Event - Whitefield

Buddy Day 2023

Art gives us the ability to express ourselves and communicate our unique emotions, thoughts and experiences. Buddy day was an art fest which was organized for the children where they explored various forms of art. Children were engaged in fun ways to explore colors and textures. Children were welcomed to a beautiful and a colorful environment at the school. Children got their buddies to together experience the art fest and explore the engagements. Children were overjoyed to explore each corner. Parents were thrilled to see the excitement on their child’s face and discover their artistic side. The ribbon dance in the end was the most enjoyed activity by the children and their parents. It was fun to witness the parents shake a leg with the little ones.

Transition Program 2023

Moving into a new environment is a time of change and adaption for children, their families, educators and teachers. Often referred to as a transition, this time of change provides opportunities to be responsive to children and families as they move into, between and beyond early learning environments. Transition is not just about the first day. It is a process that happens over time and continues until children form relationships, learn new routines and feel a sense of connection and belonging in the new setting.
This thoughtfully curated programme at Vivero was one such initiative created to provide children an opportunity to ensure personal, social and emotional skill development, familiarize them with flow of the day; participate in integrated indoor group play; bond with peers during circle time; revisit concepts integrated with creative engagements and explore structured outdoor play. Our facilitators at Vivero, planned meaningful learning engagements which helped children settle in the new classrooms; interact with their teachers and friends. The program also offered a variety of play- based activities to help them build on their communication and critical thinking skills.

Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program plays an important role in achieving educational excellence. We believe that there is a drastic change in today’s generation, technology, and environment as compared to earlier. Hence as any other professional, teachers need to keep themselves updated and develop skill sets to deliver the best to their learners in this fast-changing world. Our training sessions at Vivero are well curated with an aim to improve teacher empathy, efficiency, knowledge, mindfulness, professionalism & motivation. Teaching and learning are always like two parallel lines that are bound to go together. 21st century teaching requires our facilitators to think out of the box and implement new ideas for keeping their classroom and teaching methods modern, stirring, and highly knowledgeable. Our mid-year Refresher Training was well planned with specific aims, objectives, strategies, activities, resources with the use of right approach to achieve the desired goals. The sessions were highly collaborative which allowed everyone to provide new ideas, questions, and concepts to keep things moving forward. We owe it to our teachers for leading by example and creating happy, positive learning environments for our children!!

Grand Parents Day

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, comfort and love. The greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family's strong foundation and through their special love and care, they keep their families close at heart.

Grandparents Day at Vivero, is an important celebration set aside every year to honor them. It is indeed a great opportunity for the little ones to spend some time with their grandparents, have fun, sing, dance and create memories together that spotlights his or her life. They say grandparents are amazing story tellers who are ever willing and enthusiastic to share their life's stories with their grandchildren and to help them become aware of their strengths, problem solve and teach them important life skills. We had many such wonderful stories shared during this special occasion along with several meaningful activities. Our children were also super excited to show their classrooms, as grandparents get a rare chance to peek behind the scenes at the place where their beloved grandchildren spend their day learning and playing. Certainly, remarkable with day and some valuable memories cherished with perfect blend of smiles and tears!

Literacy Week

Our annual 'Literacy Week' was celebrated at school with great enthusiasm, energy and interest among all children and teachers. Our facilitators conducted multiple activities in the classrooms with the objective to raise awareness about the importance of reading & comprehension and to inspire the love for reading and develop it as a habit in children. The aim was also to nurture 21st-century skills in learners such as creativity, critical thinking, creative expression, imagination, vocabulary, language, communication, collaboration, etc.

The week also culminated with 100 days celebration of school which had everyone beaming with pride and remembering how far we have come in the post pandemic world. The HUNDRED signifies many important facets of learning.
Yes, the child is made of one hundred.
The child has a hundred languages..
a hundred hands..
a hundred thoughts..
a hundred ways of thinking of playing.. of speaking !

