Event - Wakad

Eric Carle birthday celebration

Eric Carle was an American-German author , designer and an illustrator of children’s books. His picture book “ The very Hungry Caterpillar” is the most popular read amongst all children. On his birthday, we at Vivero Wakad paid a small tribute to this great artist. Where our Nursery children read and made their own illustrations of the hungry caterpillar, our K 1 Children read the book 'The very Lonely Fire Fly' and made the Fire Fly painting with lots of paint techniques like, thumb printing, paint spray with tooth brush etc. Our K 2 children made colourful version of the famous story, “The Mixed Up Chameleon”

Fathers Day Celebration

International Father’s Day is celebrated all across the world on the third Sunday of June. This is a day to honour our dear “Fathers” for everything they do for us, to celebrate the paternal bonds and to acknowledge the influence of fathers in our society. We at Vivero Wakad, celebrated this day by inviting the dear “Dad’s” in our virtual classes, and engaging them along with their children in different activities. It was pure joy to witness the love, the effort that our little ones put in making their fathers feel special.

Republic Day Celebrations

We at Vivero International celebrated Republic Day in our own unique way! Our children are too young to understand the actual essence of republic. Hence they celebrated the same, by learning more about the national symbols and creating their own versions of flag by using the tri colour.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations

Makar Sankranti is celebrated in January every year signifying the beginning of the harvest season and is dedicated to Sun god. While in school, children have lots of fun making and flying kites, we managed to do the same on the virtual platform as well. Dressed in traditional attire, children made colourful kites and also tried their hand in making traditional sweets. We at Vivero ensure that our children have a sound knowledge of our roots which makes them only stronger future global citizens.

100 Days of School

“It's been 100 days of school,
I'm getting really smart,
my brain is growing ,
and so is my heart."
- Unknown

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and unconditional love. They play a vital role in every child’s life. They nurture their grandchildren in the most loved and caring environment that helps them to grow in a holistic manner. To celebrate this bond that the children share with their grandparents, we invited the grandparents to the class on Friday, the 18th of September 2020 and organized “Grandparents Day”. Children were very excited to have their grandparents attending the iLearn@Vivero class with them. Grandparents joined the children either physically or virtually. It was a very heart-warming celebration. All the grandparents shared one memorable incident of their grandchild. Children gave the greeting card they had made for their grandparents and wished them “Happy Grandparents day”. It was wonderful to have grandparents visiting the class.

I learn via iLearn@Vivero

Our iLearn sessions are designed in a manner to provide continued education to a child . There is a complete balance between interactive sessions, CCA activities, Post session home practices and of course virtual reading via EPIC digital library. Though the Pandemic has altered our lives in many ways, we at Vivero International have ensured that our sole objective of shaping young learners are met and they are provided with quality wholesome education.

Independence Day Celebrations

“Independence" as seen from a Child's eye, where you are free to dress, to express, to create. The 74th Independence day was celebrated with lots of vigour and fun. Children wore tri-colour clothes, identified the national symbols and also participated in an exciting scavenger hunt. They also made soldier-themed book marks as a mark of respect to our true heroes.
Celebrate the freedom! Celebrate the Independence.
Independence day activities as done by our different age group children.

Pretend Play - iLearn@vivero

“Pretend play “has many names. It is sometimes known as imaginative play or dramatic play as well. Young children learn by imagining and doing. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas. When a child engages in pretend (or dramatic) play, she/ he is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. Through cooperative play, she/he learns how to take turns, share responsibility, and creatively problem-solve. Pretend play provides a child with a variety of problems to solve. At Vivero, pretend play has always been an integral part of our curriculum. Here we see how our nursery children are learning to take care of their own body via Pretend Play.

International Yoga Day

Yoga at Home
Keeping in tune with the United Nations theme for this year International Yoga Day, we are happy to share with you snippets of our Viveroites in action. International Yoga Day is a reminder we must keep our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health before anything else, and take some time out to nourish and nurture ourselves with yoga.

Father’s Day Celebration

“The power of a dad in child’s life is unmatched”- Justin Ricklef. Dear fathers, we hope you feel honoured for all your years of leading your family. And every day we hope you feel, how loved you are. Vivero International Pre School and Child Care has always emphasised on developing the socio economic bonds. We value our parents, and we want our children to celebrate every relationship in their lives. We celebrated Father’s day on the virtual platform, where children were creatively engaged in making small gifts for their fathers. Join us in cherishing these lovely moments.

Annual Concert

Vivero International Pre-school and Child Care celebrated its Annual Concert on the 7th of December 2019. It was a wonderful and colourful event, well applauded by our parent community. Our USP has always been the holistic development of a child. Vivero children stand tall in the crowd as confident little performers, who are not wary of the stage, but always gleaming in the lime light. Even our youngest performers from Child care rocked the stage.


Field Trips/ Excursions have always played a very important role in a child’s learning process. They provide another dimension to class based learning and help in reinforcement of what has been taught in the class. Vivero has always considered environment as a very important factor in a child’s learning process, and hence various excursions were conducted, giving children the real life edge.
Nursery children were taken to a dairy farm, whereas K1 learned all about composting and how it is done. K 2 children witnessed the various materials found in the environment and how these materials can then be converted into things of daily use.


