt so far, for parents to understand our learning engagements. At the KUW and Entrepreneurship station, children shared their knowledge by explaining the projects and experiments done by them making them better prepared for the 21st century.
Finally, this event concluded with a trivia time quiz questions by the K2 children for all the participants show casing that they are Grade1 ready which was absolutely mesmerizing.
We would like to thank all the parents for their support and co-operation for making this event a memorable one.

Nam Ooru Habba

The advent of autumn marks the beginning of grand festive season in India. Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur went into celebration mode with the “Nam Ooru Habba” carnival. The entire School displayed grandeur in every corner with the depiction of four different forms of Dussehra celebrated across India namely the Dussehra from the North, Navratri from the West, Durga Puja from the East and Golu of the South.
The mighty Ravana trying to guard his burning Lanka glorified the Traffic Park. The entire set up around depicted the flavors of Gujarat and Navratri with the Bandhni décor and colorful pots. The grandeur of the Golu set up was something to be proud of as it depicted the Dasara procession of Mysuru and the six seasons (ritus) along with the beautiful Golu dolls arrangement. The Durga Puja pandal set up solemnized the true Bengali culture and festivity.
The highlight of the celebration was the Kathputli Naach (Puppet show) along with the Rajasthani song, Dhol and the Puppet Horse. The crowd was completely soaked in the fiesta and danced to the beats of the Dhol.
The teachers took the celebration to another level as they all rejoiced with a grand Garba performance. A devotional dance depicting the prominent dance ritual in the form of “Dhunuchi naach” performed during Durga Puja was presented by the teachers. It was culminated with the blowing off the “Shank (Conch Shell)”, ringing the bells and the trademark “ulu dhwani” followed by the Sindoor Khela.
What’s festival without shopping and good food? There were numerous shopping stalls including clothing, jewelry, essential oils, fish tanks and plants. The people loved feasting on the traditional Indian street food like pani puri, different varieties of chat, Gujrati delicacy snacks and Ice creams. The public tambola got the crowd going as they won some exciting prizes.
The event exemplified how one festival is celebrated in four different ways representing the rich culture and heritage of our country.

Joy of Giving

The school as a community took a small step to bring smiles to the faces of others as we celebrated ‘Joy of Giving’ at school.
Parents were requested to contribute dry ration, toiletries etc. for the noble cause. The collection was given to Jyoti Seva School for Visually Impaired. We express our heartiest gratitude to all the parents for their generous contributions. Because it is rightly said “Joy of Living” is in “Joy of Giving”!

Grandparents Day

The special bond between grandchildren and grandparents’ was celebrated with a profound celebration wherein children teamed up with their grandparents for fun games and activities.

100 Days of Celebration

From the first day of school to the 100th day, it has been a tremendously interesting and evolving journey for our children at Vivero. Our 100 days journey though began with tears were later were filled with laughter, fun, new friendships and different ways of learning. We celebrated our 100th day in Vivero with lots of fun and excitement as Vivero turned into an inevitable part of our children’s life.

Culmination Day

“To truly live, celebrate each day of Life. Let each day be a festival of Joy!”
Another exciting month just went by with our most awaited celebration of learning in the form of Culmination.
For the culmination of Unit 2, PN and Nursery children amazed their parents as they showcased their learning through PPT and videos. Also, K1 and K2 children had put a stupendous show and presented their learning in the form of drama, music and dance in front of their parents.
All the children did us proud with their hard work, dedication and amazing performances which made the culmination event an extremely memorable one.

Back To School - Adventure Awaits

Our new academic year brought the celebration of our first event “Adventure Awaits”, an exciting affair with bagful of adventurous surprises for both children and their parents.
The captivating stations – Maze, Gaming zone, Jungle escapade, Bivouac and Mystery room etc. filled our children with zeal and enthusiasm and gave all the parents a chance to reconnect with their inner child. Children and adults were thrilled to pass through the network of twists and turns and find their way out of the maze. Programming ‘Cubetto’ to score a goal on the football field or sending ‘Dash’ to save the building on fire added excitement for our children. Children along with their parents loved exploring the Twister Jungle trail, Tunnel obstacle course, The Mystery Dark room and winning scratch cards to win prizes certainly brought smile and a sense of accomplishment to each one of them.
The army themed photo-booth added pride to the event with its meaningful title of “Live a Life Less Ordinary”. This memorable experience put together by extremely dedicated, hardworking and creative team of Vivero Sarjapur, had more than 350 people gracing the event.
A big thank you to our enthusiastic and super supportive parents for making this event a phenomenal success.
Our 'Back to school' event has set the beginning of a wonderful journey with a promise of many more delightful events throughout the year!!

