Event - HSR

Summer Camp 2017

School is out and children couldn’t be happier! Of course, their major plans for the summer are to sleep-in until late, screen-time, keeping cool with popsicles & the pool, lazing around…Well, inspite of doing all that there was still so much time to kill! So to make the most of the summer and also make it Fantabulous for the children, VIVERO had an array of Amazing, Awesome and Awe-inspiring Summer Activities that got the children all excited and full of Summer Fun!
Imagineers was the theme of the camp- This saw the children learning all about building and creating using resources from the environment. Their imagination was given a free rein and they had a blast during the entire three weeks.
The camp was divided into five segments-
• Creative Boot camp where the children enjoyed a host of creative activities such as sculpting, painting, mud play and origami
• Inventors Wheel saw the children learning various forms of Art e.g. Warli, Claude Monet, Tie/Dye to name a few
• Spatial Awareness was the most loved as the children had a chance to jump, run and play while participating in fun physical activities like- Animal Yoga, Artist Tag, and Langdi
• Concertino exposed the children to a host of Music that they enjoyed creating along with their self made instruments such as – Guitar, Tamborines, Windchimes and Drums
• Gastronomical Encounters, everyday saw them making a snack that was both tasty and healthy and encouraged our master chefs to try their hands at making and tasting some yummy titbits like- Ladoo, Fruit faces, Juices and Sandwiches
The children and teachers have equally enjoyed the camp and summer just got more enjoyable for all.

Loris Malaguzzi day 2017

Loris Malaguzzi was the founder of Reggio Emilia’s educational philosophy .He participated in the birth and building of Reggio Emilia’s network of preschools.
We at VIVERO honor him on 23rd February which is his Birth Anniversary. A spectacular Creative Day was celebrated by the children who showcased various skills. Art, Craft, Music, Cooking and Dance. All of these were done with great enthusiasm by the children who were then excited to display their work in an exhibition that showcased all their “WOW” moments.

Christmas Carnival 2016

17th Dec was a much awaited date. Xmas Carnival at HSR- our first big event in our new school.
The preparations started weeks ago with children creating unique Xmas theme art works which would be the main displays at the venue. On the day of the event the school looked like something out of story book- Twinkling lights, Xmas trees, balloons, streamers and Xmas art work done by the children. A “Flea Market” with vendors displaying a variety of goods ranging from toys, sarees, and children’s wear, clay items and more. It was a busy area with so many shoppers around. The “Activity Floor” with Games like- The Hungry Snowman, Pin the star, Jingle Bell, Blow a Card and Red Nose- These were all Christmas related games which the children as well as the adults thoroughly enjoyed participating as they were all "Hands on Experiences" for them.
The Art and Craft was also another popular stall- with ‘Decorate your cookie’ being the most sought after corner. Not only did they get to decorate their cookies with colorful icing and sprinkles, they enjoyed eating the same. The children also were happy to take home some – ‘Santa Art’ – Reindeer Ears, Holly Wreaths, and Bells. Needless to say the ‘Tattoo Corner’ and ‘ Photo Booth’ continued to remain hot favorites with children and adults alike A great variety of food was available at the food stalls– Chaat, Momos, Chinese, Burger King, Chocolates, Cake, Candy and Drinks. The cool weather and ambiance made it a perfect spot to enjoy a hot snack. We saw a great festive atmosphere with children and parents having a lovely time and giving us great feedback on the way out.

Annual Concert 2016

12th March Vivero HSR Layout had the Annual day, the theme was 'We wish you the World' it started with an Art Exhibition where all the beautiful Art work of the children was displayed in an extraordinary Exhibition - This was done in true 'Reggio Style' with photos, art work graphics and documentation. The high tea for the parents was a huge success with Red/White being the theme of the snacks served. The show started with amazing dances performed by our youngest children all dressed as various animals, flowers, birds and bees. This was followed by a host of other performances; fusion dance Bharat Natyam , Indian rock and contemporary done by the Childcare. Our childcare parents were extremely happy to have their children integrated in our Annual assembly. The K2 Graduation was the finale to a beautiful evening which ended with smiles and cheers for Team HSR Layout.

Sports Day 2016

HSR school had a cozy Sports Day event on the 11th of April. The children enjoyed the 'Fun Races' and the parents were thrilled to see the budding athletes. A dance drill by the K2, parents races and Gold medals and certificates for all added to the festivities of an already exciting event.

Circus Circus 2016

Vivero HSR hosted their very own Circus on Friday, 18th of Dec. The children and parents started of the festive spirit with a bang.
The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching the juggler display his skills. They witnessed the ventriloquist put up a show of his talent in our lush lawns.
Our enthusiastic bunch of children were excited to have a go at the games, that gave them the opportunity to explore different skills and techniques that are used in a circus.
It was merry time for all to get their faces painted and enjoy pop-corn and cotton candy as they cruised through the evening.
Indeed the Circus was the best start to the Holidays for us all.