Vivero International Pre School and Child Care believes in partnering with parents in shaping true responsible global citizens. Parents, are always welcome to come and conduct sessions with children which further supports the learning process.
Toddlers in our Child Care segment were really happy to be a part of storytelling session conducted by a parent. A popup book along with her animated voice through the session thoroughly captured the attention of our little children.
Meanwhile mommies of our K 2 class were happy to come to school and make some beautiful art work from the different materials found in the environment. This was an absolutely enriching and interesting session.

Civic Engagement

Composting is a natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment that gardeners fondly nickname Black Gold.
Our K2 children learned about the fundamentals of composting -How to make compost, the benefits of composting. They learned about the different materials required to make the compost (aligned to the unit of learning). Using a simple bucket and adding cocopeat that was soaked overnight into the compost bin and later adding organic waste that the children got from home and school kitchen. The journey of compost has begun.

Halloween Event

It is that time of the year. Festivities are in the air. Vivero international Preschool and Child Care at Wakad hosted a Pre Halloween bash for all our youngsters on the 19th of October. It was a costume party and though rains washed the evening out, the spirit of our young minds did not dampen. The pumpkins, bats, witches, the ghouls all had a fantastic time at school. Children engaged themselves in balancing on spider webs, and finding eyeballs and also knocking the ghosts out with pumpkins. Kudos to all out brave hearts.

Movie Night - Finding Nemo

“Come take a deeper dive into Vivero Wakad, with Nemo and his friends“. On popular demand Vivero hosted a Movie night on the 28th of September. An underwater walk experience was created for children which completely mesmerized each of our little guests. Parents and children had a wonderful time bonding and watching the movie in a cozy and safe environment.

Ganesha Celebrations

Partnering with Parents has always been a part of Vivero philosophy. We at School, welcomed “Bappa” this year in a very unique way. Mommies helped their little ones in making Ganpati Idols out of recycled material. This not only set the mood for this great festival, but it also taught our little ones to be more empathetic towards the environment, thereby helping them to shape up as perfect 21st century global citizens.

Buddy Day

The back to school event was conducted on 6th July, 2019. This was the first event of year where parents had a hands on experience on what school's like.
Children were very excited in bringing their parents and displaying their day at school to parents. Various age specific activities were conducted in the classroom and parents absolutely enjoyed reliving their childhood.

Back to School

The back to school event was conducted on 6th July, 2019. This was the first event of year where parents had a hands on experience on what school's like.
Children were very excited in bringing their parents and displaying their day at school to parents. Various age specific activities were conducted in the classroom and parents absolutely enjoyed reliving their childhood.

Fire Drill

Keeping in lines with our safety norms, a training was conducted at the Wakad Center for all staff on how to use the Fire Extinguisher. It was a short and comprehensive training, ensuring that all adults present in the building are able to use the Fire Extinguisher if required.

Christmas Carnival 2018

It was Carnival time at Vivero, Wakad, which was swept by the Christmas fervor, signaling the end of 2018 and heralding the New Year.
The event was held to give an opportunity to parents and children to have some great fun. The school’s sprawling ground bore a festive look with Christmas colours strewn all over it. There was something for everyone.
The school dotted with stalls and activity booths which attracted good number of visitors. A variety of food stalls vied with one another in attracting the visitors. The children made merry at the games stalls participating in “Hit the Santa; Ring the Xmas tree; Knock it down; Fish-o-Gift; Hit the Bull’s Eye; Pin Rudolf’s Nose”.
Another attraction was the music played by our DJ binding the fun with carols. Not to forget the DIY which the children took home as memories.

Independence Day 2018

Vivero International Pre-School & Child Care, Wakad celebrated Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervor on 13th Aug’18. The gamut of celebration included a special morning assembly with the K2 children being dressed as Indian Leaders.

K1 - Field Trip 2018:

Our k1 class went for their first field trip to the Silver Sports Club on 8th Aug’18 The field trip was in sync with the unit of enquiry “My Body Has Great Potential.” The energy of the children was contagious and evident through their smiles. They tried out some of the fitness equipments and learnt how it helps our body.

Coffee meet with Mom 2018:

The first coffee meet with the Child Care Mothers was held on 4th Aug’ 2018. We had exciting activities like fireless cooking , tattoo & photo frame making along with dance.
“The event was wonderful and we're looking forward for many more such events.” – Parent Feedback.

Back To School 2018:

The “Back to School” event was celebrated on 28th July’18 at Vivero International Pre-School & Child Care, Wakad. It was a funfilled morning with dance, games and activities planned for both Parents & Children.
“Couldn't have expected a better ice breaking session for parents.” – Parent Feedback

Fireless Cooking 2018:

The K2 children celebrated Fireless Cooking on 23rd July’18 at Vivero International Pre-School & Child care, Wakad. Children had a great time as they decorated little muffins with yummy icing, sprinklers and candies along with their mummies.
 They enthusiastically made tri color pinwheel sandwiches and relished the same.