Parent Testimonials - HSR Layout - Bengaluru

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this email wishing Vivero the best. My dear child, Sunaad Ragavan has absolutely loved his year at Vivero International and I believe that the entire family will recollect fondly & cherish the experience for the rest of our lives. We wish we could stay on!
Sunaad has been a spunky, exuberant, friendly and fun loving child since he was only a few months old. But it was at Vivero that we realized that he also had scholastic ability among his many merits. We were time and again surprised by his teachers' assessment of his good performance in traditional subjects like math and language, as well as in sports and art.
We believe that Vivero stimulated his latent talent and brought the best out of him. It is too early to tell if any five year old will blossom into a good scientist, a great humanist, a sensitive artist, or a competitive sportsperson. There is no doubt that all five year olds have innate abilities in all of the above and then some. In my child's case Vivero provided a great environment for him to explore all facets of experience and make him feel like a winner in every one of them. For this I am sincerely grateful. I wish the teachers and administrators of Vivero the very best, and I pray that they continue to provide exceptional service to the innovators of tomorrow, our little ones.- Ragavan, Sunaad Ragavan’s Parent

It has been a great pleasure for us and Yasheita (Avni) to be educated and trained at Vivero. Thank you for taking care of our little one. Your work is critical to our children's success. Every hand you hold, every discovery you help children to make and every problem you help children to solve in a peaceful way contributes to the success and development of our society.
As for your contribution to the society, you are a key player.Because you are there to care for children, their parents can go to work. It has been a very pleasant journey of 2 and a half years for Yasheita (Avni) as well as us. She will miss you all a lot. Pass our regards to the entire facility.
Thank you once again for all you do, and know that there are many people who value you and your dedication to children.- Piyali Sen & Somraj Keshori, Parents of Yasheita

Excellent school communication with parents. I always receive timely school updates and news pertinent to my child’s development. Also, Vivero provides my kid with a warm, well-organised and nurturing learning environment where classrooms spur active learning time.
The school is a positive learning environment for my son and he enjoys school, which I know is where he can develop and grow.
I would like to commend the teachers of Vivero who do a great job of nurturing the kids. The teachers of Vivero impart so much love and care which we can be felt in the smiles of the children.
Vivero International School will definitely be the choice of pre-school, with loving and caring teachers throughout my child’s learning term.
I have nothing but praise for you and your teachers for making a very good school. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend it to any parent who is looking for a good pre-school.-Dr. Gazala Anjum, Mother of Aahil

Last to last week Aagna came and asked me “Can we talk to strangers ?” I said it depends. But she said a BIG NO. “You should not talk to strangers”. I asked her why ? Then she started narrating the Little Red riding hood story. It went on for more than five minutes J It was very well narrated with highs and lows in the pitch, good facial expressions, grammatically correct sentences. I was amazed… To quote a few: The moment Red Riding hood plucks the flower a wolf appears, Grandma’s legs, hands are all tied, Mom telling Red “no talking to strangers” She said it was taught by Jyothi mam and will continue telling us the stories that mam will teach without forgetting J Please convey our gratitude to Jyothi mam for her efforts with these buds....-Swapna , Aagna’s mother

First of all let me congratulate you for having such a well organized Annual Day Program (14th March) at Bangalore. It was a grand success I must say. Hats off to you and all your staff for putting up such a beautiful show and I can fathom the amount of hard work gone in this…specially with the kids. I was a WOW!! Moment for both me and my wife Anvitha. Shianvi continues to dance at home till now. I am grateful and falling short of words to express my gratitude to you and all the teachers for joyous and positive moments and helping me & Anvitha in building my daughters foundations for life. I wish all of you- “The Vivero International- Pre-school Team” a very wonderful and mighty life ahead and good luck for all your future endeavors. Keep up the good work folks.- Shivek Dogra, Shianvi Dogra’s Father

We are extremely happy to put our child in Vivero International Pre-School. Our child Viraaj has become more active and friendly. Teachers here in school are excellent at their work. They care for children whole-heartedly. It gives us immense pleasure to be associated with such an amazing school. Teachers and staff both are caring, supportive and handle children as their own. Whenever he comes back home, we can see from his body language and communication that he is very happy with school and progressing well and the credit goes to the teachers, staff and the school management.- Amit Gupta, Viraaj Gupta’s Father (Prenursery)

We are very happy with Jian’s improvement after entering this school. He has not only learnt the basic things like colours, shapes, numbers etc, but also opened up as a person and has become a more confident and independent child. Our purpose of putting him in school so early was to make him more friendly and learn the art of sharing and caring with friends. Our expectations were not only met, but very much exceeded. Thankyou all the teachers and staff for making him so comfortable. - Chailati Bark, Jian Bark’s Mother (Nursery)

In the short span of 3 months, my daughter Trisha has shown a lot of development in expressing herself, confidence and also reading and writing – all thanks to her dearest Varalakshmi & Natasha Ma’am. She loves to come to school every day and is very upset on weekends and holidays. I feel that it is great for parents if their child loves the school. I am very happy with Vivero International.- Smriti Bhowmick, Trisha Bhowmick’s Mother (Kindergarten I)

Our experience with Vivero International has been very nice. My daughter Saanvi has shown remarkable progress in the past 3 months. The school has really served the purpose of teaching children in a playful manner. She has shown remarkable gain in self-confidence. I appreciate the love and care the teachers have given to these children which is evident in their keenness to come to school every day. Thank you Team Vivero.- Nimita Abrol, Saanvi Abrol’s Mother (Kindergarten I)

We have watched our child blossom and grow in leaps and bounds in the last six months. Your teaching method is excellent and the teachers have an in depth understanding of children. Thank you very much

- Amol Menghal, Adhyayan Menghal’s Father (Kindergarten II)