First Aid Training

Teachers are more than just educators who not just teach children but are also responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment for their students at school. Being a teacher is truly a rewarding profession and it is important that all educators are prepared for any situation in school. The classroom is usually one of the safest places for a child especially when they have a facilitator with proper first aid training. We believe, with the right knowledge, they will be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. Our yearly first aid training was one such initiative to ensure our teachers know how to keep the children calm and safe during an incident. This training focussed on imparting skills which will aid in saving lives and preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of incidents. The training included teaching of the simplest instructions, the body of theories, and hands-on experience. We truly embrace our role in providing a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our children!

K2 Unit 2 - iLearn@Vivero

Students of K2 tuned in to their second Unit of Inquiry- Everyone has a story to tell. They were asked to draw their understanding of the new topic. The students showcased stories from their previous experiences and portrayed their creativity through illustrations.

Culinary Programme - iLearn@Vivero

Children give us so much; they allow us to witness the miracle of beginnings of life and growth. The principles and disciplines learnt as a child are responsible for what he or she becomes in the future, thus childhood is being celebrated. Children take part in special activities each day to enrich their learning experience about the unit and have fun while doing it! Together, they enjoy music, explore food and cooking, build together and create art. Here we have Aarav from Nursery who enjoys his culinary classes to tracing letters and loves using his fine motor skills to play with his toys.

Culinary Time - iLearn@Vivero

Cooking has become incredibly popular focus among children. When you let your children help in the kitchen, it makes them happy. They feel a sense of accomplishment helping with a project that can be completed in a short period of time. It helps them learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. The experience of creating meals can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Home Assignments - iLearn@Vivero

Home Assignments are so much fun! Akira enjoys doing all his activities post his virtual sessions. Here we have our young scientist doing an experiment using baking soda, vinegar and balloon. He had fun inflating the balloon by the gas created. As part of the unit he also learnt about different parts of the body and he created a model of working lungs and had fun inflating his lungs.

Open House

Last weekend saw our children engage in an eventful meeting with their families where each of them shared their learning of work. It was wonderful to see our learners take leadership roles in being responsible for themselves and helping with looking out for others too. Yes, we witnessed our very first Open House event on Saturday the 25th of Jan 2020. It was simply an amazing experience to see how children stepped up to the challenge as they beamed with pride while guiding their family through different learning domains. This event certainly served as a cornerstone to communicate our school stories and a great way to support Early Childhood Education in the 21st Century”! Preparing them for success by fostering skills such as teamwork, cooperation, organization and to be able to speak in front of an audience confidently are some of the key abilities which will further help them, both in their primary years of education and beyond!

Adventure Awaits

"Actions speak louder than words” is a well-known phrase, and for a good reason! As forerunners of play based teaching, At Vivero, we teach our children the importance of kinesthetic learning by encouraging a ―hands on approach to build better understanding. This style of learning helps them to absorb and assimilate information more effectively. We believe that children learn best and acquire information through real-life activities. What better way than was to plan an ‘Exploration Trip‘ at our very own school premises by recreating the look and feel of a rustic adventure trail both for our parents and children? It was wonderful to see them participating in this fun journey of discovery and problem solving with their little ones. It reinforced the fact that parents are truly children‘s first teachers; role models and learning coaches! At Vivero, we love this adventure that we are on with our learners and we promise to create more such delightful experiences for our young explorers!

Movie Night - Bambi

Vivero International at Whitefield, Bangalore hosted their first 'Movie Night' event at school as a bonding-exercise and quality-time for children along with their parents by catching up with the Disney classic - "Bambi?! Making the most of a cold winter afternoon the school was set-up with colourful cushions and comfortable mattresses to provide a snug atmosphere and an evening to remember! The event was a complete package and provided a first-hand experience for children as they collected their tickets and cuddled up with their parents to watch the timeless tale of Bambi, a young deer and his adventures with Gobo, Faline and rest of the characters. The movie was immensely enjoyed by both adults and children over endless cups of popcorn!

