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Aarav T Wakad Parent Testimonials

I would like to really appreciate the way you are conducting virtual classes. I was initially little bit sceptical about the online classes but the way you make it interactive and fun , my son just loves attending the class and looks forward to it. - Achla Sharma, Mother of Aarav Tiwari, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Wakad

Janisha Kharadi Parent Testimonials

I wanted to drop by this little note to tell just how much we want to appreciate the efforts put in by teachers and the responsible staff. A virtual platform of schooling, iLearn@Vivero, is well thought and constructed. I must admit that initially this was all sounding too overwhelming to us. Was not sure if Janisha would stick to the class for 40 minutes on this platform, but the variety of topics helps her to remain engage in the class.
I must say, still she is not 100% attentive and fidgets with things around. Gets disappointed so soon if things are not according to her. Would work towards it in coming days. Any piece of advice would be greatly appreciated.
All of the love, time and preparation you invest in your students has not gone unnoticed. - Renu and Sushil, Parents of Janisha, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kharadi

Aadhya V RMZ Parent Testimonials

VIVERO is the best choice for our little girl Aadhya. We've been in the Childcare program and Nursery program, have met different teachers in each program and all the teachers are awesome! They provide the same high level of care and built a great relationship with my child. They quickly respond to any inquiries/concerns and help us to deal with all the challenges (i.e: first time enrollment to daycare, drop-off time challenge, program transition and anything we need to watch for the child). It makes our family feel comfortable and safe to leave our child and go for work, they are so reliable! I see a happy girl at pick-ups every day. During these challenging times where there is uncertainty everywhere due to COVID 19; VIVERO ensured that they can overcome this obstacle with great faith in the children. The online classes help in engaging the kids through experiential learning. There are tons of good things to say about the school. We just love it so much! - Sushma Vedula, Mother of Aadhya Vedabhatia, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, RMZ

Mishka Aundh Parent Testimonials

Really appreciate the effort put in by you and team to design all activities. Mishika is enjoying a lot and she is very much involved in all the activities done during the session. As we had given feedback to you that Mishika loves physical activity, we are humbled to see many activities designed in this week keeping her interest in mind. - Ankit Mehta & Rashmi Shetty, Parents of Mishika, Pre-nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh

Mysha M Aundh Parent Testimonials

I have known Vivero International School,then Serra, for almost 8 years now, 3 of our kids in the family have studied with Serra and now it’s Mysha’s 2nd year with Vivero!
I want to applaud the tremendous efforts of the teachers at the school for taking good care of our children and teaching them not only about the curriculum but also inculcating moral values, ensuring hygiene, nurturing good manners, developing command over the language, encouraging them to be independent which is the need of the hour when the kids are at their peak to grasp quickly.
Special mention to all the school helps, the Maushis do take good care of our kids.
Our children have turned out to be very well rounded. They take interest in the environment and have a well-balanced approach to academics and co-curricular activities. Vivero’s USP is that each child is made to feel special and has the love and support from the school to be the best he or she can be.
With the Current pandemic situation, we thank all the teachers who have gone ahead an extra mile and accepted the challenge of teaching the children through ilearn@vivero, students along with their parents enjoy the interactive, innovative and fun filled session. The kids are enjoying their #newnormal.
We could not have any better school to start off with. You have raised the bar, Vivero! - Misba Makki, Mother of Mysha, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh

Prisha Kharadi Parent Testimonials

My daughter Prisha started enjoying the school sessions. At the beginning I was a bit worried how she will deal with such virtual learning considering she is too young. But honestly all your dedication to keep such young kids engaged / glued to the laptop screen is impeccable. Thanks for all your efforts and looking forward to next sessions. - Swati Walawalkar, Mother of Prisha Deshpande , Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kharadi

