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Vivero Transition Programme

The Vivero Transition programme is thoughtfully curated and will be conducted for two weeks from 17th April 2022 to 28th April 2022.

The main objective of Transition program will be to help children:

Experience the Vivero Pedagogy as children engage in meaningful learning with the facilitators Familiarization to the school environment and the peer group.

Establish class routines and engage in planned opportunities for socialization to boost confidence.

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Core focus of the 2 week program

  • Reinforcement of Personal Social and Emotional skills
  • Settling in into the new environment and acclimatizing with the new learning materials and toys
  • Engaging with the teachers & peers
  • Working together in groups
    • Introduction of simple pre reading and pre writing activities (Pre Nursery)
  • Introduction of simple literacy and numeracy concept (Nursery, K1 & K2)
  • Reinforcement of key concepts from the previous grade level (Nursery, K1 & K2)

The transition program is a complimentary offering to registered/enrolled children . If you would like to avail this offer, please fill the form or reach out to us.

*Terms and Conditions apply

You can also email us on info@viverointernational.com