Annual Concert 2019

Our children of Vivero Whitefied, put up a wonderful Annual Concert on the 23rd of February that enthralled their parents. In a colourful display of befitting costumes, they children sang, danced, played and acted on stage. Each act be it dance, skit or songs was in essence of the theme ‘Twirl Around the World’! Lively music and fabulous performances by the children provided the synergy which conjured up the flavor of unique dance forms. The well-coordinated event held the audience in awe, as their performance unfolded one by one onstage. The enthusiasm and energy reverberated in the auditorium with enough foot tapping and applause doing justice to the entire show. Kudos, to the teachers and children for a delightful day which touched many hearts and left everyone asking for more. It takes a lot of effort to put together such a grand show and we are thankful to each and every member of the organization who made it possible!

Hawaiian Carnival 2018

Vivero, Whitefield created a Visual Treat this December of 2018 with a grand year-end Carnival which had a primary goal. The joint effort was to make this Carnival a ‘fun event’ with a great experience and provide a memorable engagement for all.
The entire school was decked up for a 'Little Island' feel with a hearty combination of good food, tropical drinks, games & entertainment. The dress code for the evening was Aloha-wear or Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women along with comfortable flip-flops. Care was taken to point out Hawaiian customary details so that all were made aware of the correct accessories of simple shell ornaments or fresh flower leis - or a single flower tucked behind the ear - right if single and left if taken.
Tropical scenes and landscapes adorned all the walls and greeting banners. Palm trees, parrots, fish and flamingos added to the air of light gaiety. Natural materials like palm barks, coconut branches were made use of to bring about the all-natural tropical island feel. Blue and yellow lights with handmade paper lanterns and lights, make-believe bonfires and candles completed the ambience for all to relax and unwind. Even the Photo Booth added to the theme with a pair of Happy Hawaiian dancers cut out for all to strike a pose and click.
An intriguing array of shopping stalls and sumptuous food counters were lined up under the beach shack or the school’s Piazza. Entertainment Galore it was with game stalls like; Bounce the beach ball took place on actual sand, Golf on Golden Sands, Flamingo Ring Toss, Treasure hunt trail to the blue lagoon, Luau Game or twirl under the Hula Hoop, Children were delightfully engaged in interesting Hawaiian themed art and craft activities that they could take-away. For the Little Hawaiian princesses, the Nail Bar was there to buff and colour their pretty nails. Dance floor did not disappoint as well with its enticing set up and music that invited all to Groove to the Hawaiian Beats and encouraged them to boogie with their best foot forward. Just when the crowd reached their peak a Flash Mob by the children of K1 and K2 was performed along with their teachers much to the surprise and delight of all. A special feature of the event was the Ramp Walk where all were invited to strut and show their Hawaiian best attires and raise awareness about the plight of the ’tigers’ in our jungles.
Beautiful Hawaiian dance by the teachers added to the glam quotient and kept everybody in awe.

Digital Detox Walkathon 2018

Do we balance our personal time enough with professional life? As Millennial parents, do we encourage our children to step out, fall, get dirty and experience the whiff of cold breeze? Are we fast becoming a generation who seek solace by living in the ‘virtual world’? Yes, it’s definitely the need of the hour to reflect on our daily routines and habits. Our Annual Sports Day was a concrete and real-life example of "taking responsibility for one's own learning". Our children showed how both our body and mind can live in harmony when we balance our day with a good amount of physical activity. The ‘Digital Detox Walkathon’ was their baby step towards creating this awareness in a highly wired world! Yes we cheered as they ran, jumped, crawled, and hopped their way to the finish line. It was indeed a visual treat to watch their growing risk taking abilities and team spirit. Keep those torches burning strong and that light will pave the way to success and glory!!

Civic Management Campaign 2018

Children of today will inherit a planet that isn’t very healthy.... It is extremely important to create awareness of our impact on atmosphere and other natural resources in the early years when attitude towards the world around them are forming. At Vivero, we engaged our K1 and K2 children in a Civic management campaign and encouraged them to voice their feelings. Children came up with their own slogans and graphics for placards. The campaign also provided them with an opportunity to take on civic responsibilities early in life thereby shaping a generation of environmental leaders who make choices to live, work and play in a way that respects our natural spaces...