Dash & Cubetto in Adventure Awaits!

Dash and Cubetto were the major attraction of the event “Adventure awaits”. As 21st century learners, our children are well versed with latest technological advancement. Leaning through Cubetto and Dash made our children acquainted to basic programming and coding.
Our Children came up with innovative ideas to use Cubetto, as a football player,to score a goal by placing the right keys on the console.
Children dressed Dash the robot as fire fighter who had to rescue people from a building by manoeuvring through the roads without going off-road using the Go App.
Children explained the rules of the games to the participants and assisted them to score the goal. Parents and children thoroughly enjoyed playing these games.

Movie Night - Finding Nemo

Entertainment, relaxation & family-time found a new address on Saturday,16th of March, 2019 at Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur. The event was a special arrangement for our little ones as they watched "Finding Nemo" along with their parents in a cosy set up. It was indeed a 'movie experience' like no other in front of a giant LED along with its Dolby surround sound system that brought about a genuine feel of the movie theatre, while vibrant awe-inspiring colours from the screen lit up the area. The warm, buttery smell of popcorn further added on to the exciting ambience.
The entire school was decorated with bits and pieces of the theme from the movie. The highlight, of course, was the magical underwater world entrance as every guest marvelled with sheer amazement. Every decoration on display proudly showcased the ingenuity and joy of the children's work. A hi-tech ticket counter with its curious paperless QR code scanner saw some unforgettably priceless expressions from children and parents alike. Apart from this, theme-based activities and gaming stations drew a lot of attention and kept everyone happily engaged before and after the main screening. Children not only succeeded in 'Finding Nemo' at the end but also created wonderful memories as they watched their parents relive their childhood through the event.

Annual Day - 2017

Annual Day is something each one of us including children, parents and teachers look forward to. Planning for the event begins much in advance to ensure superb performances by each and every child. The thought behind the Annual Day celebrations is to provide a wonderful platform for children to showcase their performances with confidence to a large audience. The Art Exhibition gives the parents an insight into the effort put in by the teachers to make learning fun for the children.
Planning for the event began in November 2016, with much enthusiasm. After several discussions we narrowed down on the theme based on the five elements of nature. A brief plan was laid out to include skits performed by K1 and K2 children, and dance performances by our Pre-nursery, Nursery, Childcare and EPS children. We eagerly started preparing for the event.Shortlisting the songs, script writing for the skits, planning the props, etc. was undertaken with lot of passion. Soon regular practice sessions for the big day were being conducted in all classes.
Staying true to our philosophy of ‘Partnering with Parents’, like the previous year, this year too we decided to include a performance by our K2 parents. On PTM day in January 2017,we discussed the plan with the K2 parents. They were thrilled at the idea and soon began designing the skit with some help from K2 teachers and their children.
We chose the auditorium at New Horizon Engineering College as the venue for the big day and soon the day arrived. Children dressed in their colourful attire reached school all eagerto showcase their performance on stage. At the venue, parents walked through the Art Exhibition with some yummy snacks, as they enthusiastically waited for the program to begin.
Our vivacious anchor for the evening, Ms. Ameeta Pandya, welcomed the guests and the much awaited event began. We started the affair with a speech by our Guest of Honour Ms. Bina Bakshi and the School Head’s report. The performances by children opened with the Welcome song by our K1 children followed by dances by our Childcare toddler group and Pre-nursery groups.
To ensure that most guests are present during the felicitation ceremony of our graduating K2 children, we conducted this immediately after the Pre-nursery performances. Our K2 children were thrilled to receive their graduation certificated from Ms. Bina Bakshi.
As the evening progressed children excitedly put forth their performances, dances by the Nursery children and some amazing skits along with dances were performed by the K1 and K2 children. This year also the K2 skit was written by the children.
The highlight of the evening was the wonderful 10 minute skit by our passionate K2 parents, setting very high standards for the next few years. The hard work and hours & days of dedicated practice put in by the parents was evident from the performance. The script involved lot of inputs from their children, including the dance steps.
The program ended on a high note with a song by our graduating K2 children. It was a fun-filled event with some fantastic performances by children and parents alike.