Reid P Manyata Parent Testimonials

Our experience with Vivero has been very good. With each passing day our confidence in the school has grown. At this time while the kids are locked inside the houses, Vivero's ilearn program has come to help the kids in their growth. This is ensuring that there is continuous learning and the child learns easily through the activities and online classes. The frequency of the classes is apt for my son. He loves the activities and learning during the session and post-session. Many thanks to his teacher for making the kids so comfortable during the online classes and teaching them. Thank you Vivero for focussing on Child's growth through ilearn. - Ralhan and Renita Pereira, Parents of Reid Jonathan Pereira, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Manyata

Reyansh Verma K1 KN Parent Testimonials

"The experience we want to share here is not only limited to the iLearn program but our overall experience with Vivero as parents.
What we have experienced at Vivero is not only limited to a pre-school, but more than that for children and parents too. Education plan laid down by Team Vivero is so wonderful that as a parent we feel proud to see the grooming of our child. Having said that, yes we see a creative, thinker, learner and responsible citizen in Reyansh.
It was great to see that iLearn was introduced quite early (last months of previous session) and children were made aware and comfortable with the sessions that were to be conducted online.
iLearn is a new experience for us (parents) as well, because now we actually see them being groomed, with new ways to engage children and the great efforts that each teacher puts in.
Sessions are conducted in a planned way, which are easy to follow. Pre-requisite for sessions are shared well ahead which gives us an idea of the upcoming sessions, that also excites Reyansh on knowing what are the things he is going to see or learn in the next class.
We really appreciate how the teacher makes them feel equally valued, responsible and respectful towards everyone.
Thanks to his teacher for all her efforts, we also appreciate that; parents are also involved and encouraged to participate.
She makes sure that each child is involved, equally and the way in which it is done it makes them feel very confident when they communicate.
With iLearn we also receive feedback or concern if any from teacher then and there.
Big thanks to the School Head
We cannot believe that she knows each child by their name and their feedback too.
Reyansh's mother has reached out to her with lots of parental queries and she has always helped us with those, which is great support to parents.
The basic foundation for child development is so strong at Vivero that we highly recommend and request that Vivero should consider starting a full K12 school or may be at least till class 5 initially!" - Rahul Verma, Father of Reyansh Verma, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kalyani Nagar


We strongly feel that the School Head and her team of teachers have played a pivotal role in Shanaya’s development both in terms of personality and knowledge and we really appreciate that :) Shanaya has been going to Vivero since she was 18 months and at that time we had just shifted to Mumbai, a completely new city for us. (Making it difficult for us to trust any school with our child) After few days, we realised that she was learning so much at such a young age starting from farm animals, body parts, to significance of various festivals and Spanish and that too with lots of activities and fun. (Spanish is one of her favourite subjects now). Not only this, she loved going to school and would look forward to meet her teachers every day, and this continues even today, even in the virtual classroom. The warmth that the teachers, the school head and even the support staff showed to her everyday made us feel that she is going to her second home. Today Shanaya is 4 and such a confident child, with great communication and knowledge, that at times, we feel we learn few things from her. :)
Father’s Day Today we celebrated Father’s Day, virtually with the Teacher and it was an amazing experience for our family. It was so interesting with innovative games and fun activities that even as adults we were completely engaged. The most interesting bit was the teacher’s ability to connect with each child and parent and create a celebratory atmosphere. Kudos to Vivero for making such events a success in spite of the virtual limitations. - Sachin Bajaj & Vidhi Bansal, Parents of Shanaya, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Powai

Naksh - Sarjapur

In this one of lifetime situation when we are taking time to adjust to “new normal” can’t even imagine how our little humans are going through when one fine day they are not allowed to go outdoors, play with friends, go to school, learn new things while playing and most importantly driving cars in traffic park😀 At home, however we try, but teachers and friends are irreplaceable. When Vivero just in time started online sessions for the little ones and can’t express in words how much happy Naksh was seeing his friends and favourite teacher on screen after many many days.Now it has become our schedule to get ready with toys and art work of the week to meet friends and his teacher Naksh enjoys singing rhymes (specially hurry hurry ride the fire truck and wheels on the bus), talking to friends and to show them something new he learnt during the week. I would like to say big thank you for taking efforts and arranging online sessions for kids. These sessions cannot replace actual school classes but surely does give feeling to little ones that their friends are just a call away and they are motivated to do something new and learn something. - Dhara Desai, Mother of Naksh Desai, Prenursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur

Saathwik - Sarjapur

I truly hope that all the school staff, the teachers, the kids, and their families are safe amidst these tough circumstances. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude, and appreciate the efforts taken by the school, as well as the teachers for keeping the students truly engaged through numerous initiatives. The online classes as well as exercise sheets shared have been immensely helpful to keep my child really cruise through this phase well. Different activities such as reusing paper or making a lemonade clearly brings the creativity elements out as well as keeps the value system intact. Overall, it drives a holistic positive mindset with the child as well as their families, basis my personal experience. Once again, would like to say 2 words loud - 'THANK YOU! - Shivani, Mother of Saatvik Chauhan , Kindergarten 2

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur

Nadia - Sarjapur

When we visited the Vivero Sarjapur campus we were excited and knew that this was exactly the kind of learning environment we wanted Nadia to be exposed to. However with Covid-19, our plans to enroll her didn't fall through. When Vivero told us about iLearn @ Vivero sessions, we were apprehensive as anything with a screen is opposed to the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Skeptical, we allowed Nadia to sit through a few classes to see if she was able to handle the virtual class. Not only did she sit through the class, she also engaged with the concepts being taught. After enrolling Nadia for iLearn we noticed that she talks about her teacher every day, asks for her if she's not there and has also learnt the names of her classmates. The sessions have helped her grasp the understanding of shapes and colours and numbers. Our daughter also enjoys the CCA classes, the culinary one being her favourite! While the online classes have stopped, her learning hasn't, with the teachers continuing to help Nadia learn through activities and worksheets. Nadia misses her teacher and classmates - even though she's never met them before! - Ben Mathew and Roshini Mathew, Parents of Nadia Mathew, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur

Dhruv Challa - Kondapur

We are into the second week of our son’s online childcare sessions' experience and are really impressed by the way the school is conducting the classes. We were a bit apprehensive initially on the ‘online’ school concept for a 2 and half year old, however the way the school management is planning everything and conducting the sessions is truly impressive and has to be appreciated. A special thanks to all the efforts and commitment of the teacher who made the ‘challenges’ of this new way of schooling look so easy to overcome. - Gayatri Govindu, Mother of Dhruv Challa, Child Care Junior

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kondapur

Maahi Chugani - Powai

We enrolled Mahi in Nursery directly. We weren’t even sure if she would stay back in class. But she was made comfortable the very first day. To my surprise she didn't cry and the teachers were very good and welcoming. Have to mention, the teachers of Nursery Class were very good. Having similar expectations, her K-1 teacher, has also been very sweet and met our expectations even though it was an online class. It's very difficult to keep kids hooked up online. She's done it so smoothly, that Mahi looks forward to attend every morning. We weren't expecting Mahi to sit for more than 2 classes. But her way of dealing with kids online and the interactive sessions with children has got Mahi excited and happy every day. She looks forward to seeing her ma'am again and again. Every morning, from 9 am she starts sitting in front of the computer and wants to start finishing her ilearn assignments in advance. All classes are very interesting and interactive, which makes the child feel like coming back for the class next day. Thank you making lockdown a little less boring for Mahi, as going to school was her daily routine and a fun place to be, and now she looks forward to seeing and interacting with her teachers and Friends online. Thank u all for bringing that smile back again. Your efforts are much appreciated. - Geeta Chugani, Mother of Mahi, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Powai

Krishanth - Sarjapur

This lockdown is little difficult and different time for all of us. And the kids who got used to their school routine find it very unsettling. Though we do the best we can at the home to keep them busy they sure do miss seeing their friends and Teachers. These are all new for us and it's time to change ourselves and evolve too. Thanks to Vivero team, the school has been brought home. These online classes and the activities given after are the class, are of great help to us. Krish really enjoys his video calls and he looks forward to show his week’s activity to his teacher and friends during the session. Every class the teachers seem to take it a notch higher, especially the last 3 classes. Krish enjoys all the online and offline activities (fireless cooking, show and tell, season related dress up activity, and the story time). He gets inspired from the class and his friend's activity he continues to do it at home in his own creative way. I see a lot of improvement in him in every class and after at home too. Having zoom call for such a small children I understand the practical difficulties that come with it but the teachers are handling it amazingly well. I really appreciate the management and teachers of Vivero Sarjapur who make these online session a great success. Infact as a parent even I am excited too along with my son to see what’s there in pipeline for the next session. Keep up the good work ! - Aishwarya.S, Mother of Krishanth, Pre Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Sarjapur

Hridyaansh - RMZ

Thank you for all the effort the school is taking in keeping the kids engaged. Hridyansh was excited to receive his sheets - he actually came down with me till the van. I would like to give a shout out to his teacher as well. I can see and appreciate the effort she takes in online classes. Really liked that she called on a Saturday to talk personally with Hridyansh and other kids. Hridyansh was so happy to talk to her. Thank you for keeping the kids engaged and feel a part of school. - Anuranjan Yadav, Parent of Hridyaansh, Kindergarten 2

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, RMZ


Great initiative by Vivero in engaging the children through virtual classes. Very innovative. The classes being conducted are very useful and keeping the kids busy during lockdown .The teachers handling the classes are really great and making the kids do the activities in a friendly way. Also the activities given by the teachers make the young minds creative. Looking forward for many more classes till the lockdown gets over. Appreciate the efforts taken by the school management. - R. Sandhyaa & R. Ramanatha Krishnan, Parents of Anahita, CC Junior

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, GTP


It was our first time enrolling our daughter Alishhka in preschool, so we were nervous at first but her teacher at Vivero is so incredible that she soon made us feel comfortable with the iLearn programme . Our daughter is so excited every morning about the online school sessions and she waits for her new friends and the different activities to be performed. She's becoming more social and educated each day. The atmosphere and the learning environment is so optimal where each child gets individual attention. We are very thankful to the principal for providing a staff that truly cares about and loves my child .We could think of no better place to give my child a head start on life. - Rashmi & Sunny Kothari, Parents of Alishka, Pre-nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Powai

Adarshini - pimple saudagar

Initially I was not very sure that my daughter would settle in for online learning sessions but my uncertainty has now converted into confidence and to see my child now figuring out what time she needs to be in front of the laptop is awesome. Her excitement level speaks volumes of how well she has connected with the teacher and how much she is enjoying the activities and virtual company of her friends. I also applaud the way you plan your sessions and creatively engage all the children with a lot of personal attention and care. Being a teacher myself, I feel that Vivero is doing a commendable job and complete justice towards the learning joirney of our children. Great going and thank you very much. - Richa Tripathi, Mother of Adarshini Tripathi, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Pimple Saudagar

Heena Yera, Mother of Shania Yera

I would like to Thank you for a wonderful session conducted by you. A beautiful start for my child. Shania was really very excited and being a 2 year old she was quite responsive too and that is all because the engagements were very well planned for the children. Your expertise in virtual teaching has put our minds at ease. I am sure there is a lot of effort required to plan and especially execute the sessions virtually for these little ones. We felt very special when you clicked a family picture with that lovely photo frame. I can proudly express that though the platform is different - the affections, the connect and the learning is very same. I wish you all the very best and a big thank you again. - Heena Yera, Mother of Shania Yera

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh

Mom Dutta Mukherjee, Mother of Arin Dutta

We are happy to be a part of Vivero. The teacher is doing a great job. Paying special attention to each and every student, she Interacts well and keeps the children engaged. It is a tough job to do in online classes. Happy to see that my child is happily engaged during the morning class and in evening too. Krisha is a hyper active girl. She won’t sit in one place so we are running behind her and that’s the reason most of the time our video is off. She is learning to communicate socially as she’s lacking social interaction. She’s good at reading books and spelling words and in maths too. Really appreciate the teaching efforts. Loved the concept of teaching, everyday there is something new for the children along with revisiting the old concepts. Thanks, - Vaishali Mane, Mother of Krisha Suman, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh

Mom Dutta Mukherjee, Mother of Arin Dutta

Vivero iLearn session has certainly helped our children engage in different kinds of activities. My son has attended three sessions so far and has enjoyed each and every one of them. He was amazed and learned about plantation, he is excited to see his seed grow into a plant. Another activity which he thoroughly enjoyed was making the Oreo shake, his excitement and happiness was visible. We are extremely happy that he gets to meet his friends and teachers while learning new poems, dance and so much more. An amazing session. - Mom Dutta Mukherjee, Mother of Arin Dutta

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, GTP

Arushi Thakur Upadhyay, Mother of Saarthh

Vivero is one name our child Saarthh has fallen in love with. The very personable, dedicated and solicitous teachers and staff make Vivero something Saarthh looks forward to. As parents, we are very impressed with the learning frameworks adopted by the school. The Child Care at Vivero helped Saarthh look at things around him with curiosity and an eagerness to learn more about them. We have seen Saarthh develop his interpersonal skills and a caring attitude towards friends, family and strangers and we believe Vivero Child Care has a strong role to play in this. We highly recommend Vivero for being a great place to start the walk of life. - Arushi Thakur Upadhyay, Mother of Saarthh

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Mahadevapura

Abhinav Baloni, Father of Svasti Kindergarten

Great initiative by Vivero in engaging the children through virtual classes. Very innovative. The classes being conducted are very useful and are keeping children busy during the lockdown. The teachers handling the classes are great and ensure that children are at ease while doing the activities. Teachers are conducting various activities which bring out the best of creativity from the children. Looking forward for many more classes till the lockdown gets over. Appreciate the efforts taken by the school management. - R. Sandhyaa, Mother of Anahita Ramanatha Krishnan

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, GTP

Abhinav Baloni, Father of Svasti Kindergarten

Vivero International launched the online sessions for Child Care and I must say it’s great to have focused efforts in engaging children. I appreciate how teachers ensure every session is full of fun for kids while teaching them new skills. Both my husband and I are a working couple and this program pushes us to spare that dedicated 30-45 minutes with our daughter and it is such a pleasure watching her sing, listen and participate. - Richa Dagar, Mother of Enaaya Hiwalay

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Indiranagar

Mother of Prisha, Kindergarten 1

It’s nice to have online classes every day. Prisha really likes her teacher and she seems happy to attend these classes every day. She thoroughly enjoys activities like dancing, show & tell, sensory play etc. Thank you for your efforts & for these wonderful sessions every day. - Akarsha Mishra, Mother of Prisha, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kharadi

Father of Ekansh Agarwal, Kindergarten 2

Ekansh had great fun playing and learning with coloured ice cubes. It was a great idea. I also liked the fact that yesterday the teacher asked each and every individual child for something explicitly which I believe helps each one of them stay focused and interested. Thanks for all your efforts. - Mayank Agarwal, Father of Ekansh Agarwal, Kindergarten 2

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kharadi

Abhinav Baloni, Father of Svasti Kindergarten

Today morning was Svasti's first class of the new academic session on the digital platform iLearn@Vivero. I must admit that initially I was of the opinion that a daily online class is the least we need at this hour of global crisis, especially at the pre-school level. I was apprehensive that it would be an overhead on parents. This was when I had expected the pandemic to normalize in a few months. However, I soon realized the new normal and that the pandemic might last longer. I must congratulate and appreciate everyone in your team for the amazing foresight and designing this great digital initiative! It was great to see how the sessions were conducted, first the individual settling sessions in the precursor week of the new academic year and now the first digital class; Svasti happily dressed in her school uniform joined the class, met her new teacher and friends.The best part was to watch her independently handle the digital platform and how the entire hour was utilized constructively with minimal parent intervention. This only proves the excellence of your curriculum designing, the dedication & methodology of rendering by your well trained Teachers, and above all - the passion of all Teachers, educators in your team for the cause of Education. I thank you for proving me wrong and best wishes on this new digital journey. I pray the pandemic ends soon but indeed, with or without the pandemic, this digital education journey has just begun and I can already see its immense potential - Thanks to the Vivero Team. - Abhinav Baloni, Father of Svasti Baloni, Kindergarten 1

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Wakad

Anu Priya

Thanks for arranging these online sessions. They are good and keep the kids engaged in a meaningful way. I would request you to increase the frequency and have it on a regular basis so that it becomes a part of their routine. You may consider giving them a few activities to complete before the next session so they know they have to work on it during the day. We have noticed that if the activities come from you, they attempt to completing them. Thank you. - Anu Priya

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Manyata Tech Park

Ethan’s Mother

The online session proved to be extremely good for Ethu. He was excited to show his peers the activities he had been doing in the lockdown days and this session gave him the opportunity to reconnect with his teachers and classmates. It was indeed an interactive session for both Ethu and us. Thank you for all the efforts you've put in to ensure he is meaningfully engaged and continues his learning even at home. - Sandra, Ethan’s Mother

Parents of Anahi Sharma

We would like to appreciate & thank you all for the efforts taken by teachers & co- ordinators to communicate with the students. Today's session has definitely bought happiness and comfort as they virtually met their friends & teachers after a long gap. It brought about a much required sense of relief in the young minds who are clueless & anxious in this hour of crisis. - Mother of Anahi Sharma, Pre Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Kharadi

Vihaan Lahane, Nursery

Thank you so much for the session. Vihaan really enjoyed the time with his teachers and friends. We really appreciate this initiative by the School to keep kids engaged with activities, worksheets and fun that make these live sessions effective. - Swati, Vihaan Lahane, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Magarpatta

Prajot Pandit - Mother of Shayna

These are unprecedented times for all of us and we are all getting hold of the new norm. I cannot stress more about how much the session today has energised Shayna. She was excited since the past few days about getting to see her teachers and friends. It was a great opportunity for her to have her own ‘Video Conference’ just like her parents have regularly, these days. In addition, the regular material that is being sent out are of great help too. In all, I would really like to thank all of you for making this session happen. It is helping the kids reconnect to their school mates and teachers, and I would be glad to see them get together ‘virtually’ in many more sessions until school reopens. - Prajot Pandit, Mother of Shayna Pandit, Nursery

Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Wakad


Shivaansh thoroughly enjoyed the session today. It was a great revision for him on the concepts already learnt at school. Also the figures that you taught them to draw were quite interesting and easy to do. Thanks for all your effort. - Rashi Sharma, Mother of Shivansh Sharma, K2

Parent of Aikya Nandu

Thank you so much for the wonderful session today. Aikya got excited to see you all again and in few minutes, she got distracted with her little cousin brother so I kept the video and audio in mute. Indeed, her cousin enjoyed the baby shark song :) For the upcoming days I hope she will make it throughout the session. Regarding the worksheet - It's really helpful to keep her engaged and giving some ideas on activities to keep her in track Thank you so much for putting all your efforts for kids even during this pandemic time. Stay safe and take care. - Deepa, Parent of Aikya Nandu


I want to extend a heartfelt thankyou to the management of Vivero International Preschool for the virtual classroom session. Ananya was very excited to see her teachers and friends and she woke up and got dressed in a jiffy this morning. I really want to thank the teachers for all the love they shower on Ananya. It felt lovely to see her start the day with so much excitement after a long time and the same is reflecting through the day. Looking forward to more such sessions. - Aditi Raj, Parent of Ananya Biradar