Back To School 2018

At Vivero, we believe in creating lifetime opportunities and focus on catering to each child’s individual needs with an aim to give our best tohelp them develop their potentials. As this new school year begins, it is even more imperative that we build positive relationships between, children, parents and teachers. We believe that a good school spirit and a sense of membership are built through meaningful interaction and our ‘Back to School’ was one such event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Summer Camp - 2017

True to it’s name, the “Imagineers” Summer Camp took the children on a journey of exploration and invention using their creativity and imagination. The Summer Camp kick started on 17th April with the children eagerly exploring the magnificence of the Wonders of the World- from the Taj Mahal to The Eiffel Tower, the students visited them all!! They were taken on an artistic sojourn during the second week when they witnessed the beauty of the works of famous artists like Monet, Picasso and Da Vinci. The students were actively engaged in hands on activities to explore various art forms such as, Warli Art, Tie & Dye and Origami.
The Imagineers at the Summer Camp loved the daily Gastronomical Encounters where they indulged in yummy treats like Yogurt Puris, Chocolate Bark, Chinese Bhel and many more!! The outdoor play time aimed at building spatial awareness and all round physical development was the children’s favourite daily session. The “Concertino” sessions prepared the Imagineers for the finale show on “Imagineers Day”!
The “Imagineers Day” on the 4th of May,2017 was full of excited faces and smiles. The children took great pride in displaying their artistically engineered marvels for all the visitors to see. The Imagineers walked the ramp dressed like Royals from India, Great Britain and Egypt, Divas from the Runways of Paris and Chinese soldiers to name a few!! They danced to the tunes of “Making Melodies” and “Looby Loo”. The children enjoyed a final session of Gastronomical Encounters with their parents where in they were engaged in whipping up yummy delights from an assortment of ingredients which they relished with their friends and parents!

Sports day - 2017

Sports Day is an important event in the life of every school. Sports themselves have a vital role in making a child sound physically as well as mentally. The Annual Sports Day at Vivero was held on the 17th of February. It was lovely to see all our parents in fullattendance enjoying every bit of their children’s involvement in the races.
Sports Day is an all-day activity held early in the calendar year when the weather is coolest. Children were grouped into different teams and they participated in a variety of individual and team sports events and games. The races chosen were fun, safe and easy to participate. Children learnt about the enjoyment that healthy competition can bring to a game. They built positive associations during outdoor games along with building on their gross motor skills. Children also experienced feelings of team spirit and the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of all competitors.
The spirit of friendly competition came alive on this special fun filled day. As the children participated in a wide range of races, they cheered their teammates and learned valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Everyone’s a winner at Vivero and every child is guaranteed to win a medal for their efforts!!

Annual day - 2017

At the Pre-school level, we consider education as Edutainment, that is, learning with entertainment. Participation and experiential learning thus form the key aids of multi-tasking and this is what the children exhibited at the show not only with their dance performances but also in the form of a skit and a fun-filled choir. The theme for our Annual day was all about the importance of the five elements of nature and how we as human beings need to protect our mother earth for a clean and healthy environment. It was aptly called ‘Elementos De Tierra’!
We choose our Annual Day as an occasion to echo our vision, that the greater our children are exposed to international mindedness, leadership and entrepreneurship skills the more we will empower our children to face the 21st century challenges.
The day began with a lot of promise and as the appointed hour came close, the excitement began to unfold into a gorgeous evening. The children were ready and dressed in vibrant costumes as were our parents in their lovely attires. Creativity is critical and each child was given an opportunity to showcase and a chance to nurture his or her leadership skill. The venue had also been dressed to infuse fantasy in the form of an ‘Art Exhibition’ which further strengthens our philosophy where each child’s work is respected and where each child is considered special! Our children enthralled and charmed the audience with their performance by conveying a strong message reuse, reduse and recycle. We were delighted to see that every child carried the costume in confidence even as each one addressed the occasion with aplomb. Team Vivero stood back in contentment and pride as our children put up a great show for their parents. We ended the show with a musical dance finale, which stirred the audience to sing and dance along. It was indeed an evening